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38 Year Old Mature Maid

This story is about how I happened to have sex with my maid at the place I work. I was working at a place away from my home and would only visit home on the weekends. One of the weekends, it so happened that our office management told me to stay back as there was an urgent inspection from head office coming up and lot of documentation and reports had to be updated. My other colleagues with whom I was staying had left as scheduled on Friday night and I had stayed back.

I had informed my wife about the same and though she was upset about the fact that I was not coming over, she had said that its ok work is work you have to be true to your work. We can meet the week after that. My management had promised me two extra days off the following week. Anyways, on Saturday, I went to my office at 10 am. I did not have any breakfast and was planning an early lunch. At about 11, there was a call on my cell. I picked up my phone and saw that it was Rekha our new maid at the apartment we had rented.

I remembered that she was to come at 8 am and had not turned up.I had not bothered to check up as I had to leave for work and as such I had gotten up late. I answered the call. I said, yes Rekha, why did you not come in the morning? She said, bhaiyyaji, my son was not well and I had to take him to the doctor. So I got delayed. I am at the apartment now for cleaning up. I told her, I am at work and I dont know what time I will come back. I said if I am coming early, I will call you and then you come.

She said ok, and then I am going for other work. Call me if you are coming back before 6 pm. I said ok and disconnected the phone. There was some urgent work to finish, so I had to skip lunch. At around 3 pm, my boss called me and said, I think we should call it a day. Most of the work is done; we can finish the rest tomorrow if we work for half day. Can you come by 10 am tomorrow, my boss asked me. I said yes. He said, and then you can leave for the day. friends you are reading this story on

I was hungry and in no mood to cook. I picked up some bread and eggs and walked back to my apartment. Though it was only a 10 minute walk, by the time I reached I was famished and exhausted. I was planning to make myself some tea and prepare some eggs. Then I remembered that I had to inform the maid that I was home and that she could come over to complete her work. So I called her and said you can come over now, I am at the apartment. She said thik hai saab, main 10 minute mein aayi.

Now let me tell you something about the maid. She was in her late thirties, 38-39 I assume. She was plump (not fat), but she used to carry herself very well. She would wear decent sarees, grrom herself nicely. She was not very beautiful but was more than average looking and had a wheatish complexion. Her assets were also very good. I assumed that her cup size would be 38 and her waist size about 30 and her hips about 38. She was pleasant to look at and could give a good hardon to anybody.Indian-Desi-Nude-Bhabhi-Enjoying-Sex-With-Her-Husband-6We knew that she was married and had a child about 18 years old. Her husband was also a very nice guy and was working as a security guard at an MNC installation about 45 kilometers from the place we were working. He also used to come home on a weekly basis as he had a 24 hour job. We had met him some times when we had stayed over the weekend at out work place he was very helpful and sometimes used to help us by getting things for our house, pay our bills and other odd jobs.

Neither me nor my roommates had any ill feeling towards her, though sometimes over dinner we would discuss that it would be great to fuck her. But that was it. Everyday she would come at about 8.30 in the morning, finish her work quickly and be off by 9.00 am. So that was it. We never called her in the evening as we were alone and our return from office was not fixed. I looked at the watch it was 3.45. I prepared tea put some tea for her also. She came within a couple of minutes and rang the door bell.

I opened the door. I was stunned by seeing her. She was wearing a light beige colored saree with a matching transparent blouse. I could make out that she was not wearing any bra. i asked her to come in. She came in and said, sir doesn’t close the door, my husband is also coming. I said ok and said, I have prepared two cups of tea, one for u and one for me. Will you prepare a cup for your husband? She said yes. I said there are some snacks in the store room, please take it out for him.

She did that and immediately afterwards her husband came. We shook hands and he sat down on the chair. His wife served us snacks and tea and we started talking. He asked, sir kuch kaam hai to bolo. I said nahi kuch kaam nahi hai. Bas thodi subjee laani hai raat ke liye, woh main lekar aaoonga. he said, sir, chai peeke main lekar aata hoon, aap mujhe list de dijiye. I said ok. I said, jab tak tum vaapis aaoge, tumhari wife ka kaam bhi khatam ho jaayega. He smiled, finished his tea and left.

The maid took away the tea cups and snack dishes and proceeded to complete her cleaning job. I took up a book and started to read as she was working. She was standing at the kitchen sink and cleaning the utensils. From where I was sitting I could see her backside. I noticed that the saree she was wearing was clinging on to her body and her figure was clearly showing her ass was showing prominently and was swaying as she was washing the utensils. friends you are reading this story on

I was right about, she not wearing a bra, as from the back I could see her skin through her transparent blouse. I was getting aroused at the scene, but immediately dismissed any thoughts from my head as her husband would come come back soon and by that time her work would be over and they would leave. So I went back to reading the book. A few minutes later, her husband came back with the vegetables and put them in the kitchen. He came to the room where I was sitting and said, sir, there is some urgent work that has come up and I have to leave. friends you are reading this story on

I wanted to take her out for a movie, but since I have to leave, I cannot take her out today. I will come back late. Can she stay at your place till I come back? I said, why should she stay back? Take her with you and drop her home on your way to work he said, sir I am not going towards my house. There is nobody at home. My child has gone to my relatives place and will be back tomorrow night. I don’t want her to stay alone at our house and there are not much people living around where we stay and I am always worried.

Please accomodate her at your place till I come back. I will try to come as soon as possible and take her. I looked at her and she smiled and said, sir, I dont mind staying here if you dont have a problem. I said ok, if it is ok with you, I don’t have a problem. The guy left and both of us were alone. She continued her work and I continued reading. After some time my wife callled to find out what I was doing. I said I was alone and missing her. friends you are reading this story on

I also told her that the maid is working and that I am reading some book. My wife asked me, how is the maid? I asked from what perspective? My wife said, dikhne mein kaisi hai? I said theek hai. Kaam me acchi hai. jaldi jaldi kaam karke chali jaati hai. I did not tell her that today she was staying for some time. My wife said, khaane ka kya karoge? I said i have bought vegetables; I will cook in some time. My wife said, kaamwali ko bolo cook karke de. i said main poochta hoon.

She said, only ask her to cook. I hope you are having any ideas, after the freedom I gave you with my friend. I said no. She said ok and put the phone down. I went back to reading. The maid had completed her cleaning and came to me and asked, saab khana bana doon? I said I will do it. She said, kya saab, khaali baith ke kya karoongi. Aap to kaam kar rahe hon, main to bore ho jaaoongi. Aap to zyada baat bhi nahi karte ho main khana banati hoon, to main bhi busy rahoongi. I said ok and she started preparing the food.

After about half an hour, a veru delicious aroma was coming from the kitchen I asked, Rekha kya banaya hai? She said, saab, aap aake dekhlo. I went to the kitchen and saw that she had prepared a baingan masala curry and rotis and had prepared some khichdi also. It was looking very delicious. It was about 6 pm and I said, I will have an early dinner and sleep. You can also finish dinner with me and clean up and watch TV till your husband comes. She said ok. After some time

We finished dinner and she went to clean up and I smoked a cigarette and retired to my bedroom to read and sleep. I heard her switching on the TV. The book I was reading was a fiction novel and there was a very steamy chapter about the lead person in the novel and one of the ladies in the story. I was having a hard-on reading that as the writer had created a very elaborate sequence of lovemaking between the two. My rod was hard and sticking out of the track pants I was wearing. friends you are reading this story on

I was so engrossed in the novel that I did not notice that the TV had been switched off and the maid had come into the bedroom. She stood and the door and asked what are you reading sir? I was suddenly conscious of her presence and my hard on. I sat up on my bed and asked what are you doing here? She said I got bored watching TV and thought if you had not slept, I will talk to you. i said I was about to sleep. She said, how will you sleep sir? You seem to be in a good mood. I can see your good mood.

I covered the front of my track with my hands and she started laughing. She asked, saab kya padh rahe ho ke mood me aa gaye, ke aap mere baare me soch rahe the? I was surprised at her question and I looked at her face. There was a naughty look on her face. I said, rekha, aisi baat mat karo. Tum bahar baitho aur mujhe sone do. Tumhare pati abhi aa jaayenge phir tumhe jaana hai. She said, sir, he is not coming back tonight. i asked how do you know? She said, I had planned this in advance. friends you are reading this story on

My husband is not able to sexually satisfy me as he has a problem. I am sexually very frustrated. I had discussed it with him and he said, if you want to have sex with anyone you are free. I cannot satisfy you, so I dont have a problem if you sleep with someone else to satisfy yourself. i was stunned. Rekha continued, saab, jabse kaam aapke yahan shuru kiya tabse aap mujhe bahut achchhe lagte hai. You are very respectful and protective towards me. I appreciate that. Since

I wanted to have sex with someone and I knew that you were staying back this weekend, I had discussed and planned this with my husband. i lied to you about my son’s illness. I was shocked and speechless. I did not know what to say. Rekha then walked upto me, removed my hand from the front of my track pant and rubbed my hardon. A current ran through my body. I was enough aroused by reading the chapter in the book and was about to burst.

Then she squeezed my hard dick, I could not control and I exploded in my pants. She sensed that laughed. She said kya saab control nahi hua. I said mera book mein kuch sexy padhke khada ho gaya tha, tumne dabaya to choot gaya. She said, saab kya padh rahe the, mujhe bhi sunaona. I said let me change. She said, why change sir, just take of your clothes and be comfortable. Saying that she started removing her saree’s pallu from over her body and dropped it.

The she pulled the folds of her saree from her petticoat and the whole saree fell on the floor. Now she was standing in front of me with only her blouse and petticoat. I could see the outline of her nipples through her transparent blouse. She had large nipples. I pulled her towards me and ran my fingers across her lips. She sighed and opened here lips slightly. I gently rubber her lower lip and she sucked my finger tip.

I sensed my dick hardening again. She kept sucking my finger tip and kept flicking her tip over my finger tip. My hardon was growing. She took my other hand placed it on her breast. I was amazed at the size of her breast. it was not fitting my hand. I ran my hands over her breast and she started sighing. Her nipples started jutting out of her blouse in excitement. I circled her swollen nipple over her bluse with my thumb. She started moaning and said, saab kholke zor se dabao aur chooso isko.

I opened her blouse buttons and her breasts sprang free. I held both her breasts and squeezed them gently. She said saab zor se dabao na, chuso na usko. I started squeezing her breasts hard and pulle her left breast up and bit her nipple. She shouted “oooi maaa” aur zor se kaato saab. I bit her nipple harder and she moaned loudly. I was kneading her right nipple with my thumb. I then moved to her right breast and bit her nipple hard. She moaned even loudly. I kept kneading both her breasts and

She was shaking her head from side to side and biting her lips out of sheer excitement and pleasure. I then reached my hand down and rubbed her thighs and gently moved my hands between her legs. She parted her legs and allowed me to touch her pussy over her petticoat. I felt a strong wetness and realised that she was not wearing any panties. I moved my hand to her waist, reached to the thread tying her petticoat to her waist. I yanked on the thread and it loosened and her petticoat fell on the floor. She was standing stark naked in front of me.

I stepped back to take a good look at her naked body. She was sweating lightly and her body was shining because of the sweat. I saw that she had sparse hair on her pussy and that was glistening because of her wetness. I sat down on the bed and motioned her to come and sit beside me. She walked slowly and her breasts were jiggling as she walked. As she was going to sit, I stopped her and put my hand on her ass and squeezed her cheeks. I kept squuezing her ass cheeks and pulled her close to me.

I sniffed her pussy and opened my mouth and took my tongue out and licked her vagina opening. She again parted her legs and opened her vaginal lips. I saw the pink inner side of her vagina and saw her clit engorged and waiting to be sucked. I licked her clit and she shivered. I pulled her on the bed and made her lie down. I kissed her breasts, sucked her nipples and went down on her. I kept licking her body as I was going down. I licked her navel and ran my tongue in circles over her navel.

She was now on the peak of her excitement. She had started bucking her hips and i put my finger on her cunt and rubbed the wetness. She held her thighs tightly together and squeezed my hand over her vagina. She then opened her legs wide and gave me access to her cunt. I opened her cunt lips and kissed her clit again. I nibbled on her clit and started sucking it. Her bucking had increased and in a moment she shuddered, tightened her body and then released with a lound grunt.

I realised that she had an orgasm and it was a big one after a long time. She looked relaxed and was breathing heavily. There was a kind of peace on her face. She then got up and made me stand up. My dick was sticking out like a pole and I had a feeling that I had never been so hard in my life not even when I had sex with my wife’s friend previously. She gripped my dick and started moving her hand on it up and down she pulled my foreskin back and sucked my dickhead.

I was on seventh heaven. She then took my entire dick in her mouth and was sucking it. I was enjoying the softness of her mouth and the movement on my dick. She then stopped and lay down on the bed again. She opened her legs and said “saab ab apna lond mere andar daalo” ab raha nahi jaata. Apna paani mere andar chhodo. I said paani andar chhod diya aur agar tu pregnant ho gayi to? She said fikar mat karo saab, main taiyarri karke aayi hoon aisa kuch nahi hoga aap tension mat lo aut paani chodo.

Main aapke lund ke pani mere choot ke andar tak mehsus karna chahti hoon. That was enough signal for me. I mounted her and kept my dick on the mouth of her pussy and shoved gently. She was so wet that my dick slipped in easily. It was slightly tight but not very tight. There was enough friction for me to enjoyl I started moving on top of her. I kept ramming her for about ten minutes. As I had come earlier, I was taking some time to come again. I asked her to turn around and started ramming her doggy style.

She was matching my thrusts with her thrusts. Then after 5 minutes, I pulled out and lay down and asked her to get on top of me so that I can suck her breasts. She mounted my dick and started moving on my dick very hard. I felt that she would rip my fore-skin off. She was slamming her cunt on my dick very hard. I was experiencing some pain. But I saw that her face was clenching and i realised that another orgasm was building up. I held her breasts tight and started responding back. My orgasm also started building up and in one massive thrust I shot my entire load into her cunt.

She screamed and collapsed on my chest. I knew that she had also come. I held her face and raised it. I looked into her eyes. She smiled and noticed contentment on her face. She said “saab bahut time ke baad sex ka maja aaya. Main jaanti thi aap ke saath bahut maja aayega. Par aap apne aur doston ko mat batana. Main randi nahi hoon. Main sirf aapke saath akrungi jab tak aap yahan pe ho. Main sirf aapke liye hoon. I was happy to hear that. I promised to her that I would never say this to anyone.

I was feeling lucky. I had a threesome waiting for me at home and a horny maid to satisfy at my work place. I could not thank God enough for this life. I embraced her and we slept together that night. I woke up again in the middle of the night and we had another round of hard sex and slept off again. I woke up early next morning very fresh. I noticed that she was already up, had bathed and was preparing tea and breakfast. She saw me and came to me and kissed me on my lips.

I kissed he back and we kept smooching for about 15 minutes. She then pulled away as the bell rang. I went and opened the door and found that her husband had come to take her husband looked at both of us and smiled he held my hand and shook it. He thanked me for taking care of his wife’s needs.

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38 Year Old Mature Maid

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