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A nutty speech

 I was a Marine Chief Warrant Officer managing an office of about 20 Marines aging from 18 to about 30 in southern California; about a third of which were Women Marines. It became almost a daily regimen to do an office physical training run from 3 to 6 miles.

A nutty speech
A nutty speech

One day, I invited a friend, a Limited Duty Officer Captain to accompany my Marines on our run. As usual, it was a hot and dry day, so I wore my favorite running shorts and shoes. We ran about 5 miles that particular day, so we couldn't wait to get into air conditioned space.

We all huddled around a few chairs in a ready room, but all knew better than to sit down or risk cramping before we showered and change back into our uniforms. There I am, my leg bent and foot resting on a chair talking to all my Marines. The Captain kept trying to interrupt and distract me...something I thought pretty rude at the time! It wasn't until we cooled down and going to shower and change that he told me my right "nut" was hanging out from under my shorts the entire time I was talking. To use his words, "it was huge and hairy, and all the girls were just trying not to look!" He also stated that there's no doubt how I got all those women to run with me!

Needless to say, I kept my favorite running shoes but had to get rid of those running shorts.

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