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Double Impact with whiskey & party babes

I am a 30 year old guy who has been married for last five years. My name is Akash and friends fondly call me Aki. I work with a multinational and my wife also works with a multinational. She is good looking with nice set of assets that can give hard on to anyone. Her figure is 36-26-36 and the story goes back to last year when we moved to another city after she decided to change her job.
My wife, Anu, joined the company and started enjoying her new office. I have flexibility of working from home so I decided to tag along with her. I want to highlight that she is sex hungry and wants to get fucked every night with the exception of five days when she has her periods. Soon, after we moved, her sister, Julie, decided to come along and stay with us for a while.
 Double Impact with whiskey & party babes
 Double Impact with whiskey & party babes
We had taken a two bedroom flat so keeping her along with us for a few days was not a problem. So, the story began like this – all three of us went to a party on one Friday night and Anu drank a little too much. It was about 1 am in the morning when we came home and while Julie was opening the door, Anu asked to open it quickly. She said that she is dying to get into the bed with me.

Julie had a white face. She blushed and said that hold on for a minute and then you can get laid. Julie unlocked the door and we stepped into the house. Anu who could hardly stand turned and locked her lips with mine. I could not resist. I held her tightly and started smooch her with full throttle. Suddenly I realized Julie was standing right here. I broke the smooch and whispered in Anu’s ears that Julie is watching us.

Anu: let her watch. She can join if she is feeling lonely. You would enjoy her.

Me: what are you saying? She is your sister.

Anu turned to Julie and waved her to come near her. Julie stepped forward and Anu then locked her lips with her lips. Both the sisters were now in full swing. I could not imagine this. I had often jacked off thinking of Julie but never had the guts to go beyond casual touching. It was like a dream.

Anu: hey Julie, tell Aki that you are such a slut who has slept with almost every guy in your college?

Julie: Jeej darling, don’t mind but I always wanted you to make a pass but you were such as boring guy.

I was taken by surprise but then it struck me – what the hell. I went to the bedroom and brought a bottle of whiskey. I said “let’s party babes.

Julie stepped forward and locked her lips with mine. I could not hold back and then grabbed her by her ass and kissed her hard. I felt her hand on my waist and realized that she is trying to unbuckle my belt. Suddenly, my pant was on the floor and Julie on her knees. Then, the underwear came down.

Julie said “hey sis, do you mind?”

Anu: Darling sis, go on. He is all yours, but before you start, let drink and then we can do whatever we want to do.”

She handed over a glass to me and Julie. She said “bottoms up guys and then one more.”

We did as Anu said and then she made another one for each one of us. Again bottoms up. Julie was getting a bit tipsy by now. She said “hey sis, I am going ahead. Come and join me”

I was hard, in fact, very hard by now. Julie locked her lips around my dick. She started sucking it like she will never get it again. Anu said “she is such a great cocksucker. You will now realize what you had been missing for last five year.”

I said “had I realized she is such a slut, I would have fucked her brains out by now.”

And, she went back to sucking. Slurp, slurp, the sound she made. Anu stepped forward and forced my head over her neck. I started to kiss around her neck. I unbuttoned her blouse and unwrapped her from her sari. She was now only in a petticoat. I smiled as she was not wearing anything under blouse.

As I took the blouse out, her tits popped out. They were the favorite ones. I got hold of them and started sucking the right one. It was tasty as usual. Anu was now moaning. Julie went on and then I was about to burst my load. I jerked and took out the dick out of her mouth and then told her that I am about to cum. She grabbed my dick and said, I wanna suck it all the way.

With a few more sucks, I shed my load, which is usually pretty good amount. Julie’s mouth was full and then it started to flow out of her mouth. Anu pushed me away and grabbed Julie to lock her mouth with hers. I enjoyed the scene. Both sisters were hungry for my cum. Julie spat a few times into Anu’s mouth, which Anu happily swallowed. I loved the scene.

Then, I made a few more drinks. I sat on the sofa and started sipping my drink. Anu and Julie broke up their kiss and picked up their glasses. Anu came and sat next to me. Julie came and sat on my laps. Her tits were pretty pointed as if they were the missile heads. She turned and faced me. I was already getting hard and then

Anu said: Aki, why don’t you go ahead with her. I will join after a few drinks.

My dick was on the rise and soon, it was ready for more shooting. I made Julie stand up for a few seconds and asked her to take off her clothes.

Julie: hey jeej, help yourself. I am too tired to take them off myself.

I said Ok I opened buttons of her shirts. Her beautiful tits were almost popping out of her black bra. I unhooked her bra and then took it off. I was just dying to get them into my mouth. Then, I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it down. Julie stepped out of the jeans and she was there only in her black laced panties. She then sat on my laps.

My fingers were now tapping on Julie’s back and soon, they found their ways to her love hole. I inserted two fingers into her lovehole after moving her panty aside. She literally jumped. With the other hand, I pushed her back and then started fingering her with speed. She was getting wet. Aaahhh jeej, put your big fat dick inside. Fingers won’t be enough

I said: ok Julie.

I picked her up a little and made her sit on my hard dick. I then pushed her down to enter the full dick in one go. She screamed ooooh maa maar dala. Arre pyar se chodo maar daloge kya”

Anu said: arre, tu to aise chilla rahi hai jaise pahli baar le rahi hai. Roz chudwati hai aur phir bhi natak.

Julie: sis, jeej ke lund to itna lamba or mota hai.

Anu: I know. That’s why I fuck him daily.

Julie now started to move up and down. Anu finished her drink and then came and sat in front of us. She bent forward and took one of my balls in her mouth. She started sucking it like it was a lollypop. I knew I won’t last for a long time like this. Julie was moving in full swing. I got hold of her tits and started squeezing them. Julie was now moaning loudly.

Aaaaahhhh chodo jeej. Kab se tadap rahi hoon tumhare lund ke liye. I just kept fucking her for next ten minutes or so. My dick was moving going in and out of her tight cunt, which was now very very wet. I was feeling the sensation. She stopped moving and got up. My dick popped out of her cunt. My dick was all wet from her juices.

Her thighs were also wet. Anu then let my ball go and held Julie by her thighs and put her mouth over Julie’s cunt. Slurp slurp – the sound came. Anu was licking her thighs and then she spread her cunt a little with two fingers and used her tongue to tickle the clit. Julie was now shivering with excitement.

She pushed Anu’s head between her thighs and moaned. Her breathing was out of control. I got up. My dick was hard as a rock and then I moved behind Anu. I quietly entered her cunt with a single push. I started fucking her.

Anu’s cunt was already wet. I started moving fast. In a few minutes, I was ready to explode. I said: girls, I am ready to explode.

Julie: jeej, give it to me.

Anu: not you only. Hum dono to chahiye.

I popped my dick out of Anu’s cunt and now, put it in Julie’s mouth. She started sucking it. I exploded in a few minutes. Julie’s mouth soon as overflowing with my juices. Anu quickly got up and grabbed my dick to take the remaining in her mouth. I was enjoying this thoroughly.

I pulled back after juices were over. I fell on the sofa with exhaustion. Julie was licking her lips. I was out of energy for the time being. Julie was now lying on the floor with legs wide open. She looked exhausted. Anu got up and sat next to me. She bent forward and kissed me. I could taste my own juice. I kinda liked it.

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