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Farmer’s Daughter – Pushpa

When my wife delivered our first child, she was very weak and we were looking for some baby sitter ( not maid servent ) for help.By requesting to our friends and relatives, we were approached, one day, by a person, who happened to be our farmer in our village. He and his family was our old aquantance since my grandfather’s days. He said that his younger daughter was studing in village school, but now a class 10 dropout. She knows all the household jobs, farming job and at marriageble age of 20, but do not want to marry. His elder daughter is married happily with a boy next village, who successfully runs a small grocery shop. If we agree he can bring her younger daughter to us, to look after the baby and also help in house hold jobs. We readily agreed and after few days our farmer came with his younger daughter -Pushpa (Name not CHANGED). Though from village she was intellegent and very efficient. Our days started passing off peacefully.After about six months my Father-in-law, a doctor, suddenly had a stroke in his chamber and before he could be taken to Hospital he experied. On knowing the fact we (me, my wife and baby) rushed to my inlaws place, leaving Pushpa in our house.We were confident that she can manage without us for few days.After the funaral,next day, I planned to come back as I had not taken leave, but promised to my inlaws that I shall be present on the 13th day ceremony. I came back to my home leaving my wife and baby at inlaws house.Till that time I did not know that what was stored in my life. I envy my friends in this blog who see a girl / aunty / teacher etc. and in five minutes they are naked and in bed- fucking. My experience is full of tension, insulting, frustrating, time taking but, at the end gave immence pleasure to both of us. I never thought or had any intension to have a relation with Pushpa.chudai ki kahaniya at ( only (23)Her regular dress was a skirt upto her knee and a blouse with colar upto her waist. She is well build due to her regular job at field with her father. Her skin is not fair but she is also not dark.Pushpa is wheatish. Her face is plasant compared to village standard.she always stays neat and clean, long hair nicely combed. She used to sleep on the floor by the side of dinning table in the hall.Day 1- First night while I was going to toilet, past mid night, I had to cross Pushpa who was sleeping on her back. The light from bedroom fell on her and she was fast asleep. I saw her skirt gone upto her waist and her green coloured jangia ( not panty ) was visible. I paused for a second, looked at her smooth thighs and hurriedly went to the toilet.

On my way back to bedroom I again looked at her jangia and smooth thighs. I switched off the lights but could not sleep and wanted to see Pushpa’s smooth thighs again. I got up, went to the hall switched on the light in the hall and now Pushpa’s jangia and thighs were better seen. But due to my foolishness, the light fell on Pushpa’s eyes and she woke up. I pretended to go to toilet and while comming back Pushpa had put her skirt down and changed her side.I came back to bed, thinking about Pushpa, musterbate and went to sleep. Day 2- Next day I went to office and came back in the evening.Previous night’s incedence was fresh in my mind. Pushpa was cooking in the kitchen. I went near her to touch her but did not dare to do so. I took 2 pegs of whisky, sitting in my bed room, but still I did not had the courage to touch her. After dinner I simply went to bed. Day 3 – After I came back from office Pushpa informed that some vegetables and groceries are required. I asked her to come with me in my car and buy whatever she wanted. She sat at the back seat and I whilie driving the car thought how to touch her. While getting down she was not able to unlock the door so to help her I tried to unlock the rear door and intensionally touched her hand. While walking in the crowded market I touched her chutad ( buttock ) number of times. In vegetable market I touched her various parts of the body, as if accidentally. Since she did not tell any thing, I got encouraged.

We went to grocery shop and took some items and came back to my car.Pushpa sat on the back seat and in the process of keeping the bags on back seat I, lightly touched her Chuchi ( boobs).Back at home, Pushpa cooked dinner, we ate and went to sleep at respective beds. My Intension by this time had become bad. After the lights of hall was put off I went to the hall, sat on the floor where Pushpa was sleeping, hold her hand and softly called her name. Pushpa got up on her bed and in a very firm voice told me that she is watching everything for the last two days and espcially what I did to her in the market. She asked me to leave her and go to my bed room, else she will shout and call the neighbours. Some cold thing passed through my spinal cord, I felt my ears have become red, I started sweating and I had no strength in my legs. I was trembling. somehow I got up, walked to my bed room and dumped myself in bed. Insulted, frusted I could not sleep and thought how to face her next morning.May be I slept during early hours.I was woken up 9.30am by Pushpa and told that I am already late for office. Day 4- I got up. Brushed. I was not feeling well.Pushpa gave me a cup of tea.After taking tea I decided not to go to office. So I took my scooter & went to near by PCO ( in early nineties I had no land line or mobile) to inform my Boss. After I came back Pushpa gave me nasta. She was behaving, as if nothing happned last night. I was a bit relaxed, went to bed & slept. Pushpa woke me up for lunch. I quitely took my lunch without looking at Pushpa.The situation in the house was unbearable. I was sitting in the sofa when she finished her job. I called her and told her that two days back her skirt was up and her smooth thighs and hairless legs aroused me.Last night I only wanted to see her smooth thighs with lights on. She said slowly that all these things will finally make her pregnant and then neither your family nor my family, you nor my father will be in peace.Then you will have to marry me as Villagers will not spare you. I appreciated her thinking, but was not willing to stop conversation. We were much normal & free now.I told Pushpa that without getting pregnent you can have pleasure and enjoy.She said her elder sister is married and already a mother. Didi has told everything. I asked ” about what?” Pushpa said “How she became a mother” There was silence in the room for some time. Suddenly Pushpa said ” Aap meri janghe dekhna chahete ho ? Mai aap ko apni jaangh ak bar dekha dungi” ( You want to see my thighs, I shall show you once) I got up to close the windows, so that no one from outside can see by chance.Pushpa seemed comfortable. The main door was already closed. I put on the fan and sat on the sofa again.Pushpa came near me, lifted her skirt upto her waist,said “dhek lo” (see) I said Light jalakar dhekhu? (can I put on the light) Pushpa said “Haa” (Yes). In light I saw she was putting on a Marun coloured jangia (not panty). I asked her about her green jangia to which she said she has washed it.Oh what a beautiful hairless legs and thighs she was showing me !

Then she turned and was about to leave.Then I requested her to show it once again by sitting on the sofa. She reluctantly agreed, lifted her skirt and sat on the sofa. I immidiately sat on the floor close to her and said ek bar aapni janghe chune dogi ? ( will you allow me to touch you thighs once) She said haa chu lo ( Yes touch) I softly touched her thighs with my both hands, said kitna naram aur sunder hai ( how soft and beautiful). Then I said yeha chuum lu (can I kiss). Pushpa said bas karo (stop) and tried to get up from the sofa, her skirt till lifted position. Pushpa could not getup from the sofa as I was sitting on the floor close to the sofa. I told her to wait for a minute and said tumhe bina chodwa ke bhi aaram mil sakta hai. ( Without getting fucked you can have pleasure). Pushpa said how? I told her to please listen to me and give me some time, agar mai tumhe chodne ka koshis kia to chilla ke sabko bula lena” ( if I try to fuck, you shout and call everybody) She relaxed in the sofa. I started kissing on her thighs and slipped my hands below her chutaad ( buttock) and started pressing the soft chutaad still jangia on.I found she is not stopping me, as she was having a new feeling. I felt her jhat ka baal & chut ( cunt ) and took my mouth there. She immidiately kept her one hand on my head. I said mujhe aapna chut dhekhne dogi? Phuspa said “Dhek lo par mujhe chodna maat” I pulled the nada ( robe) of her jangia tried to takeout the Jangia. As she was sitting on the sofa, the jangia was not moving out. She coperated by lifting her chutaad a littleup & I took the jangia out through her hair less legs. Aab woh kamar ke neche nanga ho gaye.( now she was naked below her waist) Next mai uski dono tango ko apne kandhe par lia aur chut ko chatne laga ( I put her legs on my shoulder & started licking her pussy). She wanted to bring her legs closer but my head was not allowing her to do so. There was silence in the room. Both of us were not making any noise. She was now ready to take my tongue inside her chut, which I did. She put her both hands on the back of my head & pulled towards her, a clear indication that she is loving my actions. I started sucking her chut.and was continuously pressing her chutaad with my both hands.

After a while I stopped sucking her chut, took out my right hand from under her chutaad and started fingring her chut. She said in a very low voice mera chut chooso, aacha lag raha tha.I immidiately obeyed.After about 5 minutes she reached climex and asked me to stop and rolled her head on the backrest of the sofa.I asked her aacha laga? she said “haa”.

After sometime she asked me to get up from the floor so that she can get up from the sofa. By this time my situation was bad as my lund (prick) had become hard, but I had a promise not to fuck her.However I requested Puhspa Mujhe aapna lund tumhare chutaad per ragardne do. she said “agar lund bahut mota ho gaya to mere chutaad par rakh kar dabao. Mal nikal jayega aur tumhe aaram milega”.I took out my pyjama and placed my lund on her chutaad. She was standing by lifting her skirt. In no time I ejaculated on her chutaad. some semen fell on the floor also which Pushpa said not to worry as she will clean it with her jangia. I went to my bedroom and had a nice afternoon sleep.

After Pushpa gave me a cup of tea, I went out and purchased a packet of condom (3 in one packet) from medical shop hoping it may be required in night. On my return Pushpa asked where I had gone & I told her the truth that I purchased condom. On seeing the contains in the packet she said this is not condom, this is Nirodh, my didi is using this to avoid becoming mother second time. Jijaji aapne lund pe nirodh lagakar didi ko chodta hai.

I took her to the bed room, kissed her on her forehead for the first time. She did not object. My prick was hard, I took a condom & put on my lund.Mai aapna lund dikhakar pushpa ko bola ise pakar aur age peeche kar.(requested her to hold my prick & move to& fro) She started doing it. After some time I ejaculated. The semen stayed inside the condom. I showed Pushpa that why she will not become pregnent if she get fucked with condom on prick.She was convinenced.

At 7.15 pm Pushpa asked that dinner is ready and if would like to take it now. I understood that as both of us want to go to the next step, thus she wants early dinner.After dinner,at 7.45 pm, she was as usual preparing her bed on the floor.I hold her hand I pulled her to the bedroom. She came without any resistance.I put off the light kissed her on her check.& said Tumhara chuchi dabane doge?

She said “haa”.I made her sit on the bed facing away from me, put my hand from her back & hold her chuchi over her blouse.I started pressing both her chuchi with both my hands with very little pressure. I asked her ” pehle kisise aapna chuchi dabyaye?” She said “Nahi, yeh pehli bar” I again asked “Kaisa lag raha hai ?” She said “Ajeeb sa” I asked “jor se dabau?”

She said ” jaisa aapko accha lage” I increased the pressure and then tried to unbotton her blouse. Pushpa said ” blouse maat kholo” I said ” Blouse ke uper se Chuchi dabane se tumhe pura maja nahi ayega” She said”Mujhe Sharm ata hai, aap neche se blouse utha kar chuchi dabao” I said “Aapna chut muje dikha di, Chusne bhi dia, chuchi dekhane se kya hoga? She kept quite.

With my right hand I pressed her cheeck. Kissed on her neck I said ” Mere godd par baithogi? She sat on my lap without replying.I asked her ” Thik laag raha hai? She said ” Mera chutaad aap ke lund ke upar hai, fir mota ho gaya hai” I said ” daro maat, Mai tumhe nahi chodunga” I laid her on the bed & kissed all over face and for the first time on her lips.Pulled her blouse up.

Very little street light was comming through the window panes inside the room. Her chuchi was not very big, but not very small, it was enough big to cup with my palm. I asked her “Chuchi chusne doge?” She said “choso” I pressed her chuchi for some more time and then took one of her chuchi in my mouth. Her body shivered.I gave a soft bite on her nipple for some time.

Puhspa whispered ” Aab dusra bhi chuso. I had to obey as I wanted to love her & build confedence in her. Pushpa was by this time very comfortable with me. I was comparing my luck just within last 24 hours. She asked me in a very very low voice ” Mujhe chodoge?” I said “Tumhare pet mein bacha aagaya to?” She said ” Aap apne lund par nirodh chadakar chodo. Meri didi do saal se jijajiki lund par nirodh lagakar chudwa rahi hai, bacha to pet mein nahi aa raha hai.”

I kissed her again. Pulled up her skirt and she herself took down her jangia.I touched her chut. It was ready.I got up and took the condom from the self and put on my lund. I folded her legs at her knees and spread outside.I said ” dard hone se bolna” She kept quite. Though a father of a child,In my hurry, excitement and her tight chut, I could only push my lund half in her chut and I exploded.

I stopped. I failed. Every thing finished in say 45 minutes.I do not remember when I got down from Pushpa and went to sleep. I woke up and saw it was 11pm.Pushpa was not by my side, the condom was also not on my lund.I went to the hall. Pushpa was on her bed. She was awake.I asked “soye nahi?” Pushpa said ” needd nahi aa rahi” I asked “mere lund par jo condom tha, kya hua?”

She said “Mai nikal kar comod mei dal dia aur pani chaladia, fir gela towel se aap ka lund saaf kar dia” I slept by her side on the floor, pulled her towards me and kissed her. I kept my one hand on her chutaad & other hand on her back and further pulled her towards me. Pushpa said ” ek baat puchu?” I said “yes”

She said “meri didi bolti hai bur chudwanese khub aaram hota hai, santi milta hai, mera to nahi hua” I kissed her and said ” hum dono ka galti hai. Mera lund tumhare chut mein pura nahi ghusa aur uske pehle hi harbad mein mera mal nikal gaya.Tum abhi tak mujh par pura biswas nahi ki hai. Tum pura nanga bhi nahi hui.Biswas se paayar hota hai, aur paayar ke baadh hi chodne chudane mein aacha lagta hai.”

I was continuously kissing her & pulling her towards me. She said after sometime ” abhi aapko fir mujhe nanga karke chodne ka maan hai?” I said “Haa, par mera lund abhi khada hona muskil hai. Shaam se do bar maal nikal gaya. Agar tum mera lund aapne muh mein lekar chosogi to lund khada hoga” Pushpa said ” lund muh mein lene se mujhe ulti ho jayega. Aap mujhe nanga karke aapna lund mere naram chutaad par ghasie aur pechese mera chuchi dabaiye. aapka lund khara ho jayega mujhe chodne ke liye.” I took off all her clothes one by one. She took off my ganji and pyjama. both of us were naked for the first time. Nothing much of each other was visible as the lights were off for privacy. I asked ” Pushpa tum mera lund pakdo aur usse khelo” She took my lund in her hand, she also took my balls in her hand, but my lund remain limp. She once bought her mouth near my lund but could not take it in her mouth.I didn’t insist. After some time Pushpa said ” Mai palatkar soti hu, aap mere chutaad per lund sata dijiye aur peche se mera chuchi masliye,lund khada ho jayega” I asked ‘Tumhe kaise pata ye sab” She said ” Didi sadi ke baad mujhe batati thi roj jijaji usse kaisa chodta hai aur kitne bar chodta hai” After Pushpa slept. I started pushing my lund on her soft chutaad and took her both chuchi In my palm. This action showed result, my lund became hard. I then ask her to sleep on her back. She said “Kyu?” I said ” Chodne se pahle tumhara chut chusna hai” She obeyed. I first licked and then started sucking her cunt and simultaneously fingered her cunt. After some time I asked “Pushpa, lund chut mei ghusa du?” She said “haa” I was sure that my semen will not come out easily this time. I took out the last condom, rolled it over my lund & put some coconut oil on it.I asked Pushpa ” Ek haath se mera lund pakro. tange failao aur lund bur ke saath satao” She did as told. Then with caution I started pushing my lund into her chut, taking the load of my body on my knees. After a little while, when my lund was more than half inside the chut, Pushpa said ” Thoda Ruko” She was sweating.I said ” lund bur se nikal lu kya?” she said ” nahi thoda samhal lu.Lagta hai aapka lund bahut mota hai. Aap mujhe chumo aur mera chuchi dabao”. On doing so she was little better and said ” aab pura lund mere bur mei ghusao” I pulled my lund little out & again started pushing it. Puhspa’s cunt juice and coconut oil well lubricated her tight cunt. Once my full lund went inside Pushpa’s chut I stopped. She lifted her chutaad & I put my hands under her chutaad. I bend & kissed on her lips. Our tongue met for the first time. There was silence in the room. A girl was getting herself fucked,for the first time in her life. I slowly started back / front motion simultaneuosly pressing her chutaad. I shifted my body weight from my knees onto Pushpa’s naked body.I asked her ” Aacha lag raha hai” She said ” haa, maat ruko, mera chut chodo, mera nikalne wala hai” She reached climex first and after some time I exploded. Day 5 – I woke up and found Pushpa gotup much earlier than me and had finished her bath. Our eyes met. We didn’t talk. She was normal as if nothing sweet happened between us last night. Now we were unmarried wife & husband. She gave me a cup of tea. After getting ready & nasta, I took out my scooter to go to office. Pushpa called me by signalling with her eyes. She walked towards the bedroom and said ” Nirodh khatam ho gaya hai, office se aane ke samay le aiyega.” I said “yes” and pressed her chuchi tenderly, kissed her and left for office. In the office I was not able to concentrate on my job and Pushpa’s, words before leaving home was continuously ringing in my ears. Finally at 10.30am I requested my boss to give full day leave as I was not feeling well and left office.On the way, went to market to buy one white bra and white panty, anne french and two packets of condom.I reached home at 11.45am. Pushpa was in kitchen doing something on gas.I switched off the gas hold her hand and pulled her to the bed room. I told her ” tumhara chut ka baal nikal dunga, aab tumhara chut choti bachhi ke chut jaisa lagega” She agreed & liedown on the bed. I lifted her skirt and pulled her jangia down.I applied anne french to remove hairs, but could not manage. Hence I wiped out anne french and thought of traditional method of shaving.I put a towel under her chutaad. Applied shaving cream with my shaving brush and started shaving with maximum care as the skin in this part is very tender. I finished with much difficulty and cleaned the extra soap with a wet towel.I took some ice cubes in my hankerchief and kept ready. To avoid any infection, I poured some after shave lotion in my hand and applied on the shaved chut. Pushpa reacted sharply. I pressed the cold hankerchief with ice cubes, to reduce iching, bend down and kissed her.I removed her blouse & also shaved her armpit. I asked Pushpa to get up and see her chut in mirror. She was surprised to see her own chut now and became very happy. Then I took Pushpa to bathroom made her naked. I saw her naked first time in day light. I took out all my clothes. I gave her a good bath after putting shampoo on her hair and applying soap on every part of her body. I dried her with towel and asked her to wait outside the bathroom.I quickly finished my bath. We both walked to the bedroom naked.I sprayed powder on Pushpa,s body.Took out the bra and put on her. The size was perfect. Pushpa wore bra first time in her life.I put the panty also on her. She was looking beautiful and was a bit shy.I asked her to comb her hair. I prefered to remain naked.While serving lunch I asked Pushpa to serve on one plate. I sat on a chair keeping the plate in front of me on the table.I made Pushpa naked & I took her on my lap.I started feeding her with my right hand while my left hand was busy with her chuchi. In between I also ate from the same plate.Now it was time to go for a afternoon fuck and nap. Pushpa covered her chuchi to chut with a towel. She quickly went to the kitchen to keep the plates and came to the bedroom.She asked me ” Nirodh laye hai?” I joked “Nahi” Pushpa asked ” mereko nahi chodenge?” I showed her two packets of condom. She happily said ” do packet mein chehh bar choodwa lungi” I pulled her on the bed, removed the towel and kissed her. I licked and sucked her clean shaved chut.Made love for some time. Then I kept two pillows one on top of another and asked pushpa to sit on the pillow. I spread my legs below her chuttad so that her thigh were on my thigh. I asked pushpa to hold my neck with her hands. I moved forward and put my errect lund on her chut. Pushpa understood that I shall her fuck in sitting position. She slowly positioned her self and kept comming towards me. I supported her chuttad with my both hands.Though it was first time for her, in the process my errect lund went inside her chut. now pushpa hold my neck with her hands, lifted herself and started swinging front & back. After some time she stopped and said mera chuchi muh mei lo aur chuso. I obeyed. again she started her motion and we reached climex. We kissed. Pushpa removed the condom and cleaned my lund. We had a nice afternoon sleep. Pushpa came to me with a cup of tea. I took the cup and asked her to sit by side. She sat by my side. This time very close to me.Her hesitation had gone. She understood that I want to give her joy and not going to harm her. I asked her “aaj kaisa laga?” She said “saab kutch achha tha, par baithke chudwane pura maja nahi aya.Aap mera chuchi bhi kam dabaye. kal raat ko soo kar chudwakar achha laga tha.Aaj raat ko mujhe sulakar chodna.”

We finished our dinner early. I closed the windows for privacy and put the fan on fullspeed. Pushpa swiftly finished her job in the kitchen and came to the bedroom like a wife.The light was on. I hugged her and pressed her chuttad with my both hands and pulled her towards me. My lund was touching her chut over our clothes.

Pushpa hold my Lund and said “Lund pura mota ho gaya hai.Bur chodneko taiyar hai” I asked her ” tera bur chodwaneko taiyar hai?” (We were whispering so that no sound goes out of the room.) Pushpa said ” mere bur ko aap taiyar karlenge chodwaneke liye. Mera bur to jawan tha, usse aap aaj chota bacha ka bur ke jaisa kar diya hai” Standing there I removed all her clothes.

Pushpa removed my pyjama and baniyan. She went near the mirror, standing naked, and started combing her hair.I hold her chuchi from the back, kissed her on her neck. She stopped combing.I was pressing her boobs very softly and both of us were watching in the mirror. I kept one hand on her shaved her chut. Pushpa said ” mujhe bistar pe le chalo aur mera chut choosoo.”

I took her to the bed. Pushpa slept on her back, spreading her legs showing her beautiful chut. I started licking her thighs and then the outer side of the chut. After sometime Pushpa folded her legs and futher spread her legs, indicating to suck inside the chut.I put my tongue inside her chut and then sucked it nicely.Pushpa was cotinuously moving her fingers through my hairs. Pushpa said ” aab ruk jao. Mera bur chodwaneke leya taiyar hai” I positioned her properly on the bed putting a pillow under her waist, put a condom on my lund, spread pushpa’s leg and whispered” pushpa mera lund pakdo aur apne bur ke samne rakho. Mai dhere se ander ghusata hu.” To this, surprising me pushpa said ” sala, jor se chod mere bur ko.

Tu hi chodwane sikhaya, ab tu hi is bur ka malik hai. Jor se chod mere bur ko.Thanda kar ise”I pushed my lund with a thrust inside her bur. Pushpa said ” sala kitna mota lund hai, bur faad dega.Jo hoga hoga, Harami aab chod bur joor se…….” I said ” sali kutia, ek din mein tu sab jan gaye.” Pushpa said ” sala aisa kutta mere upar chad ke chodega to kya der lagta hai.

Par kutta jaisa lund bur mein fasa mat dena.Chod…Chod… sala” Pushpa’s words excited me. I started pumping her with full force. She wrapped her legs around my waist.After sometime she said “ruk jao, mera nikal gaya hai.” I said “mera nahi nikla hai.” Pushpa said “mera bur thoda aur chodo, nikal jayega.” She was right. I exploded within no time & put my full weight on her.

I got up and slept by her side.Pushpa got up, pulled out the condom from my lund and went to flush it. She came back naked with a wet towel and cleaned my lund. She removed my skin backward and cleaned my limp lund.She said ” lagta nahi thode der pahle yeh kitna mota tha” I said ” jab itna saaf kia to apne muh mei lund le hi le, khada hoga to ek bar phir chodunga”

She smiled at me and went out to keep the towel She came back to put on her dress. I said kapde mat pahno, nanga hi raho, light off karo aur mere pass so jao. She did as I said. We slept naked in each others arm. We had a very good sleep.

Day 6 – I came back from office at 5.30 pm and sat on the sofa. Pushpa gave me a glass of water. Thereafter she gave me a cup of tea and stood there. I took the cup with right hand and put my left hand on her chutaad.Then while taking tea I put my hand inside her skirt. Oh, she was not putting jangia. I asked her the reason.

Pushpa said “Jangia pahenkar kya faida? aap to turant kholkar mujhe nanga kar deto ho” Mai uska chutad sahlane laga. After the tea was finished she went away to keep the cup and came back and said ” kal mere se galti ho gaya, mai aap ko gali de dia, kutta bola” I said ” Kutta ko kutia chodne kabhi dekhi hai?” She said ” ha, bahut bar.

Ghar mein gai ko chodne ke leye saad lata hai jo ek bar mein jatke se chad kar chod deta hai. Mujhe kutta – kutti wala chudai accha lagta hai.” I said ” to aaj raat tujhe kutia jaisa chodunga” Pushpa asked ” meri gaad maroge kya?” I said ” nahi mujhe gaad marna thik nahi lagta” She asked “to fir ?” Peche se chut mei hi lund dalunga aur dono hatho se tera do chuchi dabaunga”

Pushpa said “Mai ek baat batati hu. Raat ko aap chodenge aur fir so jayenge. Ek bar chode se aapka du ghanta ke baad lund khada hota hai. Tab aaj ek bar hi choda chudi hoga.Usse acha hai abhi aap mujhe kutia jaise chod lijiye.Fir naha kar, nasta kar paper padhiye.Raat ka khana khakar jab sone jayange,2/3 ghanta baad, tab aapka lund fir chut chodne ke leye taiyar rahega.”

I understood, tigress has tested blood.Now pushpa has become maneater. I gotup and closed the main door.Hold Pushpa at her waist and kissed her and asked ” Bur chodwana chahti ho? Do din pahle to chillakar sabko bulane wali thi.” Pushpa replied “Mujhe malum nahi tha ki aap itna payar karenge aur payar se chodenge.Gaon mein terah chauda saal ki ladki sa saadi kara dete hai.

Jab woh saural se wapas aate hai to bolti hai ki pura nanga karke, bahut joor se, kai bar, raat ko thokta hai.Agle din saas ko batane baad bhi thukai kaam nahi hota hai.Kyuki kabhi saas ka bhi wahi haal tha.”

We went to the bed room. Pushpa had already prepared the room by closing the windows. The light in the bedroom was off but the light of the dinning hall was ON giving sufficient light on the bed.I slept on the bed on my back and asked Pushpa to take out her clothes by standing near the bed. She obeyed like a good wife and took off her blouse & skirt. She was fully naked now.

Then she opened my paints and underware. Asked me to get up and removed my shirt and baniyan making me fully naked. I kissed on her lips & slept on my back again. Pushpa took my lund in her hand and started caressing. She took my balls in her hand and gave very soft massage.I took one chuchi of Pushpa and softly pressed. My lund became hard in no time.

I made Pushpa to bring her choot close to my mouth by sitting near my face, folding her legs at knee & spread it as she does during passing urine. She understood that I want to give her pleasue by licking and sucking her choot.Pushpa asked ” mera chut chatenge kya?”I hold her boobs and pressed very hard. she coperated by bringing her Bur near my mouth.

I left her chuchi and hold her chuttad with both hands and pulled her. Now I was able to lick her chikni chut. I pulled her further and put my tonge inside her chut.She immidiately spread her legs and positioned her choot, allowing my tonge to go deep inside her choot. I saw her eyes were closed. After some time Pushpa pulled her self back. I asked “kya hua?”

She said “Aur chut maat chuso. Mera nikal jayega. Mai lund ander lekar nikalwaungi” I allowed her to sleep by my side for sometime to control herself. I asked her ” accha laga” She said “Ha” I said ” aab kutia baan jao” Pushpa said ” aap bataiye kya karna hai kutia baanne ke liye” I told her ” Tum palat kar so jao, apna sar takiya par rakho aur apna sundar naram chuttad uppar uthao. Apna sarir ka wajan apne ghutnoo per rakho” As soon as pushpa did that I got at her back, put a condom on my lund, spread her legs and started aiming her choot with my lund. As it was first time for Pushpa, She guided my lund with her hand and positioned at the choot and said ” aab lund ander thelo, chut mei ghus jayega.” I hold her waist with both hands and pulled her back with a jerk. Pushpa said “Lund bur ke ander chala gaya.Aab kutta jaise thoko” Pushpa’s round, soft chuttad was touching my belly and thighs, giving me immense pleasure.She took her body weight on her hands and knees. I hold her chuchi with my hands and started pressing the chuchi and increased fucking speed. Pushpa said ” jor se bur ko chodo, Bur ka chinta maat karo” I fucked pushpa in that position for some more time. We reached climex.I took out my lund from Pushpa’s chut, kissed her soft chuttad and slept on the bed. I got up and went to the toilet to flush the condom and took bath. I came back to the bed room and found pushpa still lying on the bed. I asked her the reason for not getting up. She said ” ghutna (knee) aur jangh (thigh) mein dard ho raha hai, ye kutia saab, do tin kutta se ek saath kaise chudwa leti hai” I gave a massage on her thigh, knee and buttocks. Caressed her boobs, kissed her and made her forget the pain. Pushpa was right. She correctly observed me. At 10 pm I was wanted to fuck again.Pushpa came to bed room and sat on the bed near me.I asked her “gaon mein teerah chouda saal ki ladki ka saadi kar dete hai?” Pushpa said ” aur kya. Mere saath school mein thi Lakhmi, uska saadi pandra saal mein ho gaya tha.Panch mahina ke bad peet mein bachaa lekar gaon mein ayee. Mere ko boli uska pati usse to choda hi hai, uska dewar bhi usse chodta hai” I asked ” Kaise? who ghar mein kisiko kyu nahi boli?” Pushpa said ” jab saab khet mein kaam karne jaate hai to dewar kutch bahana banakar ghar aa jata hai.Khali ghar paarkar, pakad kar pyar se choddta hai, pati jaisa jor jor se nahi.

Dewar ko choodne dene se woh saath mila rahta hai, dukan se kutch lana hai, ya kise ke yaha shaam ko jana hai, ya ghar mein jhamela hone per saath deta hai. Aab Lakhmi ka baccha kiska hai, malum nahi”

Then Pushpa asked ” khali gaap marenge? Thokam thoki nahi hoga?” I said ” tumhara baat sunkar mera lund khada ho gaya hai, tumhara bur thokne ke liye” Before putting off the light, I took off my pyjama / baniyan and made pushpa naked.On bed pushpa said ” Mujhe khub payar kijiye, choot se pani nikal dijiye aur seedha sulkar thokiye. woh dusra tarika, kutia wala ya baithkar chodwane se maan nahi bharta hai” I did as Pushpa told me and when I inserted my lund in her cunt Pushpa said in low voice ” Kitna mota lund, dara singh ka lund hai kya? Nirod ke upar nariyal tel dalna tha” I replied ” jayda mota nahi hai, naye naye chodwa rahi ho isliye lund mota lag raha. baad mein jab chut bhosda go jayega to aur mota lund khojogi” Pushpa laughed and said ” sala, harami…..baat bandh kar aur jor se mera bur chod……chodchod kar bur ko bhosda bana de……tera lund ko arram hoga bur chode par……mai aapna tange uthati hu…. maar mera burko… tera lund ka bibi mera chut hai…..khub accha lag raha hai…

lund ka pani der se nikalna…..chod chutia chod…..mera chuhi chus….. chutad dono haath se daba sala…….aaj chut chodne ke baad sau rupaya de dena…. randi samaj kar…bur chod sala… bur chod…..” Pushpa was unstoppble in abusive language, which was giving me more power. keeping my stroke I said ” ek se bur chodwane se randi nahi hota re”

Pushpa said “par tu mujhe, randi samaj kar chod….mai teri randi…… jo chahe kar mere saath….. rupaya ke badle……. didi bhi avhi chodwa rahi hogi……. apne chut ke arram ke leye……dushra bacha hone leye…….” We came to climex thereafter. I put my entire weight on naked Pushpa and slept on her for sometime. Both of us were very tired. Day-7 I got ready and as was leaving for office I just softly pressed Pushpa’s chuchi. Pushpa said ” Lund nikal kar mere haath mein dijeye, hilakar maal nikal deti hu. Abhi aapko chodne ka time nahi hai” I unzipped, took my lund out. Pushpa took it in her hand and started jurking and said ” mera chuchi dabaiye, maal jaldi nikal jayega.” I started pressing her boobs and after sometime I ejaculated on pushpa’s hand.She looked at me smiled and gotup to clean her hands. Just then the door bell rang.I hurriedly zipped my pants and went to open the door. Pushpa’s father( my second father-in-law) was standing at the door.I opened the door and asked him to come inside and sit down. I went to call Pushpa.

She was cleaning off my spurm from her hands in the wash basin.I gave her the news of her father’s arrival. Pushpa’s father informed that her marriage has been fixed and they boy’s family wants the marriage within 7 days. The boy is from next village,a teacher in primary school. But Pushpa as usual refused to marry. There was heated exchanges between father and daughter.

Then her father requested me to talk to her, for agreeing to marriage, as it is very difficult to get such good boy. I asked him to come next day and assured him that Pushpa will definitely agree for marriage and go with him. After office, I went to market and purchased a good sari, blouse, pettycoat, bra, panty, ear rings, necklace, bangles etc for Pushpa and reached home. Pushpa was not in good mood. The parting was evident. Initially I did’t say anything.After taking bath I called Pushpa in the bedroom and asked her check the size of bra and panty. She took the bra and panty and started walking towards the bathroom.I hold her hand and asked her try it at the bed room itself, in front of me.She said ” you want me go and get married, and also want me to change naked in front of you?” I asked ” tumhe chodwane achha lagta hai?” Pushpa said “Aap se chodwane Bahut aacha lagta hai” I said “Aur kutch din ke baad ghar mein saab log aa jayenge, aur fir hum jab chahe tab nahi chod payenge. Tumhe aacha nahi lagega. Saddi kar lo. Tumhara pati tumhe jab- tab roj chodega. Aur fir woh mere jaisa nirodh lund pe lagakar nahi chodega, jabtak tum use ek baccha nahi dogi. Dekhna, bina nirodh lagakar chowane se kitna aacha lagta hai.”

Pushpa said ” Thik hai, Mai kal baba ke saath chale jawugi, aap ka baat maan lia, par aap ko mere baat bhi maana padega.” I said “what?” Pushpa said ” Aaj aap mujhe bahut baar chodeye, lund par bina nirodh lagakar” I said ” don’t do that. I love you and I want you to have your first baby with you husband. That will have wonderful bond between you and your husband” Pushpa didn’t say anything.

Pushpa put the new bra and panty in front of me. Now she was not shy at all to be naked in front of me. She came near the dressing table & looked at her.She said ” gaon mei to yeh saab koi nahi pahanta” I said ” Tum pahanna suru karo, saab aurat pahanna suru kakange. Aapna didi ko ek din pahankar dhikhana” I pulled her to the bed and pulled the panty down. Pushpa said ” meri chut chatoge? Ruko paair failati hu. Khub choso mere chut ko aur jab gila hoha to lund chut mei ghusedd dena” I took off my dress. Slept by her side. Kissed her and started pressing her chuchi.Pushpa said ” Chut chuso na, bahut chodwane ka maan kar raha hai. Chuchi tumhra hi hai,chodne ke time daba lena” Pushpa spread her leg.

I started licking her Chikni chut and then sucked it like there is no tomorrow. After sometime she said ” ghused do aapna mota lund mere boor mein.” I did the same as she said. Pushpa put her legs around my waist and said ” jor se chod mereko, maja aa raha hai. Lund ka maal jaldi maat girne dena.aab mera chuchi daba jor se. Uh..Uh.. Subhase boor chodwaneka maan kar raha tha. Aab boor ka khujli thik ho raha hai. Chod sala harami boor chod” Pushpa released before me. I took out my lund out of her chut and gave it in her hand and said ” mooth mar kar mera maal nikal do” Pushpa took out my simen in no time. It got spred on her belly.We kissed. Pushpa said ” Raat ko ek baar fir mereko chod lena. Sari jendagi mai tumhe yaad aungi aur mujhe bhi aap yaad ayenge” We finished dinner. Pushpa tookoff her clothes and came to me naked.I took her to bed and fucked her. Next day her father came and they left. After about one year I came to know that Pushpa has given birth to a girl child.

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Farmer’s Daughter – Pushpa

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