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Fleshy Cunt Of Girl

Hi I am Zavi. Her Name is Let me call her Maami as I have already told you I work in the media I meet a lot of girls this Maami joined as my assistant to describe her she was short fucking sexy ass and huge boobs sexy hips and thick lips big eyes long hair. It Started like this I was bossing her around from the day she joined and she also being new to the job didn’t mind me doing so I used to go behind her hold her hand while she was trying to find files on the computer not that she didn’t know but since it was a apple Mac it was new to her so I had to train her in using a Mac. While doing so I used to look at her cleavage which was like deep and tight.
As Days went by she got used to the job and started getting along well with me I too started liking her and when there was no work we used to chit chat and spend time my cabin was a private cabin no one from outside could see inside I used to touch her arms and jokingly pinch her cheeks which were like butter this went on for some time and then I started getting more aggressive in my approach I used to

Fleshy Cunt Of Girl
Fleshy Cunt Of Girl
 pull her towards me and pinch her and sometimes I used to slap her on her big ass she never used to mind it.
I have a Sofa in my cabin so we used to sit side by side and watch movies on the computer while doing so I used to fold my hands and sit close to her and with my hand i used to brush her arms and play with her salwar used to pull her closed and move mu hands closer to her hips and just keep it there she never rejected any of my moves this kind of play went on for few months and during these two months i reached to the point of feeling her boobs from the side but that was as much I could and she also allowed.

Then one day it was raining heavy and 80 percent of the staff didn’t turn up I was sitting all alone in my cabin and waiting for her then she came and wished me and that brought a smile in my face. She went got herself fresh and we started watching a movie to be very frank I don’t watch adult movies or movies with lots of hot scenes because I don’t believe in seducing a female like that I love to seduce her in my own way. As always while watching the movie I started my playing after some time she gave me a little space by slightly lifting her arm to allow my hand to reach her boobs.

This was it I started pushing her arm further up and started playing with her boobs over her salwar the situation was steaming my eyes started becoming red with excitement and she was breathing hard during all this we didn’t see each other’s faces it was just out hands or rather my hands then I put my hands over her shoulder and started feeling her ear lobes and slowly moved to her neck she was going mad but kept her cool then I put my hands inside her salwar from the top and felt her huge boobs she was so hot inside

I thought she had fever then she could not control any more she just turned around and looked at me i just planted a kiss on her huge lips and withdrew then she came closer and I again kissed her and licked her lips like I was licking her cunt lips we exchanged saliva and during which I was pumping her boobs took her hand and placed it on my cock and she for the first time felt my hard on and she gripped it like as she wanted it then and there. I put my hands inside her dress and felt her cunt over her panty she was wearing a silky panty and I could feel her wetness over her panty

Then She Adjusted her sitting position towards me so i she could spread her legs i pulled the string of her salwar and pulled it down along with her panty now she was sitting butt naked on the sofa I pulled her legs and made her lie down on the sofa lifted her salwar and smelt her cunt my god it was out of this world a virgin cunt she had slight hair and ISS Readers her cunt lips were so thick my entire hand could not cup her cunt it was so fleshy I went crazy I started licking her cunt from the top not entering her crack just the entire cunt area enjoying every moment of it then i put my hands inside her salwar and started feeling her huge boobs too

I then touched her g spot with my tong and my god she was oozing cunt juices in fact the sofa was getting slippery I was licking her fleshy cunt like a dog licking a juicy bone and my cock was jumping to come out i freed my zip and let out my cock and got off the sofa and sat down and gave my raw cock in her hands and she was shagging it for me I was just eating her cunt for about 15 minutes during which time she cum 4 times

I asked her can I enter her cunt to which she just nodded a yes I knelt down and turned her towards me and spread her legs I took my cock pulled back the skin and rubbed it up and down her cunt it was so slippery I could not control anymore and she was pushing her hips up as if she was begging me to fuck her put my cock inside her hot slippery fleshy cunt.

I took My time rubbing her cunt with my cock then I found the love hole and slowly entered her cunt I was surprised to find out that it was not so difficult to was tight but not tight like a virgin then I thought that my cock is not the first to fuck her cunt but who the fuck cares I have this cunt for mw now and that’s what matters I shoved my thick black long cock in her cunt and stared fucking her slowly with long strokes sometimes pulling my cock out fully and then re inserting it she was fucking enjoying it I pulled it out fully and pumped it in fully reaching her womb this went on for 10 min I was controlling my cum. then she said she is feeling tired but

I didn’t stop I kept fucking her and as I was fucking her I was also fingering her g spot this made her go fucking mad immediately she cum I could feel her hot cum over my cock and her cunt becoming wetter and more slippery this feeling made me mad and I could not control any more I told her I am going to cum she was begging me to cum because she could not take it anymore the pleasure was so much that she said pls stop I can’t take it any more I need a break pls shoot your water inside and hearing all this I just gave one huge thrust and touched her womb and shot my load inside.

We stayed in that position for some time and we were sweating so much we got up dressed up again and I went out for a smoke.

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