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How a family deals with a creepy son

She was still dressed in her work uniform, and she had come home from a long shift to find this!

Abram sat there, stunned. He hadn't expected his sister to be home this early, he thought he had a few extra minutes. But here she stood, cringing, glaring daggers at him.

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked again, her voice low with repulsion and disgust. "What on Earth are you doing sitting on my bedroom floor like...that?"

She couldn't bring herself to say the words, the image in front of her being too shocking and too distressing to verbalise. Abram sat there, his legs spread, a pair of Sally's silky red panties wrapped around his hard pencil dick and another pair, thick, blue, and with skidmarks inside wrapped around his head. The dark brown marks right over his nose. He was furiously wanking, until Sally entered and then he just looked like a rabbit caught in headlights.

"You're.... You're... WANKING? To my SKIDMARKS?!" She spat, crossing the room to tower over him. "You're a disgusting filthy creep, Abram!"

Sally was horrified, the idea that her creepy brother was jacking off in her panties was a sickening thought.

"You like skidmarks? You get hard sniffing panties?" Abram remained silent, his head lowered in embarrassment. He'd not meant to be caught. "You are going to be my toilet slave, perv."

Sally was deadly serious. "And you're going to eat and drink everything I give you, or I'm telling mum AND your girlfriend Sarah."                              
How a family deals with a creepy son
How a family deals with a creepy son

Abram kept his head down, but inside he was secretly pleased. He'd watched some porn about being used as a toilet slave – it was one of his favourite fantasies.

"And I need the toilet, now." Sally clicked her fingers, indicating the main door to her bedroom. "Crawl to the bathroom, perv boy."

Abram moved to take the panties off, but a tsk from Sally stopped him. "You can keep them on, like a sissy toilet perv."

Silently, slowly, Abram crept to the bathroom, the entire time Sally kicked him and insulted him.

"No better than a dog."

"Disgusting filth."


As Abram slipped into the bathroom, the cold tiles on his hands and knees, the older sister kicked him harder. "Lie down, on your back. Now!"

Sally moved over his face, lowering her panties. "Close your eyes and open your mouth, perv. I don't want you watching me!"

She pushed herself onto his face, her sweet cunt and pisshole over his mouth. "You may suck gently, to help me piss."

With mouth working like a personal cunt massager, Abram felt the first hot trickles of golden nectar seep into his mouth. His sister was pissing into his mouth! Each second and suck made the flow faster, warmer and more putrid.

"Hope you like it, perv." Sally smirked, pressing down a little harder, as a few drops ran from the corner of his mouth onto the floor. "I haven't had very much to drink today, so I bet it tastes nice and ripe for you."

She let out a sinister laugh, dark and dominant.

"Sally?" The voice came just as the door was pushed open. Susan stood there, in all her beauty, surveying the scene in front of her. "What are you doing!?"


Abram eyes flash open, but all he can see is the sweet pussy of his sister.

"Keep drinking, perv. I haven't finished." Sally scolds, and Abram blushes scarlet, but continues to gently massage the juice from his sister.

"Mum," Sally turned her head to look at the older woman who was leaning on the doorframe in shock. "He likes it. I caught him earlier sniffing my panties, and wanking in my bedroom.. He likes skidmarks, and piss-stained panties.. so I thought I'd let him taste the real thing. He's my toilet slave."

Their mother was silent, listening with a horrified look on her face.

"He wants to be treated like this. And he's always been creepy and disgusting – now we know why."

Susan had to admit her son was one of the creepiest people she'd ever met. Most of the time she denied she had a son.

"It's the best way to treat him.. and," Sally giggled, "there is no need to clean the toilet when we have Abram!"

"True..." Susan conceded, she was curious about this new development, and crept a little closer to see what was happening. "You really are disgusting. I wish you weren't my son."

"Did you want a go, Mum?" Sally asked, as she raised herself off Abram face a little. "Lick me clean."

As Abram licked the last remaining drops of piss off his sisters thick pussy lips, his mother nodded tentatively. "Show me what to do?"

Sally grinned, and moved to one side. "Just squat over his face and do whatever you want to do."

Susan squatted over his mouth, and looked down at him. "I can't believe you're this filthy. You disgust me. Eat my shit."

And with that, his own mother tensed, squeezing out a large lump of shit. The moist brown lumps falling into his open mouth.

"Chew." Sally commanded. "Savour the taste of shit, freak."

The two woman finished their business, and rose to their feet.

"You made a mess on the floor, filth." Sally spat. "Clean it with your tongue, now."

Abram began to lick the tiles of the bathroom floor, cleaning it of small pieces of shit and pools of piss. "When you're finished, you can go to your room." Susan finished. "Come on Sally, we're going out for a meal."


Steve, Susan's partner let himself into the house. It had been a few days since the first toilet incident and Abram was laying on his bed, half asleep.

The door flew open, and clattered against the wall. Steve was a large man, muscular and it was well known that he hated Abram with a passion. He loved Sally, and even Sarah was more of a daughter to him, but Abram was just a nuisance to him.

"Bathroom, slut!" He snapped, using the line Sally and Susan had been using to train Abram. Whenever they said that, he knew he was to crawl into the bathroom without question, lay down on the floor and close his eyes, say "Please, use my mouth for your waste. Let me eat your shit and drink you piss. I'm a filthy, dirty toilet slave and I love it."

Abram automatically moved to the bathroom, afraid of what might happen if he didn't. But at the door to the tiny bathroom he paused and looked back at Steve. Steve took the moment of hesitation to kick him.

"Get in the bathroom, pig." He growled, as Abram scrambled the final couple of metres and repeated his mantra. He couldn't believe that his mother had told Steve, and he hadn't noticed his mother already standing in the bathroom, watching.

"I hate you." Steve spat, globules of spit landing on Abram's face and neck. "Take my piss. And open your eyes.. see a real mans cock."

Abram was shocked, his flaccid cock was huge, thick and meaty. It was no wonder that his mother was often heard to scream with pleasure in the late hours of the evening.

Steve didn't start slowly. His powerful stream floods the young man's face, spilling onto his face and neck as he struggled to swallow everything like he was supposed to.

"Dirty, disgusting, creep!" The liquid continued to flow and Abram coughed and spluttered against the torrent.

Susan's laugh broke through the room, and Abram cringed, realising his mother could see him struggling.

"I think I'm going to see your Sarah." She tells him, looking down with disgust.

Steve laughed, knowing that Sarah would not be impressed with this new information. "Lick up what you missed." He spat, as he rose to his feet.

Abram rolled over, and began to lap at the floor again as the couple left the room.


Sarah appeared at the house, and Abram answered the door. He was concerned, his mothers threat still ringing in his ears.

"You're disgusting." She scowled. "And to think you seemed normal when we met! You're horrible. I hope I never see you again."

She disappeared into the kitchen to see Sally, who had become a close friend, and found her with Susan and Steve.

"That piece of shit..." Sarah growled. "The world would be better off without creeps like him."

"I was thinking the same." Sally agreed.

Susan looked at Steve, they both knew that something had to be done. It was becoming obvious that everyone would be happier if Abram was gone for good.

"I'll sort it," Susan told the two younger girls. "I brought him into this world.. I'll take him out."

Later that day, Susan and Steve were in their bedroom, the house echoed with screams and grunts of pleasure as Steve's long thick cock pounded into her pussy.

She screamed in ecstasy as she came again and again. "Come lick my cock, bitch." Steve snarled, and from the corner of the room came a naked Abram. He'd been watching, as he had been told to, but at the barked order, he shook his head. He couldn't taste his mothers boyfriends cock!

Steve crossed the room in seconds, and forced the young man to his knees before thrusting the thick cock in and out of Abram mouth for a second.

"Just for that, you can clean my cum from your mothers pussy when I'm finished banging her." He growled, while his mother giggled like a school girl.

"Better come fuck me then, Baby!" Susan purred, opening her legs to display her swollen pulsing clit and dripping cunt lips.

Steve grinned, and mounted her again. Pounding away until finally he squirted his juice deep inside her. Thick creamy globules of cum layer his woman's cunt and for a second the pair just lay together, basking in the glow of orgasm.

"Right." Susan stated, in a very matter of fact way. "You can clean me now. Bathroom, slut!"

This had become routine for Abram, and he well knew the taste of the man's cum mixed with his mothers juice. As his mother lowered her pussy and pisshole into his mouth, Abram began to lap at the folds, removing all trace of the sexual acts.

Golden nectar trailed into his mouth and he gulped it down, mouthful after mouthful he swallowed.

The phone rang and Susan answered it, completely ignoring Abram who was, in her eyes, just a toilet. She sat down, relaxing as she spoke to her friend, but Abram whimpered into her folds, he couldn't breathe.

He struggled beneath her, but Susan barely noticed as she continued to speak to her friend.

"Oh yes, Steve and I are great! I'm so glad we met!"

Abram gasped, sucking her pussy into his mouth in a vain attempt to gain much needed oxygen.

"How're you and Danny?"

Abram began to turn blue around his lips, his fingers twitched uncontrollably.

"Oh, that's great! I'm so pleased for you! I've always wanted a baby boy! We'll have to have a baby shower for you!"

Abram stopped moving, his mothers liquid just leaked into his lifeless mouth and down his throat.

"MUM!" Sally's voice broke into the phone conversation. "I need to go really bad!"

"I'll speak to you later, love." Susan said into the phone. "My daughter needs me a second."

As she hung up, Sally came bursting through the door.

"Alright dear, alright!" Susan laughed, getting up. "Abram, stay."

"Uhm..." Sally looked over at Abram. "I don't think he's going to be moving Mum..."

The older woman looked over at the body of her son, and realised what had happened. "Oh, I must have stopped him breathing while on the phone!"

"I don't care what happened, I'm still pissing on him. I need to go!"

As Sally emptied her gushing bladder over his body, Susan pondered the events.

"It saves me a job, I suppose, I was going to poison him.. but this is just as good, and rather fitting."


Steve dug a shallow grave at the bottom of the garden, and dumped the body into it. Unmarked and unrefined, the body was just covered up.

It only took a couple of days for the family to forget Abram even existed, Susan was the most happy as she realised she could now honestly say she had no son. Everyone moved on without a second thought for the broken ‘toilet' buried at the bottom of the garden.

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