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How I Fucked My Sexy brother in law

 While massaging i was feeling very good and enjoying i slowly and slowly took my hands above her knees and just below her pussy she was also feeling hot i could know it by her gestures.
She was wearing her nightie i took the oil and started to massage her legs and i went near to her knees and said sister in law i had to take your nightie up for massage. She said ok and in a second a took her nightie above her underwear and to this she didn’t said me anything so i got some courage and i slowly pulled her panty down and
As i said this she stood up and pulled me towards her and started to kiss me all over my body and said i love you sandy and to this i said i love u to and. Soon we were doing French kiss our saliva’s were being exchanged between us and then i broke the kiss by taking her nightie off and she wasn’t wearing any bra and was looking like any sex goddess oh i forgot you to tell about her , her height is 5″8 and her assets are 36 28 30 i was smooching her and kissing her and my finger was in her pussy and i was finger fucking her and she was moaning very loud and shouting like mad fuck me sandy today this is all yours and by these all noises i was also getting mad and then she separated me and bend over her knees and pulled my pyjama down and saw my 7″ cock which was dying to come out and then she pulled down my undies in a second and saw my cock and said that this is even bigger than your brother.

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