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I got shocked with my Girlfriend

I was in Xll standard, was good in Studies, never had any girlfriend one fine day, there was announcement in College that if anybody wants to participate in Cricket Team they can fill the Necessary Form. I thought to join and filled the form, and joined the College Cricket team.

After 3 months there was a inter college competition of cricket, in which I was one of the Player who got Selected as a Batsman/Fielder, It was a twenty over match, and I was the opening Batsman, I scored 32 runs in 27 Balls with 3 fours. And our final score was 94, and we won the match because of tight fielding and good bowling. I was declared Man of the Match.

After the match I became famous in College, and got many offer from girls to be their BF, but I was not interested in them, I was looking for a girl who was in my class, Her Name was Priyanka Mehta (Real Name) I always use to stare at her, but she never responded me. I thought she is not interested in me. After few days, I didn’t go to College due to family functions
 I got shocked with my Girlfriend
 I got shocked with my Girlfriend

When I reached college my friends told me that Priyanka was asking for me and she wanted to speak with me, I thought it’s my Pleasure to meet her and talk to her First time. I met her in college lobby, She told me that she is weak in Hindi, and need some Help, as she knows that I got 84 marks in Hindi in Xl Standard, I readily accepted, and told that when and where can I teach her, She told me that I can come to her

Home every day by 2 pm till 4 pm and teach her, as our college was in Morning. I readily said her yes. First day when I reached her home, she was not there, her mother told that she went to bring medicine and will be back within few minutes and she gave me snacks and water. After few minutes she came and told sorry because she was not there,

She told me that her uncle is not keeping well, and her mother is going hospital to meet him and to give medicine which she has brought. After few minutes her mother went. We were alone in her house. She asked me to teach Hindi, I told her that lets talk today, and I will teach you some other day, which she agreed.

After some casual talking, I started staring her, which she came to know and asked me that what I am looking, I told her that you extremely nice Girl, your eyes are like ocean, I would love to Swim in it, and started seducing her. After Some time even she got aroused and she told to play truth and dare, which I agreed.

It was my turn first, she asked me truth or dare, I told dare, Then she told that can you open your shirt in front of me, first I was confused but as it was question of dare, I opened my shirt and told her that I can do anything, then It was her turn I asked for truth or dare, she told truth, then I asked her did you proposed anyone before in her life, which she readily said "No

I asked her do you want to propose anybody, she didn’t answered, I told her that you can't say truth, and then she told that actually I like someone. I ask her who is he, which she told that I will tell you later, I said Ok then it was my turn, she asked me truth or dare, I again said dare, now she told that can yoy open your shitr and pant in front of me, I got shocked but again It was quetion of my daring,

I opened my shirt and pants I was lust in her eyes, she becomes shy and told me that I'm very daring person, then I ask her that she wants to play more then she told "No", then I ask her whether she wants to see me full naked, she didn’t say anything, then I told her that if you have a daring then open your T-Shirt, after thinking for couple of seconds, she opened her T-Shirt, then

I told her that you cannot dare to open her jeans and she told that she can do anything, then I told her to go ahead and open your Jeans, She started unbuttoning her jeans, Now she was in bra and panty and I was in full naked in front of her.

Now let me describe her, she was of 19 at that time (Story is of 2001), sexy, nice figure of 36 28 36 nice shaped and big breast, and nice face just like Aishwarya Rai. She was a stunning beauty and almost all our college boys have proposed her atleast once, Well come back to story, It was a dream come true to me, she came near me and told me "I Love You".

I couldn’t believe myself that a sexy godesss has proposed me, I hugged her tightly, and kissed her Passionately on her every part of body, She become hot, and I unbuttoned her bra and starter her boobs, she was screaming and making Um Um Ah!! Noice, I took her to bedroom, and Started pressing her boobs and opened her panty, and put my hand on her virgin pussy, she was damn hot, she made me mad,

She took hold my 7'' cock and started rubbing it. I was in 7 heavens it was a great pleasure which I cannot narrate you. She was kissing me like a mad cat. She took my cock in her mouth and gave a nice blowjob, I was feeling and touching her buttock and pressing her boobs, Then I asked her that from when she love me, she told me that when I was playing cricket, from that day on wards she found me a great opening Batsman and from that day on wards she wanted to open her account by getting a nice fuck by me, I was shocked by hearing this.

It gave me more courage and confident and I just took my cock in hand and guided to her virgin pussy, I was not able to insert it, as her pussy was tight, I tried twice and thrice and then I gave a master stroke and and opened the account and my full cock entered her virgin pussy and shouted loudly in pain aahhhh I'm dead aahhhh leave me. No!

Then I started fucking her slowly and now she was shouting in pain and pleasure. I increased my speed, and after 5 to 7 minutes, I cum in her tight pussy, there was blood around everywhere, as it was her first time, she was completely lost, and started kissing me like a mad animal, I got an erection within no time, and again I gave a nice fuck which continued for 15 minutes, this time we both cum at same time.

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