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Leah’s cheeks swelled out of white lacy underwear

“Doesn’t she have nice breasts?” Leah said to Ray. He nodded.
“Turn around,” Ray told me. I did. “What part of your body do men like most?”
“My legs, ” I replied. Should I add something more? I fumbled for words. “They look good in short skirts.” Fuck, why did I say that? Everyone laughed.
“Do you like girls?” Ray asked.
“Don’t ask her that!” Leah giggled. “Sarah, you don’t have to answer.”

Leah’s cheeks swelled out of white lacy underwear
Leah’s cheeks swelled out of white lacy underwear
 “Maybe,” I said, thinking, yeah, I love girls, but there’s no way I’m gonna tell you about it right now.
“Can I show you something?” Ray asked me. “Look at this.” He lifted Leah’s skirt. She turned around and bent forward, and he pointed to her rear. “Now isn’t that something? Isn’t that great?”
Was he joking? It was, for the record, a great ass. Leah’s cheeks swelled out of white lacy underwear, her flesh smooth and plum-round.
“That’s my favorite tush in the business,” Ray said. With her back arched and head held high, Leah looked like a peacock displaying her feathers. They had performed this routine before; she was his star.
“Okay, you can put your clothes back on,” Ray told me. “But only if you want to.”
Apparently, I had passed the first test.
When I was in the third grade, I discovered Penthouse. I was with my friend Ariella in her brother’s tree house, and we found his stash. Giddy and flushed, we pored over each magazine, carefully inspecting the curves and body hair we hadn’t yet developed. There was one picture I lingered over: a woman lay on a massive white bed, surrounded by silk sheets and fluffy white pillows. Her legs were spread toward the camera and she was holding her pussy lips open. This was my introduction to sex work. It was also the first time I was attracted to a woman. It didn’t occur to me that the woman was being objectified or degraded. To me, she was S – E – X.
For years, I imagined being that woman, baring myself in front of a camera, turning people on with my body. She was the center of attention, the focus of everyone’s desire. To me, the woman was powerful.
After I dressed I went to the front room, where Leah gave me an application to fill out. There was a section for measurements. Next to “cup size” were two choices: real or implants. I checked “real.” On the following sheet I listed my turn-ons (tattoos, piercings, massages and good food) and turn-offs (egregious amounts of body hair and poor personal hygiene). I didn’t want to sound prissy, silly or smart. I just wanted to seem unobjectionable. I gave the completed forms to Ray, sat down and asked for a beer. I figured it would impress them if I hung around.
Throughout the night calls came in, which Ray and Leah answered. At some point, someone called a delivery service and ordered pot. Someone switched the CD, someone else vetoed Justin Timberlake.

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