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Loosing My Virginity -English Story

Sender: Ria

This is Ria married 26 years old with a 4 years old daughter. Actually I lost my virginity because of my best friend Deepa and that too to her lover.
Her name was Deepa we were like twins. Our family too knew each other. We were friends right from LKG and still we are great friends. Just telling you part of my life which started because of Deepa.
Sex was nothing new for me actually by the age of 13 we were well aversed with sex. This happened when were almost 15 years old. I and Deepa shared each and everything but one day she was late as we were going to meet someone and she was hiding something which never happened. I asked her what happened to which she denied telling me. I was angry with her and then as teens giving all promises she told me she is having sex with her tution teacher. She was very poor in Maths. I knew her tution teacher Dinkar who was married guy 32-34 years old and I couldn’t believe it. 1
We had our argument and she told she will prove it to me. It was her birthday and I was at her house. Her parents were not there. Dinkar came and seeing me he was normal. Deepa said to him something. He looked at me and knowing that I was going to watch in front of me, he removed her gown and threw in the corner. She was standing just in her bra and panty. Dinkar started kissing her all over like a mad dog with his tongue making her body wet with his saliva and squeezing her soft flesh hard making red impression here and there. She was also reciprocating in a very competitive manner and sucking his lips and cheeks and even grabbing his bums hard. Deepa unbuttoned his shirt and grabbed it out of his body and she started to undo the buckle of his pants unzipped it and started to pull it down.
She was looking a little violent in her approach. He helped her and his pants are now removed and thrown away now he is standing only in his under wear. She was on her knees he put his hand behind her head and pressed her face over his underwear almost suffocating her, when he loosened the grip a little she forced her head back a little.( english sex stories onlineShe grabbed his cock between her teeth over his under wear. She has inserted both her hands behind under his underwear and squeezing his ass very hard she was teasing him by scratching the cleft of his ass by her finger nails and the way she was squeezing his butts seems like she has even inserted her finger or fingers in his asshole.
She was also continuing with her chewing of his cock over his underwear. He lowered himself down and unsnapped her bra and removed it. She broke her nibbling over his cock looked at him and in one swift motion brought down his underwear he lifted his each leg to completely remove his under wear.
Now his naked cock was knocking at her luscious lips and I was mad seeing a huge cock in front of me. I didn’t know what happened I was going mad sitting and seeing the stuff.
“Wah ssali Deepa tune mujhe bahut mazza diya aaj to main bhi tujhe aisa hi mazza doonga.” “Ahhhhhhhh saali kya jawani hai teri Deepa.Maaza aayega tujhe tere dost ke samne chodne jaan, badi katil jawani hai teri” She kept on sucking him for 2-3 min and the way she was using her hands over his ass asshole and his balls it was too much for him and he grabbed her head with hands and with volcanic jerks came in her mouth. She started to remove her mouth but her head was strongly held steady by him and he made sure that not a drop of his sticky cum is wasted outside.
She has to gobble down all his sperm. When he was assured that his cum is all inside her mouth he made her stand and grabbed her body and kissed her full and inserted his tongue in her mouth. Their French kissing was going for long and I was sure that they wanted to finish every drop of the cum before starting another action.
Dinkar was totally naked, his body was looking truly impressive, this tremendous structure at this age and with a cock like this he can get as many women as he likes but Deepa has dried his cock no one can believe if they don’t see this.
Deepa was standing in his embrace only in her panties her firm round boobs were being mauled by Dinkar and they were kissing passionately and their hands were roaming over each other’s bodies. Dinkar’s cock was beginning to grow again and soon it was solid hard and knocking on the panties right over her pussy. He made her lie down on the bed.
“Happy birthday Deepa I am going to fuck you today and on your every birthday sweetheart”
Dinkar pulled down her panties and said “Taang chaudi kar” She obediently spread her legs wide. Dinkar knelt down between her legs and placed his tongue on the opening. She jerked by the sudden unexpected assault by tongue and looked questioningly at him.
“Bus let kar mazza le aur apne dost ko dekhe maza ane de, tune mujhe zitna mazza diya hai usse double mazza doonga.” He again started licking her pussy lips also using his fingers to spread her wet lips, her clean wet lips. Her arousal was beyond control and her state was evident that she is getting her cunt sucked really good. He was expertly using his tongue like a dog and she was surely a bitch in heat. “Ohh Dinkar aaahhhhh”.
She shrieked aloud and put her both hands over his head. She was thumping her ass upward to let his tongue a deeper access of her cunt. He has made his fingers wet with her cunt juices and inserted his finger in her ass. “ohh Dinkar ohh plz do it fast aahhrgggg ohhh.”
Dinkar took a break“ bolo jaan kaisa lag raha hai?”
“bahut achcha”
He kept on sucking and finger fucking her for 5-10 min continuously.
Dinkar has left licking her pussy and came adjacent to her and both were lying lovingly in each others arms.
They were talking about all the sex they had before teasing on another and then the main thing Dinkar got up and pulled her telling her
“Chal kutiya ban ja jaldi.” She immediately got on all four.
“Wah kya gaand hai. He slapped lightly at her bums and looked at me and winked. With his fingers still wet he inserted one in her ass hole lubricating the hole. She turned her head looking at him.
He spread her legs a little wide and spread her bum cheeks and put his tongue right on her asshole. Her whole body jolted with this. Dinkar inserted his tongue in her asshole a bit more and started the cleaning process and simultaneously his fingers were busy in roaming around inside her lovely pussy. He was living up to his promise to give her full mazza. After doing this all for a while Dinkar stopped slapped her ass a little harder and asked, “kaisa laga?” Your are reading this story on
“Bahut achcha Dinkar aab daal do jaldi please.” Dinkar slapped her ass harder and said, “Ab tu izzat mein baat karna chod aur apni randi bhasha mein baat kar tabhi chodunga tujhe.”
He slapped few more and last one was so tight smack that a cry came aloud of her mouth.“Teri gaand to laal ho gayi Deepa jaan.”
“please Dinkar apna lund daal do please chodo mujhe jaldi.” She was a bitch in heat craving for a cock only cock rock hard and Dinkar has got one.
It was enough for Dinkar and in her doggy pose he pushed his rock hard dick inside her slippery cunt which was already dripping.
“ohh yes Dinkar fuck me hard zor se please.”
“Le saali raand ma ke peeched apne teacher se chudwati hai saali le pura le.” He stared fucking her furiously also slapping her ass and pinching her boobs She was getting it all the long hard cock of Dinkar must be reaching the depth where no one else have gone so far thumping her ass backwards to meet the thrusts of this lucky bastard. The thumping sound of their fucking was so loud and clear I was going mad.
They kept on fucking for another 10-15 min and soon both were reaching the climax of their life their speed increased, their panting got louder and they both were crying aloud
“Thump thump Thump thump”
“oohh yes Dinkar you are my darling yessss.”
Dinkar grunted like hell as he mauled her body telling “Ahhhhh saaallllliiiii rrraannnddddiii cchhhhhhhhuuuuutttttt, leeeeeeee tera happppyyy birthdayyy ka chudaiiii ka paaaaannnniiiiiii.Uuuffffffffff saali kya accha lag raha hai teri chut mai zadnnnnneeeeeeeee pura mazza le aahhh ahhhh ahhhhhh le saali.”
“aahhhharrgghhhhh oohhhhh ooffffffffffahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”
I was seeing this hot fucking scene and too be frank I was already wet like hell. I was not able to bear. Both Dinkar and Deepa went inside the bathroom. I didn’t know what to do. I thought of going home and just went near the bathroom the door was open I just peeped inside to which I couldn’t believe that Deepa was on her knees and she was sucking Dinkar again. I was teenage girl at that time and my excitement was building up like anything.
Dinkar looked at me and said what do I want. I told that I am going home, he stretched his hand telling me to come in and told tell your friend she is busy as she is really busy. I just came near to which his hands came on my hips and Deepa was just sucking “hmmm himmm hmmmm” as Dinkar said to her that Ria wants to go home.
I was breathing heavily feeling Dinkar’s naked body against mine and now his hands pulled me more closer to me pressing my small breast on his body from the right side. He was telling how can I leave on my best friend’s birthday and telling that his hands entered inside my skirt pressing my bare ass.
I was in no mood what to do and what not to do. I could smell the musky smell of his cock and I was stand still reluctant to leave and to stop from what he was doing. I didn’t knew when my skirt came down on the wet bathroom floor, but before I could catch the same Dinkar pulled me towards and I had my first kiss. “hmm I didn’t knew it smelled I knew it belongs to their fuck juices but he had his lips latched on to my lower lips I went mad and froze. I could feel my panties coming down and it was my best friend Deepa pulling down my panties.
I went mad as she kissed my cunt and I couldn’t believe Deepa could do that. One lip of my friend was in my cunt and the other lips of Dinkar was sealed on my lips. I was double triple wet.
Deepa too came up and she too joined kissing and I could feel two tongues trying to enter my mouth and I was going mad. My top was removed and I too became nude. Deepa was kissing me everywhere and Dinkar went behind me kissing my neck giving me small bites I could feel his hard dick rubbing between my ass cheeks and his finger went inside my cunt and it was first time a finger went in my cunt. I had masturbated many times but a guy’s finger in my cunt was really different.
Dinkar pulled Deepa and I was between and told me “Deepa ko kiss kar, aj uska birthday hai”. Deepa was coming near to my lips and Dinkar was pushing my neck with his head and our lips were together, we just brought our lips together and then Deepa was irresistible I opened my mouth and as our lips met we were passionate about our kissing as Dinkar left us both and he came behind me kissing my neck pressing her breast. Dinkar took us to the bedroom and making us sit and it was my time as he Dinkar grabbed my hair shoving his cock in my mouth and telling, “Look Ria Learn something to be in the real world, you saw your friend how she loves sucking a real cock and now you show me how much you love”.
I was in a shock. I had never seen a cock so near. Dinkar was fondling my tits pressing my breast as I started sucking the musky wonderful cock of his. Dinkar made me and Deepa in a 69 way with Deepa on top of me. Dinkar came near to me and started sucking Deepa’s cunt along with me. Both our tongues were licking her pussy. He whispered in my ears telling me, “you are just wonderful like your friend” and kissed me. Your are reading this story on
He finger fucked her ass and then tongue fucked her ass then he went back and I could feel two tongues in my cunt and my ass too was entered with whose finger don’t know. Deepa got up and I could see know Dinkar right between my legs he was ready to give my first real cock fuck.
He put his hands on my knees and pushed them apart. Then he shuffled forward. Leaning over, he took his cock in his hand and nuzzled it into my pubic hair, seeking entrance. I saw the tip of his weapon lock into position, then he pushed. It slid slowly inside my cunt like a spear. I didn’t knew the magic of cock in a cunt could be so painful and yet so wonderful. I don’t what was happening I just felt that his cock should be in my cunt for ever. He remained poised over me, his cock firmly embedded.
“Ahhhhh Riiiiiaaaaaa,” looking at me he said. “You are so hoootttttttt”
“Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh”, I could just moan feeling his cock deep in my cunt, warily looking at him, as Dinkar prick stuck deep in my cunt. Dinkar removed his whole cock outside fully and started to hit his cock in my cunt and again with one shove he again pushed his dick-head in. “aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiuunnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhh”, I moaned feeling the pleasure of my cunt being stretched by his cock. “Bahut tight hai teri chhoot, tere ko chodne mein bahut maja aye “, Dinkar began moving his prick in and out of my cunt. I was mad and started lifting my buttocks to meet his powerful thrusts. “Riaaaaa you are fuckiiinggg gooooddddd”.
His hips began to rise and fall. His cock slid quickly in and out of my cunt, pulling my labia back and forth. Dinkar growled quietly as he fucked me.
My body rocked back and forth in time with his thrusts. My head came up and looked down over my stomach, the sight of that thick cock stuck into me like a anchor. Could see my breasts wobbled and shook with Dinkar’s impacts. Your are reading this story on
I climaxed with a loud shout “Hhaaiiiii uuunngggghhhh”. My legs wrapped around Dinkar’s body and pulled him. “Aaaah!” She cried, gripping him tightly. “Ooooh! Ooooh!” Dinkar slowed and stopped. “Nikal gaiye tere pani Kaisa laga, Maazzaa aayyaa lets do different thing,” he said. He pulled his wet slippery cock out of her and stood up. “Come Ria” he said, offering his hand. I took it and got up from the bed and I could feel my cunt filled with cream. He turned into doggy position then gently pushed me down, squashing my breasts onto the bed. I was just going to do everything he said.
He took up position behind and wiped his cock, up and down my backside. As he did this, he used his thighs to spread my legs wider apart. He bent his cock down and probed, pushing my cunt lips open, and sought out my clit with his fingers. Dinkar’s hand went back to his cock. He got it in just the right place, and then took hold of her hips. He eased himself forward and his cock pressed into me. I waited for the penetration. There was a moment’s resistance, his big cock bent slightly, then the bulbous head popped in and the rest of his thick shaft followed. He grunted as he slid in, and my eyes half closed, gasped as I felt his full length sliding into her.
“Ees feel good?” Dinkar enquired as he took his first full-length thrust. “Ees nice?” His shaft slid in and out of my cunt back and forth. “Ees good?” he repeated, slamming his hips into my ass. I moaned as he fucked me slowly. “Yes” he laughed “Ees good, eh Ria? And it get better, like these!”
He started fucking me real good and I was in a different world come back down there as I felt a smack of his slap on my buttocks and then he could massage the same and then again.
“Deepa,” he said turning to my best friend. “You like watching your best getting fucked, I think, now you watch good, I fill her pussy with my cock jucies.” Your are reading this story on
He increased his pace, thumping into my backside, making the globes of my ass wobble with the impacts. He started fucking me fast bang bang kept on going I had already cum yet again with the speed he was going on and I could hear a grunt from Dinkar who gave a shout and I could sense his cock grew hard bigger. “Aah, aah, aah!” he cried out as his hot sperm gushed deeply into me. He continued to fuck me and I could feel the hot sperms spouting inside and I was maddening like hell. Dinkar patted my backside gently and withdrew. “Ria,” he said, “I love you both great fuck, really tight, really hot”
Well after that there were many times that we had many of session till we finished our 12th std with Dinkar and he was really good. I am saying that because when I was in college FYBcom I did had two affairs which ended with sex that was really bad.
Those guys might have satisfied but not me.
Now I am married with kids and no bad things but yes I do remember those times and enjoy my fantasies.

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Loosing My Virginity -English Story

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