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Making and breaking of a cuckold - 18 Sir Max rules

I handed around the drinks and snacks then knelt at the foot of the recliners awaiting instructions. They were all engrossed in conversation. Then Max turned to me;
"So cuckold, I hear that you've been permitted to cum again under Sheridan's feet".
"Yes Sir, I was very privileged".
"The next time you cum cucky, you'll have to earn it. And you'll have to beg for it in front of all three of us and we will make a joint decision. Two thumbs up means you cum, two down means you go back into your chastity tube for one month. Seem fair to you?"
"Yes Sir. Whatever you say Sir".
Sheridan spoke, "What have you done to him recently Max, cucky is positively grovelling and snivelling to you, much more than a few days ago".
"We had a ‘discussion' once cucky was released from his tube Sheridan. Now that I'm living here I thought he should understand my Rules. He met me inside the front door as usual and I explained to him how I had ruined the balls and lives of other cuckolds in my service for not following my orders to the letter".                                                              
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 18 Sir Max rules
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 18 Sir Max rules

       "Wow, you've ruined guys Max. That's awesome, I'd love to do that one day. Tell me more. How do you do it, like cut their balls off or something?"

"No Sheridan, I can ruin a cuckold's life with my kicking foot. Ruptured testicles cause massive bruising and swelling in their scrotum and the pain is overwhelming. They either learn to obey me or I just keep working on them day after day until there's eventually just skin between their legs. The balls shrink to nothing. Trust me, it's not pretty, but it's pretty effective in squashing resistance".

"That must be agonizing for the cuckolds. Surely they try to fight back in some way".

"Can you imagine cucky fighting back Sheridan? That's laughable. Admittedly, not all of the males I've gelded are as weak and pathetic as him but with all my training and MMA experience I can render a male helpless in a heartbeat. I can use a simple pressure point or disable them with a ballbust as you've seen. Then I can work on them at my leisure, like a cat playing with a mouse, and can hurt or humiliate them as much as I wish, which is usually heaps of both haha".

"Once again, I'd love to see you do that one day Max".

"You're quite the little sadist Sheridan, aren't you? Well, so am I. I get a rush out of inflicting pain on lesser mortals like cucky and an even bigger rush out of seeing them humiliate themselves before me. There's nothing like having a straight male licking your feet begging for mercy, knowing they hate themselves for their weakness, and knowing they hate me for doing it to them but they can't resist cause I've neutered them. And, anyway, I don't do mercy, I do suffering".

"You're making me wet between the legs with all this talk Max. I might have to borrow cucky's tongue again".

"That won't be necessary. Let's lock the faggot in the garage and chain him to the pole by his balls while the three of us have an afternoon delight. He can stay there for the night cause I want us all to go out to dinner to celebrate my moving in here".

I spent the next several hours chained in the garage, humiliatingly having to use a bucket as a toilet and without food or drink. Morning came and I heard the door being unlocked. It was Max.

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