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My Bengali Maid

It is not a story. It happened with me in real life. I happily screwed this 34C-28-34 maid for over two years, trimmed her pussy hair, showed her xxx pics, fucked her while both enjoying a x-rated video, screwed her in so many different positions that I could never try with my wife.

But it all started very naturally and slowly. Unlike our other writers, it took many weeks to progress even slightly. So please be patient when reading the story.

All this happened some 15 years ago. I was a 5’9″ tall, athletically bodied manager in a software firm. We were happily settled couple in our late thirties residing in this 2BHK apartment in Noida area. My wife was not working anymore. India was seeing the economic upturn. Computer technology had just seen Windows-95. Net surfing was slow.

Mobile phones were rare. My wife will attend kitty parties on weekends or go out for her facials, personal care etc. Our previous maid left so we hired a new maid for house hold work. She was 5’2″ or so, non-descript, except that she was slightly fair in complexion. She was a wife and a mother, must be in her early thirties.

She will come twice during the day, morning and evening, to carry out household chores. She said she was from West Bengal, but I suspect she was a Bangladeshi. She seemed to be from a rural background, she did not wear bra and her blouse was ill-fitting. Unlike local maids, she did not do any eyebrows, not that she needed one.

I did not pay much attention to her for many weeks. Still, I knew she did not wear any panties; her sari will fold into her ass cheeks whenever she will get up from a crouching position. It is quite common in this part of country, most sari clad maids don’t wear panties, and it is easy to piss whenever you find a secluded corner.

In those days we had only one air conditioner at home and power outage was frequent. I used to get itchy in my underwear. To avoid public scratching I did not wear underwear at home, especially from 9pm to next morning. That possibly got her attention. I used to slouch on the sofa in the morning, reading newspaper over a cup of tea, while she wipe-cleaned the room.

My shorts were generously wide and at times my semi erect (morning time) rod will show its head to her. I did not know it till one day I noticed that she was taking extra time to clean the floor near me. I quietly glanced at her from behind the newspaper, only to realise that she was admiring my thick shaft. I also noticed that she was not so ordinary.

She had a fabulous pair of boobs that were showing through her blouse. I quickly got behind the newspaper again as my shaft had started growing at a rapid pace. For next several weeks this process continued. On the occasions when my wife was sleeping or had gone out for morning walk, I will laze around on sofa, giving her ample opportunity to look at my penis, mostly erect due to her attention. But our eyes never met.

She was not aware that she was being watched. I also started looking at her with interest. I noticed that her boobs were quite upright, at times jutting out of her body. Her belly was almost flat, may be because she will do lot of bending and crouching. She had a good skin, quite a smooth one for her class. She did not have hair on arms and lower legs.

In short, she had many features that married women toil hard to get. But the best part was her butts, they were perfectly round and protruding from her behind. She was able to avoid undue attention only because she wore a worn out sari with faded blouse, slightly torn from under-arms, and she had an ordinary face.

I never thought of fucking her or anything. I never thought I will even touch her. She was not my class. But I liked the idea of seducing her silently. So I let her eye my rod, even my balls from close quarters. I used to collect xxx-pictures from a Japanese porn site on my PC. I will save a copy in a hidden folder. I will see the photos when my wife was not around, mostly on my weekends.

I made that file as my screen saver on those days so that my right hand is free to fondle my dick while I watch the pics. One day, I had to rush to toilet to relieve in a hurry. When I returned, I found Mala darting out of the room, blushing profusely. I was dumb stuck. I was worried that she will tell this to my wife.

I had no intention of getting into a marital discord over xx-pics (xxx-pics were quite a taboo for my wife). But surprisingly Mala remained normal in her behaviour and I gathered that she had not thought of reporting this matter. May be she did not risk losing her job, maybe she knew I had no intention to harm her, whatever.

It was only two-three times a month that I would be alone with Mala. Most of the times I was in office or on tour. Then on most weekends my wife used to be at home when maid arrived. But I liked the idea of Mala’s choot getting wet by seeing my rod or seeing the pictures. So I gave her ample opportunities whenever we were alone.

I will leave a photo or screen-saver open; I will read some sexy news to show her fully erect penis and all. Then one day she took the next step, even when my wife was in the house. I was talking on my hands free phone at the door of my study room when she passed by to go to balcony. Her boobs had rubbed against my arms, I realised it a fraction later.

I did not know if it was accidental, so I waited. She had to come back from balcony and she did. When her boobs once again brushed against my arms. I knew it was deliberate. I also felt her nipples were erect this time. I saw a faint and mischievous smile on her face or was it my imagination?

My wife gave Mala 2-3 old salwar kameez. They were slightly oversized for her slim figure, but she was very happy. She will come and remove the dupatta when she entered home. That will give me a chance to look at her boobs through the wide neck line. Now I started glancing at her boobs even when my wife was home. Mala was clever enough not to show her cleavage all the time.

There was a corridor leading to front door. No one can see that part unless one is in the drawing room. She will let her boobs generously ooze out through the neckline when she mopped that place, very well aware that I am lustily looking at her well shaped boobs. Next she will work near my sitting place to see my engorged lund and she will let me see her ample boobs.

All this happened when my wife was away in bedroom or bath room. Strangely, we never had any eye contact during these sessions. I think both of us were happy with these harmless indulgences. She had started bending down when serving tea to me, almost showing her nipples. She had nearly perfect boobs despite being a mother in her thirties.

I frequently enjoyed brushing her tits accidentally while crossing each other. I will also give her a feel of my rod on her bums once a while. This I did when she washed utensils in the kitchen sink. I will approach her when her hands were occupied in washing utensils, hers lightly bent posture was more than inviting. I will reach from behind and open the overhead drip-tray to take out a water glass.

She never moved aside, always allowing me to give a gentle feel of my lund on her gaand. Initially I used to approach from one side, but I got more courage when she did not show dissent. I would now go right behind her, making attempt to make my lund enter her ass crack while I fetch the glass.

With time I also started making firm contact and kept it for a few more seconds, getting a heady feeling from her spongy ass cheeks. This will give me a tremendous hard on; I will invariably go to loo to jerk myself after some time. Around this time I also started having this weird idea of screwing her one day, may be just one good romp.

One time my wife returned home while I was in bathroom. Later she told me to keep the bed room door slightly ajar when I am alone with Mala so that the maid does not get a chance to steal anything. That was a good idea. When alone with Mala, I will keep the door open a few inches, come out of bathroom, carelessly throw the towel while dressing up, showing my fully naked body for a few seconds.

I had an idea that some time she watched me go naked, towel my lauda and bums then lift my leg to wear the undies. It finally happened one day. Our the semi-auto washing machine was also kept just outside my bathroom, with two hose pipes going into the bathroom. Mala will invariably come immediately after my bath into the room to start the machine.Hot-Indian-Bhabhi-Photos-5One day when I was soaping my balls and dick, I noticed some movement near bathroom door. It was ajar because the hosepipes were coming through the door to the bathroom. I knew she was watching me play with my dick and balls. I quickly finished my bath and came out, wearing only a towel barely covering my ass.

She was there, fiddling with the knobs of washing machine tentatively, as if she was caught red handed. As I passed by her, she mumbled something that she needed my help to operate the machine. I turned back, now I was behind her, my entire body lined up only an inch behind her back. I asked her to show me what she was doing.

As she showed me the knobs without turning towards me, I made my move. I moved my right hand from behind her and let it go across her body towards the knobs of the machine, my arm pressing her right boob in the process. She moved back a little, only to find my bare chest now glued to her back, my lund firmly pressing her ass crack.

While her attention was diverted to all this, I put my left hand inside her kurti and touched her bare flesh above her salwar. In a quivering voice she continued the talk. I got more courage, I let my left hand go up and grab her left boob. It was heavenly. I had not expected her boob to be so fleshy and tight. Her nipples had already hardened and her whole body had stiffened in anticipation.

For next few moments I kept caressing her boobs while poking my rock hard lund in her gaand, and simultaneously kissing her on right cheek, earlobes, neck area and all. She made some weak protest, murmuring ” sa’ab, mat karo…. koi dekh lega… aah..” but hardly made any effort to break free from my embrace. She turned to face me after the initial moments, but there was not much space.

She was sandwiched between my bare boday and the washing machine. She grinded against my entire body in the process of turning around to face me. As she faced me and stepped back, my towel fell down! Here I was, fully naked, my raging bull saluting her shocked expression, her hand on her mouth trying to muffle a “oo maa..”

and I was looking at her facial expressions. I whispered in her ears “..ab to poora dekh lia?” She blushed, looking at me for the first time. It was her silent acceptance that ‘ab to mei chudne waali hoon, let me play along’. I started kissing her lips, eyes cheeks, and her entire face.

She melted in my arms, still shy that she was being seduced by her naked sa’ab, my lund was now pressed against her lower half. I guided her hand to my lund. Hesitatingly she took my dick in her hand, not able to encircle the thick shaft with her small fingers. She was blushing and smiling.

We had now reached a point of no return. I was naked, standing in front of my maid, she was holding my dick and admiring it, my hands were inside her kurta holding her back and I was nibbling away at her lips and face. It was only natural that she too sheds her clothes. I paused, only to locate her salwar string and pulled it, making her salwar fall on the floor.

She did not protest how she could when she was already caressing my tool. She was now in her kurta alone, my both hands caressing her back, her melons and her bare bums all at the same time. By now my tongue had forced its way in her mouth, despite her initial protest. May be she had never tasted a tongue before, but she started to like it within moments.

Holding her ass cheeks I lifted her and made sit on the washing machine. Not wasting any time, I proceeded to remove her kurta and make her fully naked (no bra and panties, remember?). Wow, she had a very desirable body, her melons were well shaped, nipples long and erect. As I gently licked her succulent breasts she opened her legs, encircling them around me.

I took time to look at her now wide open crotch. She had very small thatch of hair on her mound; I was expecting a thick jungle. I slipped my hand underneath to explore her cunt, it was soaking wet already. Mala in the meantime had got hold of her favorite toy, my shaft, and was squeezing it. As I resumed kissing her tits and caressing her body, she slid forward to edge of her sitting area.

She guided my lund between her thighs and rubbed it along her choot. Ufff….., I never even imagined the heavenly pleasure I was experiencing at that moment. My maid naked, sitting on the edge of washing machine, her legs wrapped around my body, she rubbing my lund over her choot and me kneading her breasts and bums.

She too was sexcited too, hissing and puffing, silently begging me to enter her love grove. As pushed my tool, she cringed with pain, maybe she was not fucked for quite some time. I greased my lund with some cold cream (Ponds Cream I still remember) and resumed my task. She smelled my hand and liked the perfume of this cream.

I let my shaft at the entrance of her choot and resumed kissing and caressing her body. I felt her muscles relax, she started to enjoy again. I once again put my tongue in her mouth. while she was busy enjoying my tongue, I pushed my dick through her entrance. She flinched but I was already in her choot by now.

After staying still for some time, I started pushing my lund little by little in her choot. Her choot was quite tight; I don’t think her husband fucked her of late. The edge of washing machine was a hindrance too. She played her part by sliding further towards to accommodate more of me inside her.

She was also mumbling something in her native language, something that was like urging her lover or hubby to do it more and more. At one time she was barely on the edge; her entire weight was on my lund. She stretched her arms behind my back; I lifted her entire body holding her from her hip and stood erect.

Here she was, a fully naked maid, clinging on to her naked sahib, his tool impaled in her choot, her melons crushed against his hairy chest, her hands clawing his back and her legs wrapped on his hips! It was a Kamasutra re-lived in my house. To add to the frenzy, I was able to ram my entire tool inside her in the process of lifting her.

Her pubic hairs were mingling against mine; it was just too much happening too quickly. I guess she had had a mini climax, her cunt walls were juicy and smooth now. After ramming her a few times in that standing position, I carried her to the nearest wall. I wanted deeper and fuller thirsts but it was not possible in that Khajuraho pose.

I pinned her to the wall she still hanging on me, and started pumping her faster. I knew my climax was building up and I wanted to ram to her deepest point. When I looked at her she was looking out from the window next to us, afraid that people below may catch a glimpse of us in this condition.

She was afraid, but this pervert thought of getting caught was perhaps heightening her ecstasy. She was now biting me on shoulder, her fingers were clawing on my back, her cunt walls had a firm grip of my lund. This was just too much for me and I climaxed, sending unending sprays of my semen into her tunnel.

Within a few seconds, she too climaxed, clasping me with her legs and hands, as if she wants my entire body to unite with her. As she hit a wave of climaxes, I could feel the contractions of her cunt wall, squeezing and releasing, squeezing out even the last drop of my cum. It was a unique experience for me.

As her climax drained her out, her whole body soon became limp, heavy as lead. I carried her to bed and laid her there. My prick slid out of her vagina, along with cocktail of our juices. She remained motionless, in a trance as if she was gang-raped for hours. When we became sober, she wore her dress back, came near me and hugged me.

I felt she was happy as if she had lived her dream, of making love to object of her fascination. I responded by giving her a warm embrace, still not sure if she will start repenting afterwards. But I was wrong. She coyly indicated that she wanted to see those (xxx) pics one day. I kissed her and squeezed her boob indulgently, looking forward to the next opportunity to fuck her.

We had become sex-partners. Both of us wanted to live our sex fantasies, without disturbing our families. In my next submission, I will tell you our escapades that continued for next two years, till I became obsessed with her gaand. Happy screwing!

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My Bengali Maid

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