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My Fantasy Girlfriend

Sender: Rahul

Hi Smita love you babe you are the most wonderful friend of mine and telling you what you wanted from me. I am not telling a story so don’t know how to write all that stuff. This is about me and I am Rahul today 24 years old looking after my father’s business.
My sex story is about how I raped my tutor Sonali madam. Yes raped my madam and she couldn’t do anything about the same. Obviously this happened 3 years back. But more then that something else happened 9 -10 years back when I was just 13 years old.
I was born with a silver spoon but when it comes to studies I was the last one. I was in 8th std but that was very different that how I managed till 7th std was because my dad use to fund the school with lots of stuff and it was when I completed 7th it was the principal who told my parents its better we fail him or it will be difficult for him. Mom being mom told she will see I will perform good next year. I was always beaten black and blue by my mom.
So after joining the school within a month I was having 2 tutors one for language, Ramesh sir and rest of the subject were taken care by this young lady who was topper in her school college 20 years old Sonali madam. She need extra money for her education and mom told I am all her she can beat me and do anything but something should go in my head about my studies.

She stayed just few building behind where I stayed and I used to go to her place actually in the beginning our servant use to carry my bag and drop at her apartment and her first punishment started in the first week as she told my servant to stop coming and I should come alone carrying the bag and go home. My mother too told the servant not to carry my bags anymore I was pissed but couldn’t do anything. I was slapped pinched and even on holidays she use to teach or torture me I don’t know.
One thing leads to other and I manage to get 52% mark without any grace in my quarterly exam and principal too was happy and Sonali madam was praised a lot. No one I was dead afraid of this bitch Sonali madam, I even use to piss in my pants and was so afraid of her. But within few months I was back to normal as mom more them mom I was dad’s pet and in mid semester I failed in 3 subjects and Sonali madam scolded my parents as most of the days I didn’t went for tuitions as I really didn’t want to go telling lie I was sick not felling well or going to dad to his restaurant.
Again mom gave her the full authority to do whatever she wanted to do, an this time the torture grew as she started making me sit first without shirt pinching me then my shorts too was down and she used to make me sleep on her lap and spank my buttocks and told if I tell my parents what type of punishment she was giving then they wont believe and I well get more such punishment. In the initial I was really angered and used to cry all day and I thought of planning something and told mom to tell teacher to come to our house and give tution which madam first denied but later on increasing her payment she readily agreed.
I want to show my parents what kind of teacher she is so started using my camera which dad had gifted me could come handy as I was really good in photography still photos as well as in video taping at that time. My parents didn’t know at that time.radhika-apte-chutwow-bhabhi( out here too within few days Sonali madam came to her true picture and started giving me punishment and this time she was arousing me my pinching my nipples and she started squeezing my penis balls if I did something wrong and if I was correct she could give me lot of kisses and started even kissing my penis which started arousing me like hell. Even in school I started to know more about sex because of my friend Sumant and I use to spy on our seniors Vijay Mehta who was also the school leader and bully who use to have sex with 10th std school beauty and slut Reema desai.

My session in fact of getting torturous and humilities by Sonali madam of undressing me squeezing my cock spanking my buttocks was exciting. In the night I started to masturbate soon the thrill of sex started entering me.

When I was 9th std I started going back to Sonali’s madam house for tuition as thinks were interesting and she too started liking me as I was co-operative and this time she use to take serious studies for 2 hours and the last one hour it was very playful as she use to kiss me telling that I am a good boy and pressing my dick which was getting bigger and bigger as days passed and she use to hug me or sleep on top of me rub her pussy on my dick and so on. Nothing happened without clothes it was all with clothes.
In 10th std we started our oral sex in mid term and I couldn’t live without the same. I went mad to suck her cunt and finger fuck the same. Sonali madam grunted as she loved me sucking her she sucked of my cock and balls made me cum many times. I even pleaded her to have real sex to which she told that’s only for her husband and so on.
But I was having a nice time and once my 10th std was over and when everyone was think I could fail I got 62% mark to everyone’s surprise. My dad gave her maruti zen and that was the last time I had sex in fact oral sex when we were together. In fact she took me to her parents places at Satara they had lot of farms and we had lot of oral sex. She dropped and that was tha last time I saw her. Later she left that place as she was getting married but it did bothered me a lot As I didn’t had sex and on top of that mom too expired due to multiple organ failure.
I was depressed due to loss of my mom and father sent me a few days to our farm house at Lonvala where we also had a resort nearby. The farm house was looked by 28-30 year person Ramakant.
The same evening Ramkant caught me masturbating and told me why you have to use your hand and asked me if I am interested in fucking someone. I was afraid and he told not to worry he will make the arrangement.
Around 8 PM he came with 20-22 year old ok looking girl and told her to take care of me. The funniest thing (I know you all will laugh) was that I really didn’t know what happened the moment I was nude and this girl I didn’t even know her name was nude I was bursting to fuck her she came closed to me telling me is it first time and all that stuff and held me cock and jerked 2-3 times I literally came without doing anything. She laughed telling its ok and all that stuff. She sucked me and I still was not able to get an erection.

The girl was about to leave to which Ramkant stopped her from wearing her salwar telling her that she is here for the full night and Saheb that was me will fuck her. Ramkant undressed and started kissing her and seeing the way he grabbed the girl and humiliated and ravaged her seeing the same I was getting a massive erection. He took her from behind telling that he will fuck her ass as her cunt was for my virgin (un chudi lund) cock. She grunted as he fucked her ass and told me to give my cock in her mouth. I did and I was getting really excited with all that stuff. Then I took her from behind but in her cunt which was dripping and the first instant the hot cunt made me crazy as I entered my cock deeper and deeper at last I fucked for 10-15 min and came in her. It was wonderful.

I fucked her again in the morning and Ramkant was more helpful as in my 10 days of stay he made have sex with 4 different women’s all between 18-25 years. I was a real fucking man by now.

Came down to Pune after a wonderful time and had the courage to take our maid Sheela who worked with us for 7 years. She was married 25 years old women with kids and from morning to evening and sometimes overnight too she stayed at our house. It wasn’t difficult for me as I started touching here and there sometimes made her rub her back which I use to do it earlier too but this time I just use to wear a towel and tell her to rub my back.

Then I started hugging her which was surprised but later on didn’t object. Then we use to talk a lot then few kisses then I dumped her on my bed on day and fucked her. She went mad with my style of fucking and she loved it and she was crazy for my dick and also I paid her whatever she wanted. I also made her get some fucking cunts for me and she did it as I had to give her lot of money which was never was a problem for me. She even made her cousin sister have sex with me that was my maid Sheela

When I was doing hotel management made few friends and had wonderful time with them too. I was 18 dad told me to come to office to look after our Pune restaurant and I didn’t liked but after failing in hotel management too I didn’t had any choice left rather then to start working.

Dad’s 34 years old secretary Poonam Seti became my guide. She was a bit fat big ass but within 6 months I seduced and started fucking her. She enjoyed the most as she was an excellent in her work but when it comes to boys nobody could date her. She was very hot in bed too.

Ok now the final stuff that’s my teacher Sonali madam and what a lucky day it was in June 2007 when dad was of to Australia for some business trip and I went to drop him without the driver as I had my own stuff as I had booked a high class call girl Rohini and was going to spend the night with her.

At the airport I was stunned to see Sonali madam with her husband Nitin Kulkarni who was going to go to US work related for 6 months. Seeing her I forget everything as she was the women of my dream who looked more beautiful then anyone.

She was surprised to see me we had coffee and actually she was going to return by bus and I told her I will take her home back as she stayed at Airport road. She first said no and all that stuff, but I pleaded her. Around 10 pm we started I forgot everything about the Rohini and even I had paid money in advance to her broker in Pune for our meeting in Mumbair.

I said hell with that and we had nice drive back with the heavy rains I was driving slowly but as we reached Dehuroad the rain was heavier with no street lights. I was acting as if I was feeling sleepy to which she told she can stop at my place and then she can a send a driver as I was unable to drive. I stayed at Pradhikaran near Bhel chowk

Reached home Sheela opened the door first she was happy as I have told her that from now I will fuck her whenever and wherever I wanted, but seeing Sonali madam she knew I had already brought someone.

But she didn’t know who she was and what I was planning all the way while I was driving of actually brining her home and fucking her even if she objected. Luckily our driver was not there and told Sonali madam to stay back I will drop her home early home to which she didn’t had any problem.

I purposely gave her a bath robe and gave her my room to sleep which was more then kind of a sound proof as I use to play drums so dad made some changes and also had 2 entrances and made sure the other door was open.

I told Sheela that I am going to fuck her and even if she objected I am going to rape her to which she was afraid, but told nothing will happen. I told her to give her some hot milk and added crystal meth (and very potent aphrodisiac which is an hyperarousal and hypersexuality drug, actually given to me by none other then my sexy fat assed Poonam Sethi which was used only once with one of our House keeping manager Mrs. Suman.

I got tired of fucking her but she wanted more of me. She use to get me some House keeping girls or receptionist who were need of money. Her condition was she didn’t mind me fucking anyone else unless I satisfy her and I liked the deal).

Sheela went and came back within 10 min and I was waiting as it takes 15-20 min to starts its action or reaction whatever. I was waiting in the kitchen with Sheela mauling her breast dry fucking her butts.

I went in to my room from the back door and also took Sheela along with me. She was all over my bed unable to control I went in she was surprised and asked me what I am doing.

I told her that we have some un finished business what started 7 years back. She was surprised I caught her hands and she was struggling she even slapped me, Sheela held her hands I removed her bathrobe. He cunt was wet I knew I should thank poonam for the same.

I didn’t had the patience and removing my tracksuit I held her legs apart and entered my cock in her wet cunt. For few min she was still crying and cursing me but after 5-10 min she was telling me to fuck her hard. I fucked her for 2 long hours and also made her suck Sheelas cunt.

After everything was over I showed her the video which I had recorded when I was in 8th the purpose was just to tell her that is she tried to act smart she will go in prison for child abuse rather then me.

She was with me for 3 days and I enjoyed the time of my life.

I still fuck her today as I don’t know in spite of every other girl I fucked was temporary fun, but with Sonali madam it was always wonderful. Most of the time our fucking starts with her denial and ending up with her groaning moaning like a slut.

I love teasing her in front of her husband she gets pissed off but I love it. 2008 her husband lost his job and I gave her a job as an assistant manager which made me closer to her. Fucking her everyday twice day I never get bored no matter she hates but has to do it because she didn’t had any other option.

I love her in Sari and made sure she never wore panties when she is with me. If I find it I tore it off and I might have torn 15-20 panties. She made sure whenever she entered my cabin she used to remove it off and by mistake its there I use to cut them into pieces.

She curses me whenever I do that but still gets fucked and I know and she knows once my dick is in her wet cunt she always wanted more.

I know I am bad man might be, but what to do I am still crazy about Sonali madam that’s all Smita about me

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My Fantasy Girlfriend

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