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My Hot English Neighbor

 My Hot English Neighbor
 My Hot English Neighbor
 I could always hear them laughing and being silly (In summer I always stay up late coz I don't have to wake up early the next day).
Then, at the begining of August, the Belgium, the Indian, an the other English girl flew back to wherever they lived.
So during August there was only the English girl that owned the apartment and her Norwegian friend living next door. One random day I was chilling in my terrace, and I decided to look over to see if any of my friends were at the swimming pool (I have a few German and Dutch friends who spend the summer holidays in my apartment complex).
When I looked over, I saw that none of them were there, so I decided to lie down again on my hammock to continue relaxing in the sun. But before I went to lie back down, something caught my attention. In the apartment next to mine, I saw the Norwegian girl subathing topless. She was lying back on a hammock, with a towel on her head, like protecting her eyes from the sun. She has blue eyes and beautiful brown hair. She is about 1.68 - 1.73m in height (like 5'6 - 5'8 or so). Her bikini was white, just that she wasn't wearing the top part. Her breasts were the perfect size. Not too big, not too small, and the shape of them was amazing, even her nipples were one of the best i've ever seen. I'm pretty sure they were natural. I classified her as an 8, but after seeing those breasts she might even be a 9. She had her sunscreen beside her hammock, a bottle of water, a bottle of smirnoff vodka, and a shisha pipe. I couldn't stop looking at her. Then, 10 min later, the English girl came out, with a pink thong and topless. She had a tattoo on her tailbone with some roman numbers, probably her date of birth or something. She has light blonde hair and blue eyes. She carried a Coronita beer in her hand. She is about 1.75m in height (around 5'9). Her boobs were clearly implants, and they were pretty big aswell, they looked about 36DD. She finished off her beer, put on some sunscreen, and laid back on her hammock. Both girls were sunbathing topless and I was watching them. They were both suntanned. I stayed watching them for 20 - 30 min, then I went to my bathroom to jerk off and get the sexual tension out. I did the same every day at the same time until the 1st of September, when they flew back to whatever country they lived in. Can't wait till summer 2012.

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