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One night in the hotel room

One day I stood to catch the bus to college. I was waiting for a bus packed!

Then came a mini-bus, I went and had my eyes on a man whom I could see that

he will cause my Hrkht not on the scene.

Then I saw a man with a mustache a bit hard, I thought he would be right. I

saw her as her - the area was quite bloated.

One night in the hotel room
One night in the hotel room

I stood before him, taking stock of around five minutes, so I gently She

first tried to bring the Hrkht gently put pressure on him. So we joined the

crowd because of the setback.

Then I She periphrastic way up roll, began in action and experience, her

will I realize that I am her She is eroded by her husband. Hrkht she also

felt it, was clear that he was standing. She and I pressed a hand to the

carrying beam was holding up, gently took the other hand, was not unnoticed

in the crowd, I touched her hand, she liked it. I caressed and then she

spoke in my ear - where to go?
I told him - college!

He said - very fun, but here's not right, get off at the next stop.

"But what?"

Said - so the man down! My friend is a Gesthaus us which will take money.

Let's go there.

Fusfusa everything was in my ear, was there watching, it was with me.

And then I saw her speak - Gandu law, have taken place here and do not



Got off the bus, the guest house directly. His friend was not there, room

service guy, he did it with love, take a side and said something, she gave

him a key and we reached the second floor in an AC room.

Said - good?


He closed the door and got me straight, my She was brushing, I felt Mmme.

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I saw his shirt was off and then see it was only in underwear. After I woke

up and gave all his clothes off and stand it upright by themselves knees and

started sucking his cock into the mouth.

They all sigh Chuswa I was around, I was sucking her pointed out her very

interesting. What she did.

I told him some time after sucking - Chod take me now!

And the mare I was immediately in front of her knees.

He said - was that the horse came running and I suck like a bitch.

After sucking his cock while I put on a condom and has its fair She said to

him - to put on!

She started to stick. Kama Sutra condoms in your purse I'm 2-3, the fat was

me having fun.

"Hi, my king, tearing put my today I washed!"

"Take the law! Take it!" Said John as he removes the shock hits, the very

breath of her thighs! Chod was wonderful!

I am a man I miss.

"Motherfucker, I get worn down stairs!" Between me and coming straight back

up on her She put down the seat by using the C She was tight. He was master

of these things, said - Oh, the fun is rubbing me now?

"Yes, do." Etc. I also got him in a moment! Ah!

She said she then like half an hour to kill - loss'm going!

He sat on my chest and pulled out the condom off my cock put into the mouth,

speak - give a little suck!

I began to suck Mut kill, and he very quickly taking control in your hands

shake all the material put in my mouth. I do lick lick a little bit clean.

Jdha. Then said - sit yourself down on Chudega you!

One day she fuck me, She was red and the loss came about.

This time he just blurted out some goods on my waist and she put on some

holes She was rubbing her breasts. I found it a pleasure. It takes the itch

over the heated material.

Friends, it was the story of Sonny and fuck!

'll Arrive early the next post, then only her husband to her.

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