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Paying for pizza for her

She hung up the phone with her dad, her head swimming. She was a small girl and couldn't tell if her head felt light because she'd skipped lunch, or because she felt so overwhelmed with all the things her father expected of her. Her step-b*****r Joey poked his head into the den. He was eight years old with thin brown hair that hung in the most adorable blue eyes.
"Marley," he said. His voice always sounded so hesitant, so meek. "The man in the backyard says we can't play out there because he's working."
Marley perked up, roused to action by the need in her little b*****r's voice. He'd come with her father's new wife and Marley loved him dearly. Something throbbed in her chest each time she looked into his face, with those pale eyes and that small upturned nose.
He was the little b*****r she'd always wanted.
"Come on," Marley said.  
                                                                              She mussed Joey's hair, set her chin and marched toward the backyard. She had the toned body of an athlete and could be fierce when she needed to. Joey and his few friends followed Marley into the backyard.          
Paying for pizza for her
Paying for pizza for her
                                                                       "man" was a landscape contractor her father had hired to do some work on the grounds. He offered Marley a patronizing smile, and for the umpteenth time since she'd had her hair cut, she found herself wishing she hadn't. It was a pixie cut she'd gotten for high school graduation, but it had been a mistake, because now she looked like a girl much younger than her eighteen years, and it made her vulnerable to clods like the landscaper standing before her.

"Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie..." he said, laughing and hiking his pants.

"Fuck you," Marley hissed.

His eyes widened and he straightened his back.

She said it low enough that neither Joey nor his friends would overhear and tell her father. He wouldn't want her swearing in front of the boys, and meeting his high expectations was important to Marley. Putting her back to the boys, Marley put her hands on her hips and threw out her chin. "You piece-of-shit motherfucker," she whispered, "fuck you."

He took two steps back, his eyes still wide.

He looked her body up and down. Marley wore cutoff denim shorts and a bikini top. Her navel jewelry twinkled in her midriff. It excited her to stand up to him and her nipples made two hard little nubs appear in the fabric of her top. She pointed to the landscaper's truck and smiled sweetly. He scowled and turned, making his way to the truck.

The doorbell rang and Marley looked down at the boys. "Pizza's here!" she said.

The boys all cheered. She told them to sit at the picnic table and said she'd be back with their food in a few minutes. She headed into the house.

Glancing to the landscape truck, she saw the guy speaking on his phone. If he wasn't talking to her dad right now, he would be shortly. Her father would be a little irritated that she handled this service worker so crudely, but she had ways to get around her father. His big concern was the success of Joey's party. His mother had been called to London unexpectedly and Marley'd been put in charge of the birthday celebration. If she delivered on the party, Dad would forgive her a little recklessness with the landscaper. She would just need to avoid her father until after Joey had deemed the party a roaring success.

She wouldn't let her father down. She couldn't let Joey down.

She whipped open the front door and the pizza guy towered over her. He wore his curly blonde hair short, had an adorable cleft in his chin, and big burly arms. Marley was taken aback at her own physical attraction to him. She raised her hand to her face as if to tuck her hair behind her ear, but her hair was short now, so she could only stroke her neck with her fingertips to disguise her mistake.

"Pizza delivery," he said. He had long delicate lashes and pale blue eyes. He thrust out the stack of thin cardboard boxes.

Marley closed her mouth. Her attraction to the pizza guy felt undignified, cheap.

Rousing herself, she snarled, "What took so long?" She hadn't meant to snap, but between the shame she felt over her fascination with his looks and the woozy feelings in her head, she couldn't help it. She reminded herself to eat some satisfying protein after she got the k**s their meal.

"I was stuck in traffic," he said. He raised one shoulder and made a sheepish expression. "I'm really sorry."

Marley took the pizzas from him and told him to remove his shoes. He kicked off his flip flops and followed her into the house. She stopped in the den and told him to wait. He moved toward the couch.

"Stop!" Marley barked.

He widened his eyes at the tone of her voice.

"Turn around," Marley said.

"Turn around?" He asked, making a skeptical face. Even as he said it, he started a hesitant one-hundred-eighty degree turn. Marley felt a little awkward at the brusque way she was treating him, but she wanted to make sure he didn't ruin her father's couch.

She looked at the seat of his pants.

"Dust off your pants." She said softly, trying to walk back her imperious tone.

He raised his brow. Dusting himself halfheartedly, he said he'd rather stand, then ignored the couch and remained in the middle of the room gazing at the paintings on the walls. Marley carted the pizza into the backyard. She set up the boys for lunch, glared at the landscape guy, and then got her wallet from her bedroom. She had a nagging awareness that maybe she had gone too far with the pizza guy, too. She resolved to give him a generous tip to set things right.

Opening her wallet, Marley felt her stomach sink. She had only five dollars.

She frantically searched her wallet, but there was nothing more. Marley could feel hot tears welling, but she knew she didn't have time for a good cry. Joey and his friends were out back eating pizza, the landscape guy was stewing in this truck, and the pizza guy was waiting in the den for money. Something needed to be figured out. She couldn't turn to her father for help. Her stepmother was halfway across the Atlantic Ocean. It was all up to her.

She rose to her feet and took a deep breath.

Ducking her head into the den, Marley beamed at the delivery guy.

He smiled at her cautiously.

Marley put her hand on top of her head. Her face flushed hot. She looked around the room as if there was something new in there for her to see. She looked at the delivery guy and then held her wallet up. "You're not going to believe this," she said.

She grinned sheepishly.

He raised his brows and tilted his head, returning her smile. His teeth gleamed.

"I only have five dollars," she said. She made a face and bit her lip.

The pizza guy's smile dried up. His shoulders sagged.

Marley closed the distance between them and put her fingertips on his chest. "I'm really, really sorry," she said. His body was hard and sculpted and she could feel the warm thump of his heart. Something warm pulsed in her own chest and her face flushed again.

The pizza guy glanced at her fingers. "It took me two hours to get over here," he said.

He sighed and sank hard onto the couch.

Marley sat next to him. She put her hand on his bicep and was pleased that it felt as firm as his chest. He took in a deep breath and blew the air from his lungs. Pulling himself together, he gave her a look of resolve. "Okay," he said. "I have to take the pizza back."

"Noooo," Marley squeaked. She took both his broad shoulders in her hands and said, "Pleeeease," with a little girl whine that was not at all unbecoming, especially with her new pixie cut hair.

He looked at her evenly.

Marley rubbed the big muscles in her palms and mewled.

"Well," he said, tilting his head. "How do you intend to pay for your pizza?"


Marley knelt with the pizza guy's big cock in her mouth.

She felt perfectly shamed, humiliated by how the afternoon had worked out for her, but for some reason her pussy was soaked with excitement. She wrapped her fist around his shaft and pumped him, his big round head filling her mouth. She swirled her tongue along the little knot of skin below the head. More than anything else, she wanted to impress him.

She'd practically had to beg him to let her suck his dick. When she first presented the idea, he said, 'It's an eighty dollar order,' as if eighty dollars were too great a sum for what she was prepared to offer. She took it as a challenge and rose to the occasion, straddling his lap and taking his face in both her hands. "I'm sorry," she whispered, in her throatiest pout. As she apologized, she started grinding her crotch on his lap. "I treated you poorly." She pressed her chest to his, enjoying the feeling of her stiff nipples against his chest. Leaning toward him, she licked the cavity in his ear. "I was planning to give you a big tip to make it up."

She could scarcely believe how easily she'd slipped into the role of a whore, but she was determined to get her way. She leaned back to look him in the eye and said: "Let me suck your cock." As she made her offer, an electric thrill of illicit desire raced from her chest all the way down to her pussy. She presented it like penance, but she understood that this was just an act to make the agreement more palatable for him. His dick throbbed under her and she grinned, taking his erection in both her hands and biting her lower lip in what she hoped was a slutty look. It worked! He breathlessly agreed, and she quickly hopped off his lap, led him by the hand to her father's den, and then shut the door.

That was fifteen minutes ago.

Now, on her knees in her father's den, her jaw was getting sore.

His cock was pink and long, jutting from a small unkempt patch of ginger hair. The further she got from winning his concession, the worse she felt about playing the whore. She felt regret. She felt shame. She felt a wavering sense of unease. Looking toward the wall, she saw a picture of her father, the pastor and her stepmother. All three adults stared down at her as she slurped and nuzzled the wet cock in her hand. Marley wondered how she'd allowed herself to get in such a position. She wanted it to end.

Redoubling her effort, she pumped his shaft and massaged his balls. And then suddenly, like an old friend, her dizzying hunger was back.

Marley stopped stroking his cock. The cockhead in her hand quivered. She felt certain he intended to fill her mouth with his semen. Looking up, she saw the pizza guy's eyes were half-lidded, and he licked his lips. He opened his eyes and cast them down at her.

"Do not come in my mouth," Marley hissed. It came out harsher than she intended, and the pizza guy slumped his shoulders, gave a little half laugh, and shook his head.

Just then a tentative knock sounded on the door. Marley looked at the door holding the wet cock in her hand. For a beat, no one moved.

"Marley?" Joey said. "Are you in there?"

Marley jumped to her feet and hustled the delivery guy from view. Opening the door a few inches, Marley peered out.

"The man is back," Joey said, his eyes all big and sad.

Marley slipped out the door and closed it behind her. Squatting down, she took her little b*****r's face in her hands. Her crotch was soaked, her nipples still hard, and her head whirling with desire. As shameful as it felt to suck that boy's cock, Marley couldn't deny her own excitement. She blew air from her lungs and tried to think clearly.

"He says we can't play in the backyard for the rest of the day," Joey said.

A huge wave of s****rly strength rose up inside her. She took little Joey's hand in hers and stood. She could feel the sodden material of her panties between her legs.

In the backyard, the landscape guy was spraying from a bottle strapped to his back. Marley sent Joey to stand with the other boys by the picnic table and then went to confront the man. She picked up a baseball bat and propped it on her shoulder as she crossed the yard.

He startled as she tapped his shoulder. "Young lady," he said, eying the bat in her hand. He took two steps back and held his nozzle like a weapon.

"Fuck you," Marley said. Stepping toward him, she poked her finger into his chest with the rhythm of her words. "The boys," she said.

"Are using."

The backyard." His eyes rose to a point just over Marley's shoulder, where the pizza guy stood silently with his arms folded across his chest.

"Let me have a word with this guy," the pizza guy said.

Marley looked from the pizza guy to the landscaper and then back again. She turned on her heel and marched to Joey and the boys. In a few minutes, the pizza guy followed.

"Who are you?" Joey asked.

"I'm Chet," the pizza guy said. "You guys want to go inside and watch a movie?"

All the boys cheered.

Marley let the bat roll from her shoulder. She gave Chet a skeptical look.

Chet shrugged his shoulders, tipping the pizza delivery cap back on his head. The landscaper was spraying insecticide and thought it would be best to keep the boys out of the yard. Inside the house, Chet dug out a pile of DVDs from her father's collection. He found an old Japanese horror movie from the 60s he thought the boys would like.

"Horror?" Marley asked skeptically.

The boys cheered and whooped.

Chet smiled. He was a film student and knew a lot about movies. But more important, he was a big b*****r and knew even greater deal about eight year olds. "Who's going to be the first to cry?" he asked.

"Not me," the boys all laughed in unison, tossing out their little chests.

Twenty minutes into the movie, the boys sat transfixed. Chet silently rose from his seat on the couch and took Marley by the hand. She knew what he wanted. She wanted it too. Somewhere between watching him making popcorn for the boys and telling them stories of watching movies with his own younger b*****rs, she'd decided to give him head, and even to let him come in her mouth. She wanted him to have all the benefits of a proper boyfriend. The two walked toward the den arm in arm.

Inside the den, however, everything changed.

Marley pressed her body into Chet as he closed the door. She wanted to tell him about her new resolve to swallow his cum when he took a handful of her hair and gave her head a sharp tug backwards, exposing her throat. Marley groaned helplessly. She felt his hot mouth on her neck and his big meaty palm on her breast.

Marley tried to shake her head free, but he held her fast, groping her breast and toying with her nipple. She groaned with lust even as a burst of anxiety consumed her. He was much bigger than she was and he wasn't acting right. He seemed out of control!

He moved his hand between her legs. "What are you doing?" Marley hissed.

As his hand clamped her crotch, Marley felt the dampness between her legs. She didn't want him to know she was wet. She tried to squirm out of this grasp, but she only succeeded in rubbing her clit against his palm and making herself even crazier with lust. Chet laughed. He said he knew what she needed, and hustled her backwards towards the couch.

"Please," Marley whimpered. "Oh, please."

He took the waistband of her shorts in both hands and with one mighty tug they were down at her knees. Marley squirmed, but the position of her shorts made it difficult to move. She kicked her legs, but he pushed her knees to her chest and ducked his head under her flailing feet. And then his warm mouth was on her swollen sex. Marley gasped with pleasure. He put two of his fingers into her pussy and kept his tongue on her clit. Marely couldn't speak. Instead she groaned and breathed heavily, squirming to keep his mouth where she needed it most. He pumped his fingers in her pussy. Soon Marley clamped her legs around his head, straightened her body and came in a whimpering orgasm.

When she recovered, she found him kneeling next to her grinning and pulling pubic hair from his teeth.

"That was amazing," Marley said.

He put his palm on her sweaty temple and gazed into her eyes. His thumb rubbed her eyebrow. Marley felt something throb in her chest and she nuzzled his hand. He petted her short hair, then took a handful of it in his fist and squeezed.

It stung and Marley had to close one of her eyes.

"Oh, we're not done yet," he said, giving her head a little shake. "I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to use that hot little pussy of yours."

Marley felt a pulse of forbidden desire race through her chest again. He let go of her hair and took her chin in his hand. He looked deep into her eyes but she couldn't hold his gaze. She hadn't intended to fuck him, but she didn't see how she could deny him now. She'd agreed to have sex with him. She'd only done it to save her little b*****r's party. She'd only done it to meet her father's high expectations. But the fact is . . . she'd done it.

And now it was time for her to make good on her word.

He positioned her on her hands and knees with her head toward the wall. As he mounted her, Marley looked up and saw the picture of her parents and the pastor smiling down at her. He began his thrusts and the faces in the picture shook and waivered each time his strong hips met her ass. She buried her head into the couch. It was humiliating to allow him to use her this way, especially since she'd been so close to letting him come in her mouth.

He swatted her rump with his open palm. She felt a sharp sting, followed by another.

"Say you're my little whore," he commanded.

Marley groaned with desire. His cock was big and hard and felt good in her pussy. He was trying to humiliate her, of that much she felt certain. He stopped moving his hips so she squirmed against his groin.

"Say it," he said. "Say it for me."

He slapped her ass in the same place and it stung.

"Ow," Marley said. She felt so hungry. She wanted to tell him to stop trying to humiliate her. She wanted to tell him to keep moving his hips, his cock. She wanted to tell him so many things, but the best she could do was turn her head to him and say "Please, please, please."

He rubbed her bottom where he smacked her, and it made the hot welt on her ass feel better.

"Please," Marley said.

And then she was crying, big salty tears rolling down her cheeks. She felt humiliated. Her father had brought a house cleaner to tears one time by simply inspecting her work. Marley had been seven years old and she promised herself she would never cry that way in front of a man. Her father stopped his tirade and paid the woman, but Marley could see he was disappointed with her emotional outburst. She never returned to clean their house again.

The pizza delivery man named Chet slipped his penis from her.

Marley rolled onto her back, using the back of her hand to dry her tears. Chet put his palm against her cheek and whispered comforting words into the quiet, but Marley shushed him. She didn't want his comfort. Didn't want her tears. She opened her legs and motioned with her hands for him to mount her. She wrapped her legs around his strong hips, pulled his big head near her face. She whispered into his ear, "I am."

He didn't seem to hear her. He started to thrust, his hips beating a heavy rhythm. She let him build up a good sweat and then she tried again.

"I'm your little whore," she said.

He came. She could feel it in her womb. He was filling her with his seed. She could feel it in his taut hips and muscular back. When he finished, he propped himself on his elbows and looked at her. He pulled his cock from her and his semen seeped from her pussy.

"You came inside me?" she asked.

"But not in your mouth," he said.

He slipped between the back of the couch and her small body. He put his hand between her legs and stroked her weeping labia. It felt good to her.

"I'm not using birth control," she said into the quiet.
He sighed, slipped two of his fingers between her legs.

She laughed softly. He was incorrigible. She tried to push his hand from her pussy, but he wouldn't be denied. He curled his fingers to stroke her G-spot. Her breathing became heavier. She closed her legs on his hand.

"I'll get you some emergency contraception after my shift," he said.

She bit her lip and gazed into his blue eyes.

"I'll come back," he said.

She couldn't believe the warmth in his eyes, like pools of rainwater glistening in the summer sun. She came, gushing onto his hand. She rocked her hips and quietly moaned. He waited for her to finish and then brought his fingers to her mouth.

"Eat," he whispered. "Eat."

His fingers were wet, sticky. She opened her mouth, let him slip them inside. They were covered with his salty cum, her own.

"I'll pay for the pills," he said. He smiled and met her eyes and she slurped his fingers. "You can suck my dick to repay me." Her cheeks grew bright red and he grinned. He returned his hand to her pussy, collected more of the sticky dew, and offered it to her mouth.

"Eat," he whispered.

And she did. It was a nourishing meal for Marley. He returned later that night with the pills and she took them with water. He helped pick more movies for the boys. He helped her get them ready for bed. Later, when he came in her mouth, she swallowed it all.

He offered her a satisfying protein she couldn't get from her father.

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