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Routed to a friend fuck sister

Friends, my name is a symbol of PCA am very old reader. Many times the story of my life I wanted to put in front of all the people were afraid.

And those stories are true or false, I can not tell you my story is a hundred percent true.

Speak of those days when I was living with his uncle at home, uncle, aunt and her daughter, whose name is Shashi, lived. She was young, was a big fan. She and her breasts will be around 34 equally. But I did not want to fuck him /

He was a friend of mine, whenever he comes to my house and see my sister was staring staring. I was aware of that heart and that I wanted He wanted Chudna.

Once I was alone at home so I called Sachin at home, they brought with them CDs of blue films. We were both watching blue film several times. I put the CD in the computer and watched. Ludha was sparked in me a desire to take. I put a CD turner looking to see what drugs I was taking Siskariaँ. I wanted to set me Chode Sachin.
He was now attracting. He was wearing shorts and I was sitting with me. I started up my shorts for him to draw his attention was not on my side. I did not know what to do.

Routed to a friend fuck sister
Routed to a friend fuck sister

Then an idea came to my mind, I asked her to tea, but I say that I went to make tea. We were sitting drinking tea when I spilled tea on my shorts.

Sachin - the symbol of man, can not drink tea from the rest? The film does not look right.

I - sorry, man, what do I do now?

Sachin - wash your shorts off, otherwise the mark will be.

I wanted that, I washed off the shorts began to see the movie. Then I took over, and with all your Anderviar beginning to see the movie.

Watching the film went through her sex. I put a hand on her thigh, she inadvertently placed his hand on my thigh. I put a hand on his arm to move upward.

He was probably what I now know about that.

Sachin - damn, that girl if you are enjoying today.

I - tell you what you can do right?

Sachin - the girl on your thighs white - are smooth.

I - Thank you!

Sachin - do not mind if I tell you something?

I - tell me!

Sachin - you can get up for this girl?

I - OK, but not after just a little longer today.

I was happy was going crazy.

He paid off all my clothes one by one. I just wore Anderviar. He took his pants and then in Anderviar Ludha out its 7-inch. Given that I was crazy. Anderviar She also took off and the room.

He dropped me on the bed, then came up to me and put his cock in my mouth .. the story of real sex stories Free dot com site is published.

I started sucking, I was enjoying it. Then after a while my mouth was Chodta.

I - He is no longer the man! She hit me up!

Sachin - not just what I wanted and nothing else.

I began to beg Then he said - on one condition!

I - what?

He - Man, your sister is very sexy, I want to fuck you, it will help me.

I - yes, yes! When did I refuse!

He was happy, she made me a horse and the oil began to fly.

After 15 minutes of work, his whole Ludha She was in me.

Choada me like a dog several times after that, I lured my sister Chudta everyday.

I tell the truth was that I like Lude.

I told him my friends too Chudwaya me.

But now I could not put off much longer.

He said - until now you Chudwayega my sister, I do not Choduँga you.

And I had to accept.

One day Uncle - aunt was away, I and my sister were alone at home Shashi. He called me at home. My sister made tea and went to sleep in your room.

After a while I went and looked, she was already asleep, he was wearing a skirt and top, short skirt was due to see her thighs.

He told me - you go into the room, I'm in charge, then I'll do anything.

He walked into the room, I was looking at all of the window.

He was afraid, Shashi he gingerly put his hands on the thighs, then started caressing. She was still scared. Then he started dipping inside the skirt.

Then my sister got up.

Shashi - Sachin brother you?

He - Yes I am!

Shashi - are you doing here?

Sachin - Shashi, I love you and want to kiss you.

Only Shashi slapped her voice shouting and I came out, I hid.

He then said - he has been out for some work, come in an hour.

Shashi's behavior began to change. Shashi told him to go.

Sachin - just what I do, I will go.

Shashi - right on the cheek! After that you will go.

He then went to kiss her and started kissing.

Shashi said - How long have you?

Sachin - I'm just not the same what? How long do it!

Shashi laughing - you're smart.

He then started kissing her and to kiss up to 5 minutes. Shashi was beginning to enjoy now and he was kissing her. I was glad to see it.

Gradually, he started off his clothes, in a little while they were all bare.

The first time I saw Shashi naked and I was seeing. I was hitting the fist. They were kissing madly. He told her and she wanted him Ludha was the same.

She was sucking like crazy, He was going to his mouth Chode. Now I wanted to Chudna. Then I called to him to friends who were Chodte me, his name is Ravi and Raju.

He became the second room he heard the sound of Sachin and Shashi. That said - we Chodenge you only when you Chudwayega us his sister.

And believe me, we all went to my sister's room to see my sister, we got scared.

I spoke - Shashi Do not be afraid! These are my only friend.

I know in the lives of Shashi, Shashi Ludha started sucking it again.

Sun and Raju said - we Chodenge your sister.

I said - OK.

And pressing and sucking boobs of Raju's Shashi and Ravi Shashi was licking the lips. I sit there looking at it. All three of my sister put to bed and began Chodne one's mouth. He lay down and rolled up to now have their Shashi. He was moving slowly inside of her Shashi, Shashi Siskariaँ was carried out at the end Ludha been completed.

She put her in the oil and insert your Ludha Sun's. Shashi was screaming was happy.

Now both Lude Sman had the big swing was Chod. Raju was still playing Cucion.

Only Shashi bid - Brother, come here!

I turned to him. He grabbed me and started sucking Ludha, I was going mad with joy. Then the Sun went out and I thought my sister Chodne. Four of us in every way the Shashi Choada. He was not going to run now that it still was not Chod, Sachin had made her mare.

Ravi told me I was happy to be rocking. Now I and my sister was the mare, and she turned three we Chod was changed. He re-Lude Chuswaa us.

She has red Ravi slapped kill me but I had fun.

Then me and my sister all sit down and put us one by one all her juices. We all were happy, I and my sister went to the bathroom shower that only three of them came in the bathroom.

They let us sit down again. I was surprised.

Then he began to piss us all together. We had a bath in the urine.

Then the three of them left.

Since then the three of them are Chod and we are enjoying our lives.

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