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Servent Maid Radha

From the teenage I have big aptitude of sex, I used to dream about the movie heroines from the south, and some of the beautiful classmates. I think I started master beating at the age of 18 years. The following was the incident which given a shape of sex in my life. I got to know the real excitement fun in the sex, I intercourse with several girls of my age and horny mature women. I am basically from Hyderbad, but now settled in Bangalore as I got job here.

I want to share my first ever experience with my servant girl. Those are the days when I was doing my engineering I am well built 5’11, good features, I used to play tennis regularly, I trained in one of the reputed tennis foundations of the south.

This incident happened when I went to my village from Hyderabad for a festival. We had a servant girl of 19 year old named radha. My mother brought her from my grandmother’s village to help in household works. When I was home, I would sleep in the hall watching TV and radha sleeps in the adjoining room which is the linking room between hall and bed room. I had a very friendly relationship with my servant girl and I wanted to have her as she has very beautiful breasts and asses. But I couldn’t take any initiative as she was from my grand mother’s village and if anything went wrong, the situation will be worse than anything. I was a fan of English romantic movies and used to watch Star Movies, HBO, Zee Studio etc for any sexy moment.

There was a Russian channel called REN which broadcast XX movies on Friday and Saturday nights after 10:30 pm. One Saturday night during my holidays, I was eagerly waiting to watch REN TV. My parents went to sleep by 9:30 after watching 6:30 movie, but Radha sat there still watching tv. I changed to English movie channels thinking that she would go to sleep as she couldn’t understand English movies. It was already 10 and I asked her to sleep as she had to wake up early for work. But she replied that she slept that afternoon and she was not able to sleep early. Both of us watched tv till 10:45 and then she told me she would sleep and went to other room. As soon as she went to other room, I changed to REN TV and watched the XX movie.

Already 15 min of the scene was completed. I thought that she went to sleep and I watched REN TV XX scenes and other English movies interchanging the channels. I was not aware by then that she was also watching the movies from the adjacent room. The next day, I was watching a romantic scene in the evening when my mother and radha was in the kitchen. Suddenly radha came with a glass of juice for me and I changed the channel immediately on seeing her. She knew what I was doing and asked me “chi why r u looking at those things.” I told her that I was changing channels and it came on one channel while I was changing. (the conversation went on in telugu not in a serious manner but I don’t want her to know about me so that she would try to dominate/control me) She told, ‘don’t lie to me I know what u r doing.

You r watching sex movies’. I feared that she would tell my mother about it. To cover my fear, I replied “No I am not lying. Ok then. If I want to watch these sexy movies why would I watch them at this time; when my mother was around”. She told, ‘Oh, so u watches these things only at night time.’ I replied that I didn’t mean that. She told, ‘I know u r watching sex scenes on Saturday night.’ Then I came to know that she too watched the movies that night and asked her ‘So u too watched along with me. Then u should have told me then only, we both could have watched together. Did u ever watch them before? ‘ She replied with a smile that she used to watch MAA tv on Saturday nights. Before one year, MAA TV used to telecast telugu and tamil sex scenes on Saturday nights after 11pm (it stopped now). By knowing that she too have desire to watch sex movies, my prick got hardened and longing to have sex with her. As my house is of old type in a village model, it had a space at the backside. At one corner of the area, bathrooms were newly built. By newly I don’t mean new bathrooms. Before I was born there were no separate room for bathing, they were built after two years of my birth. That evening when I was going for bath, I found radha sweeping the floor of the space backside my

My mother was watching tv. I thought it was the best time and asked her to put hot water in the bathroom. She went with a bucket of hot water into the bathroom. I was standing outside the bathroom and when she is coming out I asked her to help me to soap my back. She replied with shy, ‘chi I won’t do it.’ I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bathroom along with me. I put off the bathroom light. I was in only towel without any underwear. My 7inch cock was already hard escaping out of the towel. I hugged her hard. She was opposing me and telling that my mother would come.

I kissed her on her cheeks and pressing her boobs. She didn’t give me chance to kiss her lips. I removed my towel and made her to hold my cock with her hand and asked to masturbate me. She wore a normal wear ‘langa oni’. I put my hand inside her blouse and squeezed her breasts very hardly. I tried to lift her langa with the other hand but she didn’t allowed me to do so. She told would leave if I did anything against her wish then and she would only masturbate my penis. I agreed for that. She did to and fro movement to my cock for two minutes and I climaxed with a large amount of liquid in her hand. She washed her hands and left. I took bath with lot of satisfaction and happiness with the thought of getting her that night.

That night my parents slept by 9:30 after watching the daily serials and radha went to bed earlier than my parents. I watched movies until 11 pm, switched off the tv and the dim bed light of the tv room. Radha was lying on the floor sleeping in the next room. I sat beside her silently and carefully removed her pallu from her shoulder. The sight of the half projected boobs made me mad and my prick got erection in my pants. I started caressing her boobs over her blouse.

She then opened her eyes and knowing what I was trying to do, she refused it. But I was not in a mood to let her go. I hold her both hands with my hands, laid my body over her body and held her legs tightly with mine so that she could not move. I started kissing all over her face but I couldn’t get her lips as she was moving her head sideways in order to avoid kissing her lips. I got her ear lobes, kissed and sucked them. Now the force of opposing reduced and I thought she was enjoying. I continued sucking and biting her ear lobes and I leaved her hand and used my hand to squeeze her boobs. Her refusal totally became weak and she put her hands around me, hugging me very hard. As she was on the floor, I thought my weight is hurting her and I asked her to come to the other room so that we can enjoy on the divan.

She expressed her fear that if my parents would wake up and come out, we will be caught. To ensure her, I put the iron bolt from outside so that they couldn’t come out of the room. If they woke up and wanted to come out, they will definitely knock the door and I can say some story like, in order to avoid cats entering the room I bolted the door. She was free from her thoughts of getting caught. We both went to the hall and I made her lay on her back on the divan cot. I removed my shirt and her oni.

I was in my pants without any underwear as I planned this before, she was in her blouse and langa. I laid over her and started kissing her violently as I was already hot and couldn’t wait any longer. She too co-operated and kissed me. Our lips finally met and I sucked her lower lips first and then her upper lips. I don’t know how to use tongue for a French kiss. I tried but my tongue always slipped out and she too could not help doing this as she is not aware of French kiss. I caressed her boobs over her blouse for some time. I pressed her hips which were very slim and tempting. I kissed her navel and licked it. I removed her blouse hooks, unhooked the bra but didn’t separate them from her body. She lifted up her bras and now I was caressing her nude boobs with my hands. They were big enough to hold with my palm and they could be perfectly fit in large & round glass tumbler. As it was dark, I couldn’t see them but I was enjoying sucking the right boob with my mouth and squeezed her left boob with my right hand with more force and pressure. Her nipples became very hard.

I tweaked her deep brown nipples with my fingers and biting them with my teeth alternately. She gave a heavy shrill while doing so. We took care of not to make any sounds. After enjoying her boobs for 15 min, I came down to her navel again and I lifted her langa above her knees with one hand and started rubbing her thighs. I removed my pants and guided her hand to my hard cock. I lifted her langa above her round buttocks. I rubbed my cock against her thighs and my hands explored her vagina. She has a hairy pussy as she didn’t have a habit of shaving it. I rubbed over her pussy which was already wet and put my finger in her clit. I pressed her clitoris with my finger and twisted it between my thumb and middle finger.

She was in heaven and moving her head sideways in ecstasy. She covered her mouth with her hand in order not to release any moans. I inserted my middle finger into her wet love hole but it denied entrance to my finger as she was a virgin, her hole was very tight. I slowly made my entrance and pushed my finger in and out. She told me that it was paining and I assured her doing it slowly. Her cunt started oozing more and more juices which helped to further insert my finger. Half of my middle finger was inserted and I didn’t try to insert more as it might pain her. I did to and fro motion slowly. She gave a sudden shrill and climaxed very quickly within 2 min. I cleaned her pussy with her langa. I came up and kissed her and rested a while. Now I asked her to suck my cock. At first she refused, but I insisted her to do so and she agreed. She rubbed my cock on her face, kissed the tip of my prick and put it in her mouth.

She was unable to take whole of it inside. She sucked my cock as if it was a lollypop. She sucked so hard that I was receiving more and more pleasures and I started to moan in a low voice. She did it for 5 min and I cummed into her mouth. The fluid was so much that she couldn’t swallow it totally; some juice came out of her mouth. She told me to wait and went to kitchen for drinking water. I thought, as it was first time for her to suck a cock, she felt bad for having cum in her mouth and went for washing. She came back after five minutes. I wanted something more and couldn’t wait any longer. I asked her to lie on her back by hanging her legs outside the divan. She did as I asked her and I knelt down before her on the floor.

I kissed her navel and sucked it. My prick was gaining its hardness again. I kissed her pussy and she gave a heavy shiver of her body. I separated her legs as wide as possible and ran my tongue along the length of her clit from bottom to top. She gave suppressed moans as she couldn’t stop from moaning. I sucked her clitoris very hard. I separated her walls with my fingers and inserted my tongue into her hole and removed my fingers. My tongue got locked between her walls. I tried slowly to move my tongue inside her cunt. As it was very tight, I couldn’t move my tongue freely. I licked her walls and gave circular motions with my tongue. This made her secrete more juices and her vagina walls eased a little. I licked and sucked her tongue for 5 minutes.

She is now enjoying very much and twitching her lips with her teeth. She put her hands through my hairs and pressing my head towards her pussy. She gave a sudden shrill and arched her body and fell on the bed. Her juices were flowing out and I tried to drink it. But she didn’t allow me to do so. She folded her legs closer and encircled them with her hands. After sometime she became normal and asked what happened. She told that her legs were aching due to the orgasm. We lay like that for 20 min side by side. Now I slowly mounted her and pressed my hard prick over pussy line and rubbed with the clitoris. She asked me not to insert as she was a virgin and she might be pregnant. I too was feared about that and also I didn’t have a condom. I put my penis between her boobs and asked her to bring her boobs closer. I gave to and fro motion as if I was fucking her pussy. I fucked her boobs for 3min and I climaxed pouring the whole liquid on her boobs and belly. We went slowly to the back of my house to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. I put on my pants and she hooked her bra and blouse. She wrapped her pallu around her and went to sleep. I slowly removed the bolt of my parents’ bedroom and went to sleep.

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Servent Maid Radha

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