All Golpo Are Fake And Dream Of Writer, Do Not Try It In Your Life

sex with neighborhood aunty

I’ll take it myself from the fridge.she bent down to look for milk and I can totally see her cleavage,wow her boobs were amazingly beautiful, she stood up and said there is no milk, I said I have no idea ,she said I have to go to super market now. Before she left the house she looked at me and said I never noticed under those clothes you were hiding an amazing body , I said its not that amazing ,she said what are you saying and kept her hand on my chest ,and said your chest is so hard ,and she also pressed my bicep and said wow I wish my husband could also have physique like you , omg that feel of her hand touching my body gave me an erection .shit I was so afraid of her watching my erect dick under the towel , then she turned towards the door and while leaving she said , i saw that , I was so embarrassed .I went back to take shower my dick was still erect, I masturbated for the first time thinking about rashi aunty , the way she touched chest and her cleavage , ohhh shit I totally wanna have sex with her.
I became open too and said I am still a virgin , she asked if I was also waiting for marriage ,I said no it’s not like that I haven’t found the right girl , she said you are tall, handsome why didn’t you find a girl ,I said hard luck . out of nowhere she suddenly asked me can you show me your chest ,I said no and blushed ,she requested please just a glimpse , I said ok and then removed my t shirt ,she said nice and she touched my chest again , fuck I was again errect ,I said can I wear my t shirt now ,she said no and kissed my chest , that made my dick so hard, I tried to stop her (but I didn’t want to) and said aunty kya kar rahe ho ,she said not feel good lasner, I didn’t spoke a word and then she removed her top and said you can kiss me too, shit I got crazy after looking her in bra ,I kissed her on her neck , and she said you are not gonna be a virgin anymore and I said that it was my childhood fantasy to have sex with you aunty.

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