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She said holding my dick from outside my pants

Hi I am Mayank who lives in Delhi and I am 20 years old. This is a story I wrote a few days back so I thought I might publish it here. There was a girl Aranya Sharma who was in the same class as I was, we didn’t know each other for the first what, like 4 months as both of us were serious students.
But one of her friend Riddhima had a crush on me so they began to sit in front of me when we actually got introduced for the first time. Obviously I became more interested in aranya as she was just the perfect match for me. She had medium height and whitish complexion her skin was super smooth and supple and omg her lips were like the “i don’t know I just want kiss you and you are talking about this shit chapter.”
I took her number on the first day and called her to clarify some doubts as I couldn’t have enough of her smile and that pleasant voice. We talked for at least an hour as doubts were just for the first 5 mins.
She said holding my dick from outside my pants
She said holding my dick from outside my pants
 After a few days of constant talks(and I tell you she talks a lot) she told me everything how riddhima really liked me a lot and kept on saying I was so handsome and how I looked so hot in that pic where I was in the pool and my abs were just great and blah blah…So I told her that I didn’t like riddhima and I admitted that I really loved her.
She went silent for the next 10 sec and then told me to meet her behind the college canteen as she had to talk very urgently. So the next day I wore my favourite shirt (which was also her favourite colour) and got there just on time to see riddhima standing with aranya who was as always looking absolutely stunning and her lips were most inviting with that pink lipstick.
It didn’t go as I expected.. Actually it went better… So when I came riddhima came to me and asked me if it was true that I liked aranya and not her I said “see I am sorry but..I don’t love you, I love her and…” She stopped me and went wiping her eyes I wanted to go and tell her that it was not my fault that this ended up so,
as I couldn’t see anyone crying because of me but as I turned aranya took my hand stopped me and planted a deep kiss on my lips “oh yeah that was the thing I had imagined everyday in the class but a thousand times better”i thought. She broke the liplock and looked into my eyes.
Her light brown eyes staring at me with that perfect smile looked so charming that I didn’t want to stop the kiss but she began “i love you, mayank I love you more than anyone else and will stay with you forever as soon as you told me yesterday that you loved me I was waiting for this moment so anxiously I just couldn’t stop thinking about you ….” I stopped her with a deep passionate kiss.
After that I never saw riddhima and aranya together maybe because I was with her all the time or she hated her I don’t know. We had been in relationship for the past 1 month so I thought that now might be the time to take it to another level so I chose a time when all my family which comprised of my mom and dad were out for the weekend and asked her if she would like to go out
for a movie for a late night show maybe she had anticipated it so she let out a giggle and said yes. It was Saturday so I took 2 corner tickets on Thursday. I went to her friends house to pick her as she had told her mother that she is going to her house for an overnight stay.
Fuck I said when she came out, she was looking soo damn hot in that black and white stripped dress that ended well above her knees that I just kept staring at her. The dress made her breast look a lot larger than usual. I took her and kissed “ you look fucking hot aranya”i said with my eyeballs popping out.
“thanks and by the way mr. Handsome we are getting late” she pinched me with a pink smile. We reached the hall and saw the movie I was constantly trying to give her the indication about what I wanted but she never took it maybe she was too shy to admit but I was wrong after the movie and a lot of kisses we went back to the car and then as it was soo late no one was in that
underground parking she grabbed me from behind and began to move her hands over my abs slowly then I knew she had got it. So I turned her around and held her firmly in my grip and gave her another long long kiss and our tongues met she tightened even more so much that she could feel me getting a hard on.
She looked down and then said “wait a second at least let me take those jeans off” she said holding my dick from outside my pants I laughed and then opened the car to take her to my house. We couldn’t resist each other for that long so she unbuttoned my jeans and began to give my 6 inch rod a fucking great blowjob seductively licking its sensitive top and then letting it go all into
her mouth she was so much turned on that she pressed it so hard that I thought I was hurt but she realized it and went a bit slow we reached outside my house but as I was about to have a climax I didn’t stop her and held her head and made her go more aggressively in the up and down motion pushing it deep in her throat and I came into her mouth she gulped it down I asked her was this
her first time and she said yes “whoa and still how come you gave me such a great blowjob I mean the outer lining then the whole thing” she said “boys are not the only ones who know how to have sex, you just wait and watch.” I got amazed how she looked even hotter while saying that.
So I hurriedly took her to my room and as I shut the door of my bedroom she pulled me back and threw me on bed I was now ready again to take her on. She came on top of me and then I pulled her head down and whispered in her ear “lets make these the most memorable moments of our lives” and as I said that I began to unzip her dress from behind she helped me take it off completely.
She wore a black bra and panties which had become completely wet by now. I threw them off in seconds. I couldn’t control myself by now as I now took her over completely by surprise I laid her down on the bed flat taking a good look at her virginity and the soft milky big bosoms then bent on my knees and opened her legs apart I went super duper excited on seeing her vagina.
I began kissing her thighs which made her more and more horny, and then I kissed the outer lips of her flower she quivered and pushed my head between her thighs I completely engulfed then in my mouth and sucked then really hard due to which she moaned loudly and told me it felt good so I did it 2-3 times more and after just a bit licking she came on my face.
She told me don’t stop it keep going so now I began to lick it from top to bottom in small and full circles she moaned louder and louder with each one and then completely inserted my tongue inside her and then took it out really fast.
I now started licking them fast “mayank don’t stop … Uhhhh yeah yeah go on don’t stop” I got in full swing and she came on my face again I still kept licking the nectar, sucking on to her vagina and making her go mad with that lick. She pulled me up to her face and said now “go what are you waiting for … When I leave this I room I shouldn’t be a virgin or I will kill you.”
We both chuckled and then I grabbed her and made her lie on top of me so that her boobs were at my face and my dick slowly started entering her she screamed and I was finding it a bit hard to go in as it was really thick but it was so wet that still it was not that difficult I finally entered completely I checked the floor and bed sheet and they were completely covered with blood.
But it didn’t matter her after sometime she slowly began to respond to my motion she began to enjoy the to and fro and now both of us were in complete rhythm I held her ass with my hands and was sucking her nipples which were completely hard by my mouth oh those soft boobs which tasted so wonderful the creamy taste I can’t forget it till now, both of us were enjoying these moment to our fullest.
After sometime I gave her a really fast pounding she cried out with pleasure. We were both sweating and really hot after sometime and both of us said at the same time “i am about to cum” and came exactly at the same time. Both of us relaxed for a while and then regaining our breaths, kissed each other till we were out of breath again.
“that was so awesome!!” I said,she added “oh holy shit did you wear a condom” she looked down … “how I didn’t even know it you had it on the whole time, I was enjoying so much that I didn’t even realize this” she began to get off me and I threw the used condom aside “i wore it when you were entering your climax while I was licking you so you couldn’t know and then later on panicked about it…I just love that expression”
I said, she replied “can you stop being so cute” and she kissed me on my cheeks. As mom and dad wouldn’t return till Sunday night so I took her in my arms and laid her on the bed and then cleaned the whole room after wearing my jeans and gave her her bra and panties but she refused.
I liked that even more so even I removed my jeans and slid down next to her in the blanket completely nude,keeping my arms around her. Thank you guys for reading this and if you liked it then please post your reactions in the comments below.

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