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She was pinching her own nipples and squeezing her breast

“Parker, Ms. Parker” the nurse called into the waiting. Jill looked up making eye contact and then stood and walked to the nurse at the door that lead out of the waiting room and back into the inner office. After getting her weight and height the nurse led Jill to an open exam room, and handing her a paper gown told Jill to undress to her underwear and put the gown on. As the door closed behind her, Jill stripped down to her nude colored plan underwear and sat on the exam table in the cold room.
About ten minutes later there was a knock at the door and in walked this little red hair girl that looked like she was only in high school. Jill was shocked to see her and not her regular doctor, this girl looked to be the same age as her own daughter who was a 

senior in high school. “Hi, I’m Miss Williams I’m Dr. Davenport’s PA and will be preforming your exam today Ms. Parker” the redhead told Jill. This was know how Jill invasion the day going as she was going to have her fort-nine year old divorce mother of three body looked at by a young attractive girl in her twenties. Getting a divorce from her ex-husband because he left her for his young blonde secretary didn’t do anything but lower her self-esteem. The exam started as normal with Miss Williams asking some general questions as she looked over Jill getting her viral signs. It was at that point that she removed the gown to expose Jill’s breast and Miss Williams got her first look at them. Like most breast gravity was against them as her once perky D’s were now sagging and now anyway sexy to her. Miss Williams took one and then the other in her small hands to examine them, between the cold air in the room and Miss Williams’ cold hands goosebumps appeared on Jill’s skin and her large nipple went stiff. “Oh my” Miss Williams said still holding Jill’s one breast. “What, what is it Miss Williams?” Jill asked. “Oh nothing, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to alarm you, and call me Sara” Sara told Jill. “It’s just you large nipples surprised me a little when they hardened”
Jill wrapped her arms in front of her breast covering them to Sara as she turned a little red with embarrassment. “It’s ok Ms. Parker, we have beautiful breast and her nipple are lovely” Sara told her. “Call me Jill, please” Jill said. Sara continued with her exam but Jill noticed that it felt a little like Sara spent a little longer with her breast then her regular doctor; it felt more like caressing then an exam. Sara than moved down to her stomach and then checked her spine. “Ok, remove your underwear and place your feet in the stirrups” Sara instructed.

Jill removed her underwear and sitting back up on the table place her feet in the stirrups that forced her to have her legs spread and her vagina on full view of the young PA. Sara washed her hands and put a pair of gloves on after she placed some items that she would need on a small table next to her. Sara wheeled herself on the stool in between Jill’s legs and was now staring right at her vagina. Jill had a full thick bush of brown public hair spread over her vagina, having a zero sex life left her not grooming it anymore. “Nice” Sara said under her breath. “Are you currently sexually active?” Sara asked while she looked at Jill’s vagina. “Umm by how do you mean?” Jill asked back knowing that it has been years since she last had sex. “Are you having sexually intercourse?” Sara asked. “Umm no” Jill responded softly. “Do you masturbate?” Sara asked now using her fingers to spread open Jill’s vagina to look at the inner side of it. Jill was in a rut and it has been a while since she has pleased herself so with Sara touching her, her body was responding to the attention and Sara watched Jill’s clit grow and come out from its hood covering. “Uh, umm why do you want to know that?” asked Jill. She was getting turned on by Sara’s touching and was battling it with her mind that fought the ideal of having a female make her body feel this way.

Jill never thought of another woman in a sexual way but was now getting arouse by Sara touching her. She also was so lost in her own mind that she didn’t notice that Sara now was working two fingers into her vagina. “Because I just want to know was the last time you orgasm?” Sara asked Jill pulling her out of her own thoughts. “Oh my… umm… that’s…” Jill was trying to get out as Sara now had three fingers in her. Sara was working the third and then fourth finger in as with her other hand rubbed her thumb on Jill’s large clit. It was the largest clit that she had ever seen and it was making her leak into her black thong. Sara was a full lesbian and she loved older women the most so she was in heaven right now working her whole hand into Jill. “OH MY GOD, that feels so good” Jill said as she felt and watched Sara’s hand disappear into her vagina. Sara’s petite hand made it great to get the whole it into a woman’s pussy and the ones she had been with told her that the feeling of being so full from the hand was like nothing else. The pleasure from Sara’s hand in her vagina was like no else as she was pinching her own nipples and squeezing her breast as Sara fisted her. Sara was now fucking Jill hard with her hand and watched as she slowly work more and more into her as with her other hand was now fingering herself at the same time. Jill was building to the biggest orgasm she ever had as Sara fucked her hard with her fist. Jill’s vagina was now loose enough that Sara would totally remove her fist and then pushed to back into Jill. This was all Jill could take and her vagina erupted in a wave of pleasure and squirted all over Sara.

As Jill was recovering from her orgasm Sara was licking up Jill’s juices from her vagina that was now gaping open. She then wiped up the remaining fluid and had Jill get dress as she changed her lab coat and threw the covered in Jill’s pussy juice into the soiled linen hamper. Once dress Miss Williams gave Jill an all clean bill of health but not before giving Jill her wet thong and telling her to call her something.

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