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The Beautiful Maid Fuck

Hamsa is a beautiful maid I have ever seen, she is in a perfect shape even after she has one son. She is very naught as well as fun in sex. I will narrate my story with her after this, very soon…

Let me introduce/describe her. she is Hamsa, now 30 yrs old with one son, wheat complexioned, have a nice figure, 40DD-28-40, my breasts are round shaped, firm with dark brown big thick nipples and big light area round them, good firm thighs and a hot pussy. Her breasts are heavy with milk as she is breast-feeding her child.

I am working as a housemaid, but I am like their family. My mother used to work in the house, but now I do. Madam made sure I was given some education, but then my parents got me married when I was 18. Her son, Charles, is my lover, he is only 20 now. He is also father of my child.

That was three years ago. He has taught me use of computer, and I came across some ‘sexy’ sites, and read many stories. I am very very naughty, but only with him. My husband does not touch me because I hate him. He forced himself on me on my wedding night 12 years ago. Charles was only 17 when I started working in his house, but I knew him from when he was 10 and I was 20, because sometimes I used to go with my mother who was working for them. He used to go away for schooling, and only come for holidays.

His parents are separate, and he goes to visit his father in England every year. Madam is working for a big company, and she goes to other countries many times, and I stay in the house. Charles is now doing college,and he told me he has some girl-friends but they are from other countries and he meets them when they come to India as they work for Airlines. But I am happy, because he fucks me very well.

He has 8inch cock which is big and fat. With Charles it began, for I think there was something happened between him and my mother (he told me and I will tell in the next experience) because one day she told me that I have to work in their house as she said our’Baba’ was now ‘BIG BOY” and needed someone young in the house and that I would be happy.

She also told me that she never wears the blouse in their house and I must do the same. We have a key to their house, and Charles was in bed when I came to work for the first time. I had taken off my blouse,and was only in Saree, and he called out to my mother, thinking she had come, asking for coffee. I made coffee and brought it to him, and when I was keeping on the side table, my saree palav fell open and he saw my breast.
marathi-desi-bhabhi-nude-sexy-naked-boobs-pussy-hd-photos7I wiped the table for little while letting him look, then left to the kitchen. He came after sometime, and again he was looking at me, seeing my breast, and I saw that his cock was erect. He does not know, but I loved him all the time from when he was 10, and in my mind I wanted him to be father of my child. After finishing my work, I came to the bedroom, and asked him if he liked what he saw. I was 27, he was 18.

He said yes, and I asked him if he wanted to see more. I said I am naughty, and I saw Charles could not speak. I told him I will show him everything but he could not touch me.. He just shaken his head, and I did a slow sexy strip-tease for him.

When he tried touching me, I told him I will go away, and then he did not touch. I wanted to make him hot, and I saw he is excited, so I slowly removed my Saree, When he saw me without anything, he became nervous. I went to him and removed his shorts, and his cock was hard and standing up. I took it in my hand and he shook his body, becoming very hard. I took that hard cock in my mouth, and put my hand on his balls, and he made a loud noise. He told me “please, I have not done this before” and I got more excited, because he was a virgin. I told him “Today is my special day, because I am going to fuck you” I sat on him his cock against my bottom, my cunt on his stomach, and leaning down I gave him my breasts to suck.

He was sucking my breasts and I was excited. I took his cock and put it in my cunt, because I wanted him, and then I moved up and down, and his cock was so good that I felt something happen in my body, and I cried out “aaaahhhhhhh” I waited for little time then again I started moving up and down, and 5-7 minutes later, I felt the experience in my body again. Two times it happened to me, and when I started moving on his cock again, his body became hard and I could feel his cock moving inside my cunt, then I felt his hot juice against my womb, and I knew that I would become a mother.

I got up and made him breakfast and fed him, telling him to caress my thighs and to insert two fingers into my aching cunt. After he finished eating, I lay down next to him and making him kneel between my thighs told him to fuck me.

But he started sucking on my breasts, so I told him to rub my aching pussy for some time and then asked him to insert two fingers and move them in and out. I took his cock in my hand rubbing and he became hard. Spreading my legs I told him to kneel between them and to enter me and to move in and out like he did with his fingers. He put his hard cock in to me and started moving in and out, and I took his hands and placed them on my breasts as and after 5-7 minutes I felt my body become hard, and put my hands on his buttocks and held him inside me till the feeling passed. Again he started moving inside me, and I started to get that wonderful feeling, and he shoved his cock deep inside and I felt his hot juice in my cunt and he fell on top of me. I could feel hard chest against my breasts, and told him to remain on top of me. When he became soft, I made him lie in my lap and told him to suck my breast and after little while he fell asleep. I was in the kitchen when he woke.

When I saw him I told him to hold my breasts from behind, and to hold his body against mine, and I felt his cock start to harden. I bent over placing my hands on a stool and told him to enter me from behind and he did. He would stop and bend over to squeeze my breasts, and then continue, and I enjoyed it as he fucked hard and I told him “Put your finger in my bum” and as he did I cried out, feeling his hot juices fill me up, and I felt great enjoyment through out my body. He was still hard inside and I made him withdraw and sitting on the stool I took his cock in my mouth, sucking on it, tasting my own juices till he became soft.

I took him to the bathroom and gave him a good warm bath then told him to sleep. I woke him after sometime with food, then told him “I want to be fucked again, and then I will leave” He spread my legs and entered with a hard push and started moving in and out for sometime, I think nearly 10 minutes, and I started to get that wonderful feeling and I held his waist tight with my legs, and again I felt his hot juices in my cunt as he fell on me. I told him “I won’t forget this day I have come five times” and he said “I too will not forget for this was my first and then three more times it is too good” I still remember that day like yesterday. I told him I would come the next and he said “only if you let me undress you”.

The next morning I knew his mother was leaving, so when I went to his place I told her my mother was not well and she had asked me to come. She said it was okay and to make sure Charles got what he wanted. I told her “Madam I will make sure he gets what he wants” and she left.

I told Charles to undress me and he said to wait till we were sure that his mother had caught the plane. I said “Okay but I can do this” and taking out his cock rubbed it, sometimes sucking and licking it and he put his hands in my blouse, pressing them and my nipples became hard.

When we came to know that his mother had left I stood in front of him and he unbuttoned my blouse and I told him to kiss between my breasts and as he did I shivered in thinking of what was going to happen, thinking of his cock entering my cunt which was already wet and aching.

I turned my back so that he could unhook my bra and then told him to uncover my breasts one by one and to kiss the nipples, which were already hard. He then unwrapped my saree, I was wearing no panties, and he put his hand on my wet cunt He made me lie down on the bed, and told me that I must not touch him and I just nodded. He started sucking my breasts and rubbing my cunt for a while and I said “Fuck me now please” my eyes closed with desire that was going through my body. He put the his cock at the entrance and slowly entered and I said “yess” and he removed his cock. My eyes opened and I said “Why” He took his cock in his hand rubbing the head against the lips of my cunt and my clitoris and he told me that it had become a mini-cock.

I kept telling him to put his cock in, but he started sucking, biting nibbling my breasts and moving his two fingers in and out and I started to come and he then put his cock in with one hard thrust and my body was filled with delight with that one push” He lay on top of me, his cock hard inside me and I said “I never thought I would have joy with just one push but it was beautiful”. He started fucking me and stopped sometimes and my body was filled with delight two more time before he emptied his hot juices in my cunt which was on fire.

I told him to sleep as he would need his energy and he did. I did my work naked and when he woke he came naked to the kitchen and I felt his hard cock against my bottoms, and as he put his hands on my breasts, I reached behind me and took his cock in my hand telling “Do it to me now here on the floor and lying down spread my legs and he put his hard cock into me moving in and out, and once again my body was filled with delight two time, before his hot juice emptied into me.

I took his still hard cock and sucked and licked it till it became soft, then gave him a nice bath, after which I fed him He was fondling my body and I loved it.

We went to bed and I gave him a good massage and he kept playing with my breasts and fingering my cunt. His cock was half hard and I told him “Let me make you happy” and took his cock in my mouth, sucking and lick the whole of it, kissing the top knob, and he started pressing my breasts and then put two fingers in my cunt and I spread my legs.

I sucked, licked kissed his cock for a long time and his body went hard and I took cock fully into my mouth as he emptied his hot juice and I drank it – it was slightly salty, but tasted nice.

I washed my mouth and started to dress and he said “Wait I am not finished with you” and pushed me on my back kissing my face lips eyes nose abd breasts. He lifted my breasts and kissed below, then my stomach and when he kissed my mound, I shivered and spread my legs wider and he kissed my pussy. He licked my thighs and then took my clitoris in his mouth sucking on it, and put two fingers in my cunt, moving in and out till I was filled with delight and I pushed his face into my cunt as my juices were flowing and he put his tongue into my cunt.

When I became easy he licked my juices for a while and with his face/lips covered with my come came up and kissed me and I kissed him back licking his face and put my tongue into his mouth and he sucked on it. We had a wonderful week together.

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The Beautiful Maid Fuck

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