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The Unfaithful Romantic Story – Part - 2

jhon’s eyes then fell on the small strip-like object in Stepene hand. He became curios immediately and took it from her gently. Stepene did not want to give it up at first. But she neither resisted much. So jhon took the small plastic object in his hand and looked at it carefully to make out what it was. He was looking at a pregnancy test strip. It was a small white plastic strip with a film in the middle. jhon looked closely to take in the details. There were two thin lines on the film. And he was suddenly very thrilled. He looked at the strip carefully again, as if to reconfirm. And then he looked at Stepene, his wife before looking back at the strip again. His hands started trembling. He looked back at his wife in excitement. “Are you pregnant?” jhon asked his wife. His heart was already beating faster in anticipation.

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