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Wendy Getting Fucked By Classmate Tom

You don’t have the guts to do that”. My phone buzzed as her reply came in no time to my initiation. I had asked her whether I could climb up her balcony. It was past 1 AM and we were both restless. Something about that night made both me and Wendy a little bit hornier than usual nights.
“I will if you ask me to” I replied. “Come then. Let’s see what you’ve got” came the reply to that. I got into stealth mode. I had carefully sneaked out of my home and got on the road while another buzz from my pocket alerted me of another message. “Where are you? Get here already.” In a few minutes, I was by the wall that was adjacent to her balcony.
The dew and the fungi growth had made the climb a bit more challenging than what I had thought. But I made the climb even though I had scraped my left arm on the edge. But I knew it was all going to be well worth it. I got to the window, where I stealthily hid as a sudden beam of the headlight of a car passed by.
Wendy Getting Fucked By Classmate Tom
Wendy Getting Fucked By Classmate Tom

I hid in the shadows by the window from were I texted her asking her to come near the window. In a few seconds, I heard the window being open. I crouched up a little higher and saw what I had been waiting to see for a long time. Even though she was visibly petrified by my presence and was having an expression of utter nervousness, she looked just as amazing as I had hoped for.
Her long hair was loose and she was wearing a tight, casual top and a short skirt that gave a cute, sexy look to her. “I can’t believe you’re actually here, again!” she said. “You asked for it and I did”, said I. I held her hand through the grill and looked at her radiant face. “You look just wow, hon”, I said. She smiled. “What are you here for, Tom?” she asked.
“I think you know the answer to that”, saying so, I pulled her more towards the window and moved in. My lips met hers in a passionate kiss that lasted for many minutes. The night, the balcony, the kiss through the window. It was fairytale stuff right there. Wendy invited my probing tongue into hers and the long kiss was made even longer.
I held her head with her hair in between my fingers as I entered deeper and deeper inside her mouth. But both of us wanted more. She broke the tantalisingly long kiss and asked me to go downstairs and get in through the front door. I couldn’t wait. I got to hard ground in an elegant swing and reached the door. The door was left open for me, I entered and called out her name.
“I’m upstairs, baby” was the response. I couldn't wait to see her so I bolted through the stairs and finally got into her room which was neatly set up for a marathon of sexual activity. But she was nowhere to be seen. I knew she liked the element of surprise, but that day, she took it to a whole new level. “Where were you for so long?”. I could hear her voice, but she was hiding.
I heard the bathroom door open and looked behind to see the most amazing of sights. My goddess was stark naked from top to bottom. I was left open mouthed and not a word I could utter. “I’ve been waiting for you for so long, Tom. I don't wanna wait any longer”. Saying this she literally jumped onto me and started bombarding my mouth with deep, wet kisses.
She didn't even give me time to think and that was exactly what I wanted her to do to me. I loved it that she was in a hurry. My hands started doing their job by kneading her breasts one by one. She moaned into my mouth when I pressed those lovely mounds one by one. That was enough for my dick to be awakened. And he was screaming to come out of his captivity.
As my left hand was getting busy with her breasts, the right one went behind to that wonderfully shaped and petite ass. She loved the touch of my manly hands on her behind and it was quite noticeable because of the goosebumps all over her body. She was busy eating my face and her hands had found their way inside my shirt that I was struggling to remove.
In a strange coincidental rhythm, she pinched me hard on my nipple just as I did the same to hers. She loved it rough and I was willing to get as rough as she wanted me to. I got my shirt off by then. “Time for someone to make an appearance already, don't you think?”, she asked. “As you say s-“. My sentence was cut short off by her actions.
She was already kneeling down and in one swift movement taken my lowers out of the equation. And without even saying anything to me, she went for the kill. Her warm mouth was engulfing my dick in no time. “This woman is on fire”, I was thinking while long, loud grunts escaped my mouth.
The feeling of getting blown by a chick as hot as Wendy was getting into me and I couldn't control the pleasure it was giving me. She had mastered the subtle art of oral satisfaction and was proving her skill marvellously. I was having the time of my life. The view was great. She was making eye contact while licking the tip of my monster and it was driving me mad in pleasure.
The sight of it appearing and disappearing and making her mouth full was an out of this world experience. I kept pumping into her mouth with my full force but I didn't wanna end things soon. I lifter her up carried her to the bed. I threw her on the bed and leapt onto her like a wild animal going for the kill.
I kissed her all over her body, licked her nipples, occasionally biting her on the breasts hard to leave a mark. She was going crazy. “You like that, babe?”, I asked. “Yes. Yes. YES!”, came her reply. Hearing this I thought I’d give her a surprise as well. I started kissing her in between her thighs, the sensitive part of every woman and I buried my face in between her legs and started eating her pussy.
Licking the entire area and then sucking the entrance made her scream in joy. Without stopping my act, I shifted to an upside down position. Now we could orally treat each other simultaneously. I knew she had always wanted to try out the coveted 69 position and she was expressing her happiness by making me mental by giving me the best blowjob experience.
I returned the favour by increasing the pace of my licking. The room was full of sex noises as she was deep-throating me while I dug a finger into her warm hole. I found it wet enough and got into missionary position and slowly started to enter into her. The only time in the entire session that we took it slow was then. I was careful not to make her scream already.
Finally, the whole 7 inch of my tool was in her. She had her eyes closed but her mouth was opened, gasping in a little pain but enjoying pleasure. Her hole was tightening around me I too felt a pinch of pain but the thought that I was about to start having sex with her was doing wonders to my whole body.
It was she who started moving and urged me to start the process. I started kissing her hard and deep, I sucked on her tongue and started making love to her. It was slow and loving. A complete contrast to the foreplay that we had a few minutes back where we were both animals.
As my penis hit the deepest part of her vagina, she left out a long moan that further urged me to increase the speed. I started picking some pace and soon enough we were almost as fast as we were before sex. I started pumping into her with full force and she dug her fingernails onto my back. I looked into her eyes as I fucked her and I knew she was getting drunk in pleasure.
It was getting fast and dirty. “Harder, baby! Harder, baby! Fuck me harder, Tom”. I was happy to oblige. I started rocking my hips as hard and fast as I could and started grunting. We were almost there. “Cum for me, babe. Cum now”, she said. That was enough for the dam to burst.
I screamed out and exploded in her, which triggered her nerves to do the same and we had our orgasm together. The few minutes that followed were silent moans and gasps for air. Both of us felt as if we had just finished a two hour trek. Sweat was forming on our bodies and that was when I suggested to her that we should take a bath together.
I got up and went into the bathroom to make the bath ready. I filled the tub with mild hot water and went to the bed and carried her in my arms and both of us lied down in the comfortably warm tub and slept off in each others arms

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