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Encounter With Colleague

Hi. i am Abdul from Pondicherry. I am a regular reader. I enjoyed many incest stories and I thank them personally who contributed the real stories. Now I am going to narrate my experience which happened 6 yrs ego. This is my first and experience, so far I experienced more than 10 encounters but the 1st is the best encounter which is going to share.

Encounter With Colleague
Encounter With Colleague

Now I am 31 yrs old that time i was 23. I just finished my PG and joined in Private clinic in Cuddalore, the clinic also newly opened. The owner was an NRI and his wife was looking the clinic. I don’t have experience about the clinic but I gained From there only everything. Madam watched me for several weeks and had over the clinical lab to me because she was in early 50 and she had asthma. So Take charge of the Clinical Lab. My Mam Recruit one lady to assist me but she was experienced.

Her name is Manju 28 yrs with whitish complex, nice boobs and back which is extremely big (nalla nattu Katta). In the beginning i kept distance with her, One day her husband came to our clinic and her some money to drink, she refused to give so he slapped her and went. She came inside with teary eyes, I asked why your crying, then she explained the matter and after that i have some sympathy on her. Very next day she took off because her cheeks where bulged due to her husband slapped yesterday.

I called her and asked what happen. She said has little fever, i told her to go to Doctor, she said its ok if I take rest. My on were mam came to clinic and asked about Manju and about her absence I told her she is not well and will come tomorrow. I have some official work in the Bank, she told me to look clinic for some time I will be back. On the way to bank i bought some medicine for fever from Pharmacy and called Manju about her address to give the medicine. She gave me the address, I went there she opened the door,

I shocked to her because her cheeks where red and bulged like tomato. Really my heart melts and create more sympathy and I first time I touched chins and I asked her to come with me to doctor but refused and told her to put some turmeric powder. She put some powder and I left from there and went to the clinic and I said my owner there was a big queue in the bank so I came back. Then my mam left it was lunch time so I locked the clinic and again went Manju’s house that time her husband was in the home and

I asked why u slapped your wife and I advised him from that day onwards he had a respect on me. I joined him in hotel of my friend as a Bill man. After few days Manju was too much close to me. One fine day that was her birthday she came to clinic with nice new dress and with some flower as if like a newly married girl. I commented her welcome newly married girl( waa ma visiasum) what is the matter u look very beautiful and s. that day she make up like a sexy lady, I can’t say how she was that much she was beautiful. She replied today is her birth day,

I greeted her and asked her the treat. She asked ,what u want, I will get you anything because u gave me a new life, while telling I saw something on her face. As u wish. I ordered some ice cream for the next shop while pay we both where fighting, in fighting I touched unknowing many parts of her body but she didn’t say anything at last she won and paid the bill. I told her this not the treat u have to give me some special gift. She asked what special means . I told her what u thing as a special it is the special.

She thing for long time in mean time one patient came to give blood for some test. After he go she didn’t react anything. I was observing something in the microscope and she came and sit next to me without any gap, I didn’t say anything, because I was waiting for this for long time, suddenly grabbed my hand and kissed . I asked her what I this, she was little bit scared and moved away. After finishing my job I came and sit in my chair then I called her to sit in front of me. but she refused to come. Her time finished and she is going to leave.

Next day was Sunday, I told to come tomorrow, because in Sunday we use to go camp we merge with trust, it is doing some social service activities. During alternative Sunday we use to go for a medical camp around the cuddlier district village. Next day around 6.50 am I came to clinic and take all the equipments which needs for the camp by the time she came and said good morning. I too greeted her…After we started to go to the trust, they took us in their transport we came back around 2.30pm

As I opened the clinic she told that she wants to leave and i told her after arranging the equipment u go . She came in side and I locked the door. While arranging, i asked do u like me? she was quite and asked her. She said big yes and asked do u? i said i too like u. y u shouted yesterday i don’t have answer, and said leave about yesterday. I grabbed her hand and kissed and she asked what is this? I said reply for yesterday. There was a silent from her and I do my work, while doing the work she hold me from my back,

I didn’t say anything and continued my work after finishing it, I said leave me I will wash my hands and come. After washing my hand I was to pee…..then I cleaned my little brother because I am Muslim, came out and sit next to her. I asked her shall we go she said no I don’t want to go home because I am all alone at home. Then what we will do I asked. She said we will sit here and chat for some time. I hold her hand and asked what u wants me to do, she was silent and I understand her feelings.

I kissed he chin and moved my lips to her lips, she responded nicely and asked to remove her saree pin and she did. Then I kissed her neck and lick her it was salty because of sweat. then I removed her saree and squeezed her boobs with blouse and then unhooked her blouse and there was two big coconut (elaneer) by seeing that I got pain in my jetty because of bulge of my little brother, slightly adjusted my jetty and released it from my jetty by the side but it is in my pant. I grabbed her boobs with my two hands.

Then her hands moved to my thigh and touched my pennies under my pant and massaged for five min. then there was a wet in my pant that was my pre cum. then she removed the buckle of my belt and unbuttoned my pant and removed as soon as she touched my little brother I feel that I was in heaven because never touched my little brother by anyone. Then she was play and told to little brother that this much big your( my brother’s height is 8 inches and fatty) she is play with hands i told her to give a blow job but she refused and I asked whether u like me r not .

Yes I love u very much then listen my words. Then she give a blow job and she said that I feel to vomit then i told her to stop it. then she kissed me . then i removed her saree completely and removed the knot of pavadai(petticoat)and removed. now she fully naked and I am half naked. she told me remove my t shirt. I did it then I went to her precious shaved pussy and touched the lips and asked her that u always shaved your pussy. She said no because for u only I shaved.

I shocked and asked because for me, she said yes, then told from beginning I like you but I scared of u and my husband is drunk yard, he won’t do anything for so far I don’t have child. I need child please help me. I asked u want to get pregnant of me, then we have do sex every day . She said Ok we will do every day. Then I Massaged he pussy some white fluid came with some erotic smell. I applied that fluid in the tip of my dick and started rubbing her pussy with my dick.

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