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First time my girlfriend say 'Oh fuck' fuck my pussy -2

I step back for a moment. I'm curious what you think I'm doing right now, but in truth, I'm simply watching you- Watching you struggle to contain yourself as your pussy throbs with pleasure from this new invader. I note to myself that I flipped you in such a way that you are laying diagonally on the bed so that your head is at one edge and your feet at the other. I do have more work to do, but everyone deserves a break now and again, I think, and seeing you there inspires me to take one.

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First time my girlfriend say 'Oh fuck'  fuck my pussy -2

I disrobe, still watching you squirm. My cock had begun to throb when I first felt your wetness and it was now eager. I approach you, placing my hand softly around your neck, the implications clear. “You are going to be on your best behavior, is that right?” You nod, a tiny moan barely escaping your lips. I make a sound of disapproval. “I said not a sound. If you can't handle that, then I will have to make you be silent.” With that, I move my hand to the side of your head, turning your face towards me.
Grasping my cock in my free hand, I push my head against your lips. You resist. “Don't give me a reason to punish you.” With that, you open your mouth, allowing me to enter. You blow me quite eagerly, much to my pleasure. You suck the head as you flutter your tongue around the underside and I can't help but moan my approval. You begin to pivot your head back and forth, mouth fucking my member and I notice you thrusting your hips slightly in unison. The vibrations on your clit must be getting to you. Your unexpected enthusiasm feels exquisite and I fully believe if I just allowed you to do this the rest of the evening, I'd be content, but there is more to do. I withdrawal my cock, taking a moment to run the glans over your lips, your tongue darting out to tease it, before withdrawing entirely.
You exhale audibly and arch your back. Its easy to forget the pleasure you're being treated to right now. I grab you, a hand on your shoulder and another below your hip, and straighten you on the bed so your laying in the middle. I imagine, at this point, your back has touched the ropes. It took a lot of time, getting the ropes right. Weaving them under the bed, tying them, crossing them in just the right places, all so I could get the desired effect. I raise one of your legs in the air, pushing it back. I slip a loop over your foot before letting your leg go. The loop settles in the nook of the back of your knee. I go to the other leg, pushing it back, and when I do so I hear you moan in pleasure. Moving you like this must have changed how the vibrator is applying pressure in your pussy. I imagine the vibrations are now directly against your g-spot. Good. I let this moan pass without comment. I loop your other foot and release it. The end result pleases me. Your legs are open and held back, nearly to your shoulders. It seems almost gynecological, as if these ropes are your stirrups. Your pussy is open to me, easy access. I can see it glistening with wetness- The vibrator has been doing a lot of work.
I grip the tiny vibrator by the curve of it's U shape and move it slowly- Just around, stirring in a way. You begin to move your hips opposite my movement and let out another moan. “No sounds” I remind you and you stop. I can tell by the way you hold your mouth that its taking concentration to be quiet. I suddenly pluck the vibrator out of your pussy. You frown, thinking you're being punished, and I watch as you gyrate your hips, trying to fill the void left by the vibrator. I can see your wetness, even from far away, and its simply too inviting to pass up.
I lower my face to your open pussy, eager to taste your juices. I dive right in, licking up from your hole to your clit, where I begin sucking with abandon. You moan and I hear an “Oh fuck” escape your lips. I stop my work. You know why, without me having to say anything. I let a moment pass, depriving you, a punishment for daring to make a sound. When I return my mouth to your clit, you're much better about the rules, barely making a peep. I watch your face as I work you over with my lips and tongue and I can see the silence is difficult for you. I lower my face slightly so my tongue is at the entrance to your pussy. I dart my tongue in and out, forcing it as deeply as I can. Your exquisite taste surrounds me as I use my hands to spread you open wider. But you remain composed, despite visible difficulty. I enjoy this little game of ours and I stroke myself, causing a pleasure moan to escape my mouth into your aching pussy. Still silence from you. I'll have to work harder if I'm to get you to break the rules.
I give you a final lick, savoring your pussy lips in my mouth, then I stand, returning to my tools. I select one that should get the job done- It's very narrow, with a curve and a larger egg on the end, designed specifically for g-spot stimulation. I should be able to make you scream with this.
I insert the new toy into your open pussy, not deeply, no. In fact, I keep right at the entrance of your hole, darting it in and out, taking advantage of the unique shape to give you the feeling of being penetrated over and over again. You let out a gasp, but I let it slide without comment. Enough teasing. I push it in a bit further, resting the egg against your g-spot. I place a hand on your pelvis, half to hold you down, half to create more pressure inside of you, and then I turn the device on. I watch your mouth widen as you inhale, letting out an “Ohhh...” I tap you firmly on your hip, letting you know I disapprove of you making a sound. Then I begin in haste, jerking the toy in an up and down motion, smashing the vibrating head against your g-spot as I apply pressure from above. You wiggle your pelvis up and down with my thrusts as you begin to whisper your pleasure. I say nothing- You are making an effort, after all, and I want you to enjoy this. It doesn't take long for the feeling to overwhelm you, and, while I can't see your eyes, I recognize the look on your face- You're about to cum. I redouble my efforts, going faster and harder as I rub your clit with my thumb. You begin to scream, but I can figure out a punishment later.
Then it happens- The first contraction of your orgasm pushes the egg shaped toy out of you, while, simultaneously, your pussy explodes with an eruption of wetness and fluid, soaking the bed. I keep rubbing your clit as I watch your pussy open and close with the aftershocks of the orgasm and your breathing begins to slow. “You screamed. I told you not to do that. No sound this time.” Before your orgasm has completely passed, I insert the toy back into you and work you with the same intensity as before, no build up. “Oh my god!” I hear you whisper. The first orgasm opens a floodgate, making it much easier to achieve the next and it doesn't take more than a minute of work before you're erupting again, panting in the after glow of your second orgasm. This time the toy stays in you.
“You spoke again.” This time I don't even give you a moment to catch your breath. I never slow down. “No noise” You comply with strained silence as I work your g-spot with a new found intensity. Your orgasms overlap as you soak me, your mouth frozen in the shape of a pleasure scream but no sound escaping. “Good.” I slow, remove my thumb from your clit and withdraw the toy. I can see your pussy twitching, involuntarily contracting with the remnants of your pleasure.
Its my turn now. Tossing the toy aside, I prop myself between your raised legs, adjusting myself so my cock lines up with your still hungry pussy. I rub the head between your soaked lips, enjoying your heat and wetness. I push the tip of my cock against your clit and stroke, transferring my movements to you. You remain silent, but your gyrations and your lips, mouthing words you dare not speak, tell me all I need to know. I push my cock down and enter you slowly. I hear you gasp and feel you tighten around my member. Your orgasms were so recent, I'm sure your sensitivity is heightened. I begin to pump in and out of you slowly, looking downward to take in the visual, your pussy lips wrapped around my hard cock as I invade you again and again.
You begin to rock your pelvis to meet my thrusts, heightening the sensation. Your pussy swirls around my cock and the pure pleasure draws me to pound you hard, my thumb finding its way to your clit. I rub it in quick, small circles as I fuck you, my own pleasure escalating with every pump.
“Fuck me! Fuck me!” You finally break. My hand is around your neck almost instantaneously. “No sound” I answer as I choke you with just enough force to let you know I mean business. Your mouth opens in ecstasy but you comply with my command. I force all of me inside of you and begin to rock my hips, my pelvis pressuring your clit, the ropes around your ankles making sure you can't reject me.
I kiss you, my hand still at your throat, my lips slick with your juices. You return it eagerly- I suspect its easier to remain silent under these conditions. The kiss seems to ignite your passions and you begin bucking your hips against me wildly. The feeling of your pussy tightening and relaxing around my cock as you move is all most too much and I feel as if I'm about to explode, but I'm not ready, not just yet.
I break the kiss and release your neck, propping myself up on my knees and pulling out of you almost completely; only the head of my cock remains inside you. I slide the loop of rope up your calf and over your foot, releasing one foot and then the other. You're free of those bonds, but the cuffs and the mask remain. I roll you over to your stomach, the red of your hiked up dress standing in contrast to your beautiful ass. I grab you by the hips and pull you upwards onto your knees, your face to the side, propped against the comforter on the bed. Thanks to the cuffs, you can't use your hands to brace yourself. Face down, ass up, I muse to myself as I position myself behind you.
I grip my cock and push it against the entrance to your pussy. With my other hand, I find the cuffs and pull you back onto my dick. You groan with approval as I enter you deeply. You feel different from behind, somehow. Tighter, almost, more enveloping. I pull back, feeling your g-spot rubbing against the glans of my cock as I pass over it, then I slam back into you, fast and hard. A few more strokes like this follow- Pulling out slowly, deliberately, before slamming back into you, hard and fast. You make a small, pitiful sound on every inward stroke.
Then something changes in you. Perhaps its the stimulation to your g-spot, or the deeper penetration, or something else, but you begin to fuck me, plowing yourself against my cock. I pull on the cuffs with every movement backwards that you make, driving me deeper and deeper into you. You begin to moan in time with your pumps and I'm beyond reprimanding you for it. I'm staying still now, mostly, letting you ride my cock. Your speed increases and so do your moans. You're getting close to another orgasm, I can tell. For that matter, so am I. I can feel my muscles tensing, my balls tightening as you drive me ever deeper into your pussy, your aggression escalating.
Suddenly, with a scream you freeze and I can feel your pussy contracting and releasing around my cock. It feels wonderful, but the sudden stop in movement jars me and I take over, fucking you as hard and as fast as I'm able. Your scream returns, muffled by the blanket. Its too much. I push all of myself into you, my cock as deep as its able to go, as my first shot of hot cum erupts inside of you. I hear a deep moan of satisfaction, though I'm unsure if it originates from me or you. Your pulsating pussy milks another load of hot cum out of my cock and into you, then another and another. I don't know how many waves I go through, the feeling is too overwhelming, but your pussy welcomes them all. You've drained me.
I pull out slowly, a moan escaping you as my dick makes its exit. I practically fall onto the bed next to you, your ass still in the air, a trickle of hot cum cascading down your pussy lips onto your clit. I turn to look at you, your face pressed against the bed, the mask still on. I slide the mask up, offering you a smile.
“You listened pretty well, but I expect you to do even better next time.” You roll on to your side, your hands still cuffed. “Thanks” you answer, almost sarcastically “Now can you take these cuffs off?” I hop up and grab the key, returning to you and releasing you. You rub your wrists and roll onto your back, basking in your post orgasmic state.
I notice my phone sitting next to the clock and pick it up. I check the text from earlier. It's from you. I read it. “Hey, sorry I'm late, couldn't find my shoes, but I'm here. I'm ready for my surprise. Hope I like it ;)” I grin. I hope you liked it too.
“Again?” You ask. I put the phone down and roll back into bed.

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