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I found it recently and felt compelled to share for some reason, I'm not sure why. Hopefully someone might enjoy it.
It's dark now. Not completely, no. The clock on the night stand illuminates the corner in a faint light, declaring the time- 8:04. I was expecting you at 8. I wouldn't even notice under normal circumstances. Four minutes? There could have been traffic, or you stopped to get a drink at a gas station, or you couldn't find your shoes right away or any other completely mundane scenario. But tonight… Tonight I'm antsy. Eager.
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First time my girlfriend say 'Oh fuck'  fuck my pussy -1
I step to the window and pull the blind aside, peering out into the night. A street light illuminates the alley in a vibrant yellow hue. It reminds me of the color of the moon over a polluted city. I can see rain falling in front of the light- Only in front of the light, everywhere else out there, in the darkness, seems still. I had known, though, it was raining, even before I saw it. I had opened the window sometime earlier- Just a crack- But the smell of fresh rain in autumn pervaded the room some time ago. I close it now. I think that's best; if the neighbors were to hear what I have planned… What's going to happen… It could make things rather… We'll say “awkward.” I stare at the rain falling, lulling, becoming almost hypnotized. Time rushes past me, standing there at my window, watching everything and nothing. I notice the wind picking up as the leaves, bathed in yellow light, begin to sway and dance. I can hear the rain now, the wind picking up the tear-shaped droplets and banging them against my window. And just as quickly as the intensity of the storm (if you can call it that) had built, it dissipated, turning into a mere sprinkle. I can barely even see the rain in front of the light now- It looks more like a haze falling than actual rain.
Suddenly, I'm pulled back to reality. Involuntarily, I shake my head, as if to shed the stupor that had overtaken me. I have plans to focus on. How much time had passed as I stood there, counting rain drops? I turn to the clock in the corner- 8:07. Huh. Felt a lot longer.
But as I glance at the clock, out of the corner of my eye, I see the border of the window blind illuminate slightly. Not yellow, but white. I turn my gaze back out the window- Headlights. You've arrived. I watch you park. You seem to stay in the car for a bit- I'm not sure why, maybe the rain. I hear an electronic jingle and the corner by the clock lights up. My phone. Walking over to it, I look down. A new text. I turn the phone face down and return to the window. The car is completely dark now and I squint, trying to see where you are. It's too dark and my faux moon is too far away to shed any light on the situation.
I hear the door close, downstairs. You're in the house. I take a deep breath, grab my “equipment”, open the closet door and stand beside it- If you were to enter the bedroom now, especially in this darkness, you wouldn't see me. I hear you walking downstairs. I am excited, nervous, eager. I ready the gear I'll need right at the beginning as I hear you coming up the steps. It's almost time. You're right outside the door now and I try to control my breathing.
You walk into the bedroom- I would say casually, nonchalantly even- You don't know what's about to happen, and your guard is down. Your back is to me but I can see you clearly; my eyes have adjusted to the darkness some time ago. Your hair is down, but it looks like you've spent some time on it. You're wearing a red dress- Even without any light in here, the color is obvious. It looks like it wouldn't provide you much warmth this time of year. I imagine you left your jacket downstairs. You have no shoes on- They're likely with the jacket. I'm glad about that; shoes, particularly heels, could have complicated what is about to come. One less thing to worry about. You take a step towards the bed. “Hello?” you call out, and I can hear the confusion in your voice. It's time.
Before you can act, I've pushed you onto the bed, pinning you. I have one hand on your right wrist and the other on the back of your neck, planting your face against the comforter. You begin to protest but my mouth is by your ear and I cut you off in a quiet yet harsh voice “Shut. Up. You will NOT make a sound. You will do as I say. This… This will NOT be quick, but if you're good, if you listen, you won't get hurt. Do you understand? Nod.” You don't nod.
No, you try to fight me- I'd be disappointed with anything less. I push down on the back of your neck, shoving your face deeper into the blanket, displaying the power I have over you right now. “I said “Do you understand?”” This time, you nod.
“Do. Not. Move.” I release your neck and grab your left wrist. I pull it behind your back, then your right. I produce the first piece of my equipment- Handcuffs. I cuff the right wrist, but you jerk the left away. I grab it again and roughly pull it back to where I want it, placing the other cuff around it. Success. You continue to wiggle and flail, but you are being quiet. Good. The sleeping mask goes on next, covering your eyes. Blinded and cuffed, I roll you over onto your back and flick on the light. “Wh- What are you going to do to me?” you whisper. I give you a light slap on the cheek. “I said no talking.” I stand, getting the rest of my equipment. “Besides.” I move back over to the bed, leaning down, close to your ear “You know exactly what I'm going to do to you.”
There are a few moments of silence. I take my time as I get things ready, in turn giving you time to think about what is to come. My instruments and tools all laid out, I turn back to you, still lying on the bed- I imagine you could get up without much trouble, but you wouldn't get very far and you seem to know this. I take a few seconds to look you over. Perhaps I'm a softy at heart, but you really do look beautiful. The red dress, hitched up a bit in the struggle, looks incredibly becoming on you. For the first time, I notice the scent of your perfume. It smells fresh, feminine. It reminds me of spring time. I step closer to you and softly caress your neck. You jump at the touch. Perfect.
“Now, I have some work to do, to get you ready. It's going to take a bit of time. But I don't want you to be bored.” I smile, though I suppose you can't see that, what with the mask and all. “Don't move. Don't make a sound.” I hitch your dress higher, revealing aqua colored panties. I think they're satin, but, frankly, I'm not positive. You begin to kick and I tap your leg firmly, as if I was training a dog to sit. “No. No fighting.” You continue your protests, but they're manageable, and you remain quiet.
Slipping your panties off is easier than I expected. Seeing you exposed like this produces a thrill in me and I can't contain myself. I slide my finger up your slit, just once, feeling overwhelmed with the need to touch you. The warm wetness that greets me is a particularly welcome surprise. This will make things much easier.
I step away for a moment and retrieve a U-shaped device, small and flexible. I turn it on and it begins to hum with vibrations. I imagine you can hear it. I return to you, your pussy exposed to me. I place one end of the U directly on your clit. You gasp and let out a small moan, and, though this pleases me, you must be reprimanded. “Not a sound!” I scold. I slip the other half of the U inside of you, one end teasing your clit, the other pulsating eagerly inside your pussy. You squirm but don't make a peep.

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