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Fuck Me If U Want -Chapter 1

Randi Coles kicked off the bedcovers and groaned softly. It was stifling in her room. It must be the
hottest night of the year, she thought. Her room felt like an oven.
Even though the window was open, the air outside was just as hot as it was inside. And the humidity was
unbearable. She had put on her flimsiest nightie, which only went down to the tops of her thighs and was

Fuck Me If U Want -Chapter 1
Fuck Me If U Want -Chapter 1

made of wispy transparent fabric, but even that was too much.
She decided to go to the refrigerator and get a glass of iced tea. Maybe that'll cool me off enough so
that I can get some sleep, she thought.
And she knew she should get some sleep too. Tomorrow would be a big day. She had the day off from

her job as a maid for her sister's wedding. And Randi would also be the maid of honor. She wanted to
be at her best, fresh and rested. But how could she do that in this stinking weather?
She tiptoed quietly down the hallway to the kitchen, hoping that at least everyone else was asleep,
though she didn't see how they could be in this heat. She knew that Rick, her future brother-in-law, and
Dave, her younger brother, had stayed up late playing a game, but they must have gone to bed too. The
light was out in the living room.
She tiptoed past the guest room, where Rick was sleeping until the wedding tomorrow, and saw no light
under the door. It was dark in the kitchen, but she knew the way to the refrigerator. The light inside of it
made it possible for her to find a glass and fill it with iced tea.
"Oh, would you pour one for me too, while you're at it?" a voice behind her suddenly asked in a soft
"What?" Randi, startled, whirled around.
The iced tea she had poured for herself spilled onto the floor. It splashed onto her bare feet.
"Oh shit!" she gasped. "Now look what I've done!"
Again she looked up. In the dim light from the refrigerator, she saw Rick. His body was naked from the
waist up, his shoulders muscular and powerful, his chest hairy and broad. He was only about five years
older than she was, of course, but she had never thought of him-like that.
And just what do you mean, like that? she asked herself. But Randi could see that she was not exactly
the only one who was struck by the moment. She suddenly realized that the weak light from the
refrigerator was behind her, illuminating the curves of her own body through the filmy fabric of her nightie.
Rick, naturally, was looking. Quickly, she closed the door. Now they were in the dark.
"God, I've got to mop this up," Randi said.
"Here, I'll help," Rick murmured. "I didn't mean to make you spill it.
I was just so hot. I thought I'd come in and get a glass for myself.
Then, when I saw you-"
"Oh, I know," Randi said. "It's nothing. I'll clean it up."
She had grown up in the house, so she found her way to the kitchen towels easily. On the way back to
the refrigerator, she bumped into Rick in the dark.
"Oh! Excuse me," she said.
But she didn't pull back. Her arm brushed his naked chest. She could feel his breath on her neck. Finally
Randi moved back away from him. But she could feel her pulse racing unexpectedly.
She bent down and mopped up the puddle. When she stood up again, he was right there beside her. It
was dark, but their faces were just inches away from each other.
"Randi, would you pour a glass for me?" Rick asked in a strange-sounding voice.
"You-could do it for yourself," she said nervously.
"What would you say if I told you I like to see the light shine through your nightgown?" he whispered.
"I don't know. Do you?"
Suddenly she felt his hand on her face. He tilted her mouth up to his and his lips crushed down on hers.
His tongue was inside her mouth before Randi even knew it, searching and probing.
His hands were up inside her flimsy nightie too. They found her firm young naked tits and squeezed them
eagerly. His fingers pinched her soft, stiff nipples. Randi gasped.
"Oooohhh! God, we can't do this!" she cried, pulling back. "Rick! You know we can't! What do you
think you're doing?"
But he knew very well what he was doing. And she couldn't help responding. Her body grew warm and
pliant under his grasp.
"I can't help it, Randi!" he panted, kissing her neck. "I've always wanted you!"
"No, you can't say that," she said. "You're marrying Laura tomorrow.
You can't have me. You can't want me."
She pulled his hands off her tits and stepped back away from him. But she half-wished he had not let her
stop him. Part of her wanted him not to take no for an answer. She wanted him to rip off her nightie and
throw her down and fuck her right there on the kitchen floor, even though she knew that was crazy. Her
cunt was wet for him.
"I can't help it!" Rick whispered.
"You-have to help it," she said, trying to sound firm. "Here."
She poured a glass of iced tea for him and handed it to him. She closed the refrigerator door before he
could look too long at her body through her nightie. But Rick set the glass on the kitchen table.
He came toward her again. Randi didn't move. This time he encircled her body with his arms and
dropped his hands to her ass. He got his hands under the skirt of her nightie and squeezed her high,
round asscheeks.
Randi felt hot arrows of lust shooting through her wet pussy. Oh, Jesus, that feels good! she thought. She
kissed him back eagerly this time.
When they stopped kissing, Randi was panting and gasping with excitement. Her blood was hot and
racing. She wanted more.
"Rick, please!" she murmured, kissing his hard chest.
"Please what?"
"Please-stop this!"
"You don't want me to stop."
"I know I don't! But we have to! What if Laura found out?"
"She won't find out unless we tell her. I certainly won't tell her."
"Ahhhnnn!" Randi groaned as she felt one of his hands slide around her body and dip into her wet crotch.
He slid a finger up into her pulsing pussy. She bit her lower lip. Her body shivered uncontrollably.
"Why don't we go to your room?" he asked.
"We can't!" She spun quickly away from him. "Now leave me alone.
"All right," he said. "Whatever you want."
He disappeared in the darkness, down the hall, back to the guest room. Randi took deep breaths to
make her pulse slow down. She tried to pretend that the whole thing had not happened.
She tried to control herself by gulping down the glass of iced tea. Then she went back to her room and
shut the door. She lay down on her bed, trying to forget about the incident in the kitchen.
But it was impossible. Her body burned. She touched the wet lips of her sizzling young cunt with her
fingers, recalling how he had touched her there. She knew he was only a couple of doors away, right
down the hall.
He's probably lying there thinking how he wants to fuck me, just like I'm lying here tonight, she thought.
But god, what if Laura ever found out? She'd kill me. And she'd have every right.
Randi finally removed her nightie, as she had originally planned. She ran her hands all over her feverish
body. Her smooth flesh glimmered in the moonlight that came through her open window. She cupped
her full young tits, trying to imagine Rick's lips on them, sucking wildly.
The fingers of her other hand found her swollen clit and rubbed it. She tried to imagine his cock inside
her. Moving in and out. God, I want him to do it! she thought desperately.
And then she thought she heard a very soft knock on her door.
"Who is it?" she asked in a loud whisper.
Slowly her door opened. Somebody slipped inside and closed the door again.
"I'm sorry, but I didn't want anybody to hear me," Rick said.
Randi forgot she was entirely naked until she saw the look in his eye as he came closer to the bed. He
was devouring her with his gaze. Rick could hardly tear his eyes from her beautiful jutting tits. Randi
remembered how she had just imagined his mouth all over them.
"Oh, Rick," she said in a soft voice, not knowing what to do.
She didn't make any effort to cover herself as he sat down next to her on the edge of the bed. His hands
came out and cupped her naked tits. His eyes burned with lust for her.
"Randi, you're so damned beautiful," he said. "I can't help it."
"What about Laura?"
"Forget Laura! I want you!"
Randi didn't try to stop him as he lowered his mouth to her soft nipples. When he sucked one inside his
mouth, she moaned softly. She knew that if she didn't let him fuck her, she would die of need.
"Oh, Rick, it feels so good!" she moaned into his ear, caressing his hair.
He sucked her gently at first, but as they both grew more aroused, his mouth became rougher, more
urgent. He sucked both of her nipples sharply, and Randi began to whimper and squirm. Her hands ran
all over his broad hard shoulders and muscular arms.
Finally, she let her hands fall to his crotch. She could feel the coiled power of his throbbing cock under
his pants.
"God, I want you to fuck me, Rick!" she whispered hotly in his ear.
Already she had his belt buckle unfastened. She unzipped his fly. Rick stood up and shed his pants.
Randi pulled down his shorts.
He had a long thick prick that was already stiff and jumping. Randi took it in both hands and smothered
it with hot little kisses. She curled her tongue around the bulging head of his cock and licked him
He lay next to her on the bed, and Randi took the head of his cock all the way into her mouth. She had
never really wanted to suck a man's prick before, until now. But Rick's was so big and alive, so
powerful inside her mouth.
She ran her sensual lips all over it, tantalizing him, making him want her to suck it. When she finally
closed her lips over it again, Rick groaned softly. Randi massaged his balls and sucked him with slow
gentle pulls of her lips.
He twisted his body around and got his head between her spreading thighs. The next thing Randi knew
his tongue was slipping up into her juicy pussy.
"Ohhhnnnnn!" she groaned, letting his cock out of her mouth for a moment.
She had never done a sixty-nine before, and found it wildly exciting. She began sucking him again, this
time more rapidly, aroused by the flicking of his tongue against her tingling clit. Her body wriggled and
quivered with sexual fires.
She realized that he was getting wildly excited too. Rick's cock was as hard as an iron pipe, and
twitching crazily in her mouth. His hips jerked, driving his hard cock farther into Randi's mouth.
Through the hot thrills she was feeling, she could hear her bed squeaking as the two of them writhed
Feeling herself on the verge of a climax, and knowing Rick was too, Randi pulled away from him
"Oh, Randi, don't stop!" he gasped in a panting whisper.
"Rick, we're making too much noise!" she murmured, turning around to face him. "What if they hear us?
What if Laura hears us?"
He didn't have an answer to that one. Instead, he kissed her searchingly, letting his tongue probe deep
into her mouth while his hand found her pussy again. He rubbed her clit with his fingers until Randi was
gasping helplessly with need.
"Oh, Rick, I want you so bad!" she whimpered. "I almost don't care if everybody knows!"
"We can be quiet."
"I want your cock in me!" Randi whispered. "I want to feel it inside me! Please!"
It only took him a second to slip between her thighs and slide his hard cock between her oozing warm
pussylips. Randi felt her pulse flutter as the long thick cock fucked deep into her. She put her arms
around Rick's neck, looking up at him in the darkness.
"I think I always wanted you to fuck me," she said to him. "From the very first time I saw you with
"Randi, you're so tight!" he gasped.
"You like that?"
"God, yes!"
"Unnnggghhh!" she groaned as he withdrew his long cock, then plunged it deep into her again.
"Shhh!" he whispered. "We have to be quiet!"
"I know. God, it feels so good!"
The bed began to squeak and shake again as he began to fuck Randi more rapidly. Rick heard it too.
He stopped. Randi could hardly stand it. She didn't want him to stop fucking for even a second.
"Ohhh, don't stop, Rick! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"
"Maybe we should do it on the floor," he murmured.
"On the floor?"
"It would make less noise."
They got out of her bed and lay down on the rug next to it. Rick grabbed Randi's pillow and put it under
her ass. She didn't know what effect that would have, but this time when he slid his cock into her cunt, it
went deeper than before. The sensation almost made her cry out.
"Ooohhhh!" she gasped. "Oh, Jesus, that's deep!"
"Does it hurt?" he asked.
"No, it drives me crazy," she said, swirling her hips suggestively.
"Oh, Randi, you're so beautiful," he said again, now beginning to fuck her more urgently than before.
Randi couldn't believe how aroused she was. She had fucked several times with her boyfriend Dave, but
it had never been so good. Rick knew how to fuck her so that she wanted to scream with pleasure.
His hands roamed all over her smooth body, while his cock slid in and out of her clinging pussy. He
clutched her ass, squeezing it roughly as the edge of his hard prick rubbed against her swollen clit. Randi
nearly came unglued.
"Ohhhnnnn!" she moaned, pumping her cunt rapidly up into his strong thrusts. "Ohhh, Rick, I'm going to
come! Do it hard! Deep! Oh, God, yessss!"
"Shhhh, Randi, don't make so much noise!" Rick panted.
"I can't help it!"
"Here, bite into my shoulder so you won't be heard," he said.
"Uhhhhh-uhhhhh!" Randi panted, right on the edge of an intense orgasm.
Rick fucked his cock deep into her exploding cunt, and she began to spill over with hot coming. She
opened her mouth and bit into his shoulder, as he had told her to do, just as the involuntary screams
started pouring out of her mouth.
"Unnngggmmeeee!" she wailed, her body seared by the fierce spasms of her climax. "Mmmm!"
Rick was close behind her. He fucked his cock deep into her and groaned softly. Randi could feel the
long wet jets of his cum shooting into her pussy.
They clung tightly together until the sharp throbbing pleasure died away. Then they relaxed, coming
apart. Randi tried to hold his cock inside her, but finally he had to pull it out.
"Randi!" Rick whispered, pulling her body against him. "That was the best I ever had!"
"Me too," Randi said. "Only we'll never be able to have it again."
"Don't say that."
"Are you going to marry Laura?"
"How can I get out of it?"
"Then at least stay the night with me," she murmured.
She dropped her hand to his limp cock and began to massage it. Rick cupped her firm left tit and
lowered his mouth to her soft nipple, sucking it heatedly.
"At least we can fuck a few more times tonight," Randi said.
But then they both froze as they heard footsteps outside the door, in the hallway. The floorboards
"Oh, shit, who can that be?" Rick asked.
"I don't know. We'd better be very quiet."
After a few minutes, they heard the toilet flush. Then the footsteps passed again. But they both knew by
now that they had risked more than they should.
Reluctantly, Rick pulled on his pants and kissed Randi once before slipping quietly out of her bedroom
and going back down the hall to the guest room.

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