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Fuck Me If U Want -Chapter 2

Randi felt awful seeing Rick go out the door, shut it behind him, and go to his own room. She was still
naked and hot. His jism was still leaking back out of her cunt.
Just fuck me and then go and marry my sister, eh? she thought ruefully. Somehow she felt really used
and discarded. And yet she couldn't deny that it had been the best fuck ever for her.

Fuck Me If U Want -Chapter 2
Fuck Me If U Want -Chapter 2

She was so horny and angry at the same time that she couldn't sleep. The heat hadn't gotten any better
either. She checked the clock radio beside her bed and saw that it was shortly after midnight.
Getting out of bed, she pulled on her jeans, first wiping away the last traces of Rick's cum. She didn't

bother to put on any panties under them. Then she pulled on a loose silk shirt and went barefoot out into
the back yard.
She sat by the swimming pool a while, watching the moonbeams glimmer on the water. Then it suddenly
occurred to her that one way to work out her anger and beat the heat at the same time would be to go
for a swim.
But she didn't want to go all the way back inside the house to get her swimsuit. What the hell, she
figured. Everybody else was asleep anyway. What did it matter if she just went in naked? Nobody
would ever know.
Quickly, she slipped out of her jeans and her shirt. She slipped into the pool at the shallow end. The
water was cool and wonderful. She swam the length of the pool once, then floated on her back.
She must have been in the water about ten minutes when she suddenly felt eyes watching her.
She began to peer up into the darkness around the edges of the pool. Finally, her eyes made out the
person who was watching her. It was her young brother, Billy. He was sitting in a deck chair, wearing
his swim trunks. His eyes were riveted on Randi's wet, naked body.
"I hope you're enjoying the view," she said softly, swimming over to the pool edge near his chair.
"I-I'm sorry," he said, stammering nervously. "I guess I couldn't help myself."
"You couldn't?" she asked. She was under water now from the neck down.
He couldn't see her body. "You couldn't tell me you were there?"
"I-I didn't want to."
Suddenly, not knowing exactly why, Randi hoisted herself out of the pool and sat on the edge. Her
beautiful body glistened in the moonlight. The water beaded up on her tits and round puffy nipples, and
on her smooth thighs. Billy couldn't take his eyes off her.
"Is this what you wanted to see?" Randi asked.
She turned her front to him so he could see all of her. Billy's eyes roamed over her full young upswept
tits. He rubbed his crotch self-consciously.
"Oh, does it make you get a hard-on?" Randi asked. "Looking at your own sister's body?"
"Gosh, Randi, give me a break, okay!" he said. "I didn't mean to. You were just-there."
Somehow, tempting him like this brought out a spirit of mischief in her. She got up and went over to him,
sitting on the edge of the deck chair, pushing his legs away. Her brother's eyes widened as he saw her
full naked tits up close.
"Haven't you ever seen a girl's tits before, Billy?" she asked quietly.
"Not like this," he said.
"Do you want to touch?"
Randi realized that she was still horny from her encounter with Rick. She even drew her shoulders back
so that her firm young tits jutted forward. The full globes were beaded with water and luscious in the soft
Billy nodded slowly, as if hypnotized. Randi reached out and took one of his hands. She put it on her
wet right tit. Billy's hand closed over the firm ball of flesh.
"Squeeze!" she whispered.
He did, and suddenly Randi realized that they were farther into things than she had thought. Hot darting
fires shot through her body. She looked down at Billy's crotch and saw a huge lump.
My god, it can't be that big, she thought, feeling her pulse race instantly. She put her hand on his swim
suit, just to see if she was right.
"Jesus, Billy!" she gasped.
Randi suddenly saw her younger brother in a new light. He seemed to have grown up without her
noticing. She was nineteen now, and he was younger, but the difference seemed unimportant.
Billy had a strong virile young body and a handsome face. All the high school girls were wild for him.
She squeezed his cock gently through his swim trunks. Billy's eyes glazed. He gasped with surprise and
"I want to see it!" Randi whispered.
She slipped her fingers under the top of his trunks and found the string tie. It came loose easily. Then she
tugged them down. Billy helped by lifting his ass off the chair.
The fattest, longest cock Randi had ever seen flopped out and began jerking to attention.
She couldn't keep her hands off it. She stroked and caressed the enormous twitching prick. It was fierce
and magnificent, and ripply with veins and jumping powerfully.
"Billy, it's gigantic!" she murmured.
He grinned sheepishly.
"The guys call me Trigger," he said.
Randi bent forward and began to lick it. She curled her tongue around the swollen purplish bulb at the
top. Billy panted and quivered uncontrollably.
"Randi ... do you think we should be doing this right here? I mean, what if somebody wakes up."
"They won't."
"We did!"
"But Billy, I just want to take it in my mouth ... like this."
She sucked the head of his cock into her warm wet mouth. Billy bit his lower lip. His massive prick
flared and twitched crazily between her lips.
Randi became so excited and aroused by the situation that she began to suck his cock passionately. She
squeezed the rock-hard shaft and pulled on the fat round head of his prick with her sensual lips. Billy
groaned softly, bucking upward with his hips.
Randi felt the taste in her mouth and realized it was too late.
"Ummmgghphh!" Billy grunted.
Suddenly his cock erupted and shot cum into Randi's mouth. His climax was so violent and quick that his
spurting cock slipped out of her mouth and strings of jism shot onto her face. Oh Jesus! Randi thought,
grabbing her brother's spewing prick and gobbling it again, sucking down the last few drops of his cum.
"Ohhhh God, Randi!" Billy gasped, collapsing back into the deck chair.
Randi wiped away the cum from her cheek and chin with one hand. She realized that her cunt was juicy
and pulsing with need. I wish I hadn't done that, she thought. Because I'd really like to feel that monster
inside of me.
But she noticed that it didn't go limp, as she expected. Her brother's cock was just as hard and long and
fat as ever. She licked it and heard him groan again.
"Billy, let's go over behind the pool shed!" she whispered, pulling him up.
She knew where there was a cool spot of grass just to the side of the pump and filter. She took Billy
there and pulled him down beside her on the grass. Now they were shielded from the house by the shed.
Billy lay on his back. Randi straddled his hips. She bent over and dangled her delectable young tits in his
face, brushing his lips with her large soft nipples.
"God, Billy, don't tell anybody, okay?" she murmured. "I just want to feel it inside me. Only for a
second. Okay?"
She reached down and guided his long thick cock up into her melting pussy, clenching her teeth as she
lowered herself onto it. The huge pole of flesh fucked deeper into her cunt than any cock had ever been.
And it was so thick that she felt like she was splitting.
"Oh, holy shit!" she gasped, her eyes rolling up behind her eyelids.
"It's so big! God, I've never felt anything like it!"
Meanwhile, Billy wasn't losing any opportunity to suck the beautiful tits Randi was dangling in his face.
He held the firm globes in both hands and sucked her nipples so eagerly and hard that Randi began to
moan and squirm with lust.
"Yes! Yessss!" she panted at him, gyrating her cunt up and down on his big prick.
She realized that they were really fucking. She had tried to pretend that all she wanted was to feel it
inside her. But there was no pretending now.
Billy's strong hands dropped to her naked ass, and he fucked his huge cock up into her vigorously.
Randi mashed her throbbing tits down into his face, whimpering softly and trying to keep control of
herself. But it was impossible.
The feel of his enormous prick fucking up into her aching cunt made her dissolve into hot shivers of lust.
Oh Jesus, my own little brother! she thought incoherently as his cock took a piercing jab deep into her
flowing cunt.
"Ungghh!" she gasped. "Oh, Billy! Ungghh! It's so deep!"
"I-I'm sorry!" Billy panted.
"God, don't be sorry," she murmured, biting her lip. "Just fuck me, little brother. Fuck me hard! Yes, yes
hard! Unghh!"
She didn't have to ask. He was strong, and he fucked his cock up into her in short quick stabs that had
Randi boiling over with orgasm before she even knew what was happening. Her whole body shook and
shuddered uncontrollably.
"Aagghhhh!" she groaned, trying not to cry out. "Unnmmeeee! Oh! God, Billy, yes!"
She buried her face in his neck to muffle her moans. Billy gave a harsh groan himself. Suddenly she felt
the fountain of his huge prick going off inside her cunt. It seemed like endless jets of cum shot into her.
Finally, he was finished. Randi collapsed beside him on the grass. His huge cock was still embedded
deep in her pussy. She kissed him for the first time, again appreciating how handsome he had grown.
"I'll bet all the girls wish they were in my place right now," she said to him.
"All the girls are afraid of my cock," he said. "But you're not."
"Mmmmm!" Randi sighed, rubbing herself up and down on the fantastic rod of flesh. "I just want you to
fuck me over and over again."
But then reality suddenly came back to her. It was her own younger brother whose cock she was
fucking herself up and down on. Who had just fucked her so wonderfully. Whose cum was leaking out
of her cunt.
You weren't supposed to do this. You were supposed to feel horribly guilty for doing it. And she did feel
guilty, though not enough to take away the pleasure she had just felt.
"Promise you won't tell anybody!" she whispered to her brother. "It's really wrong, what we did!"
"I know." He looked down sheepishly. "I won't tell."
She gasped as he finally pulled his long cock out of her. It was still as stiff and huge as ever.
"Billy, you're a miracle," she whispered.
"If I don't tell anyone, do you think we can do it again sometime?"
Billy grinned at her in the dimness.
"Absolutely not," Randi said firmly, unable to control the pulsing she felt inside of her pussy. "Try to
forget it ever happened. You know how wrong it was."
She found her clothes by the pool and slipped back into them. She flung Billy's swim trunks at him, then
disappeared into the house, back to her bedroom. Gosh, what a night! she thought. First Rick. Then
She knew she should be entirely satisfied as she shed her clothes and lay down again on her bed.
Fucked twice in about an hour and a half, she thought, amazed.
She felt her wet pussy. Inside, the cum of both Rick and Billy intermingled with her own juices. Her
cuntlips were still wet and warm, tingling. Gee, maybe the more they do it to you, the more you want,
she thought. Am I a nymphomaniac or something?
Maybe I am. Just having their cum in me like this seems to turn me on. Gosh, think of how exciting it
would be to have them both come in me at once. Having both of their cocks inside my pussy at the same
time. Oh shit, with Billy's in there, it would tear me apart!
The idea excited her wildly, but at the same time, it scared her. She could feel the hot fires inside her
body grow hotter. Shit, I'm going to have to make myself come again, if this doesn't go away. I can't
believe how horny I am!
At that moment, she heard a soft knock on her door. Who could it be? Billy, getting the courage up to
ask for one more time? Even though he had already shot off twice?
She tiptoed to the door and opened it a crack. She glimpsed Rick's handsome face in the shadows of
the halfway.
"Rick! What is it?"
"Let me in."
She opened the door wide enough for him to slip inside, then shut it again. Before she could even step
back, he grabbed her naked body. His hungry mouth burned hers, his tongue probing and searching.
His hands dropped to her ass. One slipped around to the front and found her juicing cunt. He kissed her
neck. The hand still on her ass came up to her tits, squeezing them eagerly.
"Randi, I've got to have you again!" he whispered. "God, I can't get you out of my mind!"
"Oh, Rick! God, that feels good!"
Randi gyrated her hips, pushing her oozing pussy into his working hand. Rick dropped his mouth to her
nipples and sucked them sharply. Arrows of hot lust shot through her quivering body. She knew there
was no way she could resist him.
"Ohhhnnnn, Laura would be so pissed if she knew this was happening!" she gasped into his ear, her
knees weakening.
She slid one hand under his belt and plunged it down into his crotch. His cock was hot and throbbing.
Quickly, she freed it. With her other hand, she unzipped him and unbuckled his belt.
She sank to her knees and fed his twitching prick into her mouth. Rick gasped and held her head,
thrusting gently as she sucked him. Randi realized that both of them were already groaning softly and
panting as their sexual arousal heightened.
She pulled him down with her on the floor.
"Don't you think we already risked enough?" she asked.
"I don't care," Rick said. "All I want in the world is to fuck you again."
"We can't do it right here by the door. What if somebody goes by in the hall?"
"Over behind your bed," he said, pulling her with him.
On the other side of the bedroom, behind Randi's bed, she suddenly got the surprise of her life. She was
still on her hands and knees, from crawling there, when Rick took her from behind. He grabbed her hips
and fucked his rigid prick all the way into her flowing pussy from the rear.
"Ohnnnn!" Randi moaned, a little louder than she wanted to.
It felt wonderful going in, filling her whole cunt and probing deep into her body. At the same time, some
funky animalistic need awoke inside her, brought on by the way they were doing it.
She swirled her ass back into his thrusting cock. Rick leaned forward over her back and grasped her
dangling tits with his hands. His fingers pinched and twisted Randi's excited nipples.
Randi thought she was going to come unglued. The sensations that raced through her body were so
intense that she hissed and moaned with each powerful thrust of Rick's prick deep into her throbbing
"God, I've never felt anything like it!" she moaned, biting her lower lip as the pleasure grew hotter.
She looked back over her shoulder, wincing as he fucked his cock deep into her, then trying to kiss him.
Rick leaned forward and caught her mouth with his. Then he fucked his prick deep into her again.
"Agghnnn!" Randi groaned. "Oh yes! Ungghh!"
"Quiet, baby, they'll hear us, or wake up," Rick whispered.
"Ohhhhnnnn, I just want you to fuck me and fuck me so much, I don't care if they hear us!" Randi
moaned. "Ungh! Ungh!"
"You will if Laura hears us!" Rick panted.
But Randi was too far gone with hot, throbbing lust to care. She put her face down on the rug between
her hands, shut her eyes and gave herself up to the fierce fucking he was giving her. Rick got up on one
foot for more leverage and fucked his cock down deep into her pussy with each thrust.
Randi's ass was high in the air, wiggling and bucking. Her body quivered and ached with pleasure as
Rick fucked his cock into her. She mewled and whimpered softly, trying not to make noise but unable to
control the sounds that came from deep in her throat.
"Ohhhnnn Jesus, fuck me, baby, fuck me!" she groaned in a husky whisper, feeling the first sharp twinges
of a hot climax.
Rick's hands were all over her smooth body. He fucked his cock into her tight cunt, ripping it up into her
and lifting her knees off the carpet with each lunge. Randi yelped softly, already turning to mush as the
true force of her orgasm began to hit her.
Rick came just seconds before her. He grunted and fucked his cock into her roughly, and Randi could
feel it spewing gobs of warm cum into her cunt. The sensation made her dissolve in a wild swoon as
shock waves of hot orgasm consumed her shuddering body.
"Ohhhnnnggg! God, baby, Rick, I'm coming!" she moaned. "Aiiieee!
Aiiiieeee! Mmmmnngeeeee!"
She knew she was wailing too loud, but she couldn't stop herself. The spasms of pleasure wrenched her
flesh. She collapsed on the floor with Rick on her back, his pulsing cock still buried deep in her pussy.
"Oh God, oh God!" she finally whimpered as the spasms died out.
Rick withdrew his cock and rolled over on the floor beside her. They kissed, and Randi rubbed her
body against him. She couldn't believe that they had fucked twice on the night before his marriage to her
"You can't marry Laura!" she whispered to him. "If you do, how can we keep doing this?"
"It'll be even easier for us afterward," he said.
"So you're going through with it?"
Rick shrugged. "How can I back out now?"
"In that case, you'd better get out of my room right now," Randi said, feeling both angry and hurt.
Reluctantly, Rick got up and left. Several minutes passed before Randi got up and lay down on her bed.
She had been fucked three times in barely an hour, but she still couldn't fall asleep.

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