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I am telling u my 1st sex experience which I had at the age of 18 with
my charming, sexy & horny Bhabhi ( cousins wife ). Friends Im 24
years and working in one reputed organisation, in Bombay. I am an
average built boy, but with quite broad shoulders & chest & my thighs
are quite strong being a cyclist. Oh ! I forgot the important thing, yes
my penis, which is quite healthy & slightly curved, around 7-7.5 long &
English Adult Sex Stories
4.5-5 thick when hard???? 4 & 3-3.5 when not erect.
Describing about my Bhabhi Shobha??? She is among the gods
greatest creations, for me she is a SEX QUEEN. U will know more
about her during the action.
We had a big joint family. All my uncles are living at our native. My
2nd uncle was quite close to us as compared to other two. He has 2
sons & 2 daughters. Eldest son & the 2 daughters were married. It was
the time when I was in 10th std., when during X-mas my cousin Amit
(my uncles younger son who was unmarried ) came to Bombay to
show us one photograph of a girl who was in our distance relation. My
uncle was planning to fix Amits marriage with that girl ( Shobha ) & he
wanted our response on that. Let me tell u friends when I saw that
photograph I was stunned, because she was an exceptional beauty.
Amit is just 5.5 in height, little on darker side, not well shaped body
cause he is quite lazy. Only things he has good is a job where he earns
good money & much agriculture land in his name & his soft nature.
Therefore I never expected that he would b ever asked for such a
beautiful girl. They r the extreme ends in terms of looks. When I saw
that photo I kept on looking at it for a long time?. alone in my room. I
started questioning that, will I ever get such a beauty as my wife? will
I b so lucky ? Shobha was wearing pink colour sari with some flower
design & border on it & standing near a small coconut tree with
holding its leaf in her hand. She was looking around 5.4 5.5 in height,
having a fair complextion, with slightly brown eyes. Lips were red like
the rose buds? may b due 2 lipstick, but still very tempting, which I
would eat for hours. She had a small dimple on her right chick which
was adding 2 her cuteness & innocence. One of my weaknesses long
hair, were much long?. till her buts & dark black in colour in which I
would love 2 get tied. Her figure was exactly suitable to her height
with slightly heavy ass. Boobs were looking average due to the Pallu
on them. In all she was a typical INDIAN BEAUTY (SEXQUEEN).
Gorgeous, charming, innocent, & what not??? My Dad & Mom also
gave green signal for marrying Shobha. After getting the permission
from all, Amit was in heaven now. I was also happy because I will b
seeing this beauty quite often & she is becoming my Bhabhi?closest
one due 2 close relations with Amit. I am quite close 2 my other 3
bhabis(other cousins wives) also due 2 my cool nature & good
qualities. But no one can compete Shobha in beauty. On my request
Amit kept that photo with us only. Very often I use 2 look at it
constantly??.admiring her beauty. That time I was very uneducated
about sex, as I was from a typical Indian middleclass family. I liked
her just by her looks. There were no other feelings for her. I just had
read one sexy story which my friend had given me 2 read & saw some
nude photos in the crowd of our class (everyone was jumping on
them). I was not sure whether really intercourse takes place or y
males r needed, 2 give birth 2 baby, whether penis r really put in girls
pussy, etc.. I was totally innocent. Those were the days when my
penis started getting erection many times. I use 2 feel ashamed & try
2 hide it from others. Whenever I saw any bikini babes or even the
rain songs of the movies or any smooching scene & other such things,
my cock started getting erection. I was afraid about this thing but
slowly I came 2 know that it happens with my friends also. But still I
was not able 2 control my erection & was always in confused state.
Very soon Amit took me 2 Shobhas village & the 1st meet with the Sex
Queen took place. As it was a surprise visit, Shobha was without
make-up & was wearing Punjabi siut with no Dupatta on it. Her face
didnt look very cute but her figure was looking that of a SEX BOMB,
rather a SEX NUCLEAR-BOMB. Her dress was wet with her swet & the
water, which she was carrying on her head in a container. Her figure
was clearly visible & I could c her bra through her dress as the dress
was skyblue in colour. Her ass was trying 2 tear her dress off. She has
really well shaped & quite big boobs, which were not clearly visible in
her photo, but now I could c that they were proudly fitting in her bra.
Her dress was stuck to her body, revealing all her assets. Soon she
came out with a changed dress, with her hair nicely combed. Now she
was looking cute???.very beautiful???. even more than what she
looked in photo. V chatted for an hour or so & had lunch together. She
was very impressed by me? nature, my looks & style, my studies,
etc?Amit had already told her many things about me & my family. She
was quite frank in nature. While talking she asked me about my girl
friends & all. I was surprised 2 hear those things from her. I was
enjoying all this, as v were coming closer & closer(becoming good
Then v left her home with heavy heart (both of us, Amit & me). Next
time I met her during their engagement which was in summers, I had
finished my SSC exams. In between v had spoken 5-6 times on phone.

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