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And till now Shobha & me were very good friends. Some times I was
working as a messenger between Amit & Shobha, as at our native they
r not allowed 2 meet frequently. During the engagement she
introduced me 2 her friends who were also nice. I came 2 know that
they knew everything about me. They shared some naughty jokes with
me & started teasing me. Then Shobha stood on my side & gave them
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same naughty replies. They all were doing this using double meaning
sentences, which I was not getting properly. Many times Shobha use 2
hold my hand in her hand & I was sitting beside her on congested
sofa. All this was creating some sensations in me & again my cock
started erecting. I got totally confused. I was unable 2 hide my
erection cause my one hand was in Shobhas hand. It was so shameful
for me. Some how I went out of that room & was relaxed???..
Afterwards I came 2 know that Shobha & her friends were aware of
that erection???..In this manner engagement was over. During 11th
i.e. junior college I discovered the secrets of sex. I saw some porn
movies & magazines. This created a lust for sexy & nude females. That
was the time when I started masturbating following a scene in a porn
movie. Now my mind started thinking about the prospective
opportunities of seeing nude females. I just became crazy behind it.
Still I was not mad after sex but just girls & there various assets,
aspecially those melons & dense long hair. After 8 months both the
families --- of Amit & Shobhas, came 2 Bombay for shopping for the
marriage. ( so late because there was not appropriate Muhurt for
marriage) .This time Shobha didnt came that close(physically) to me,
not even naughty jokes or teasing----just few??.may be because all
the elder people were around always. But I was trying my best 2 touch
her & feel her body & her curves. .(she could notice this change in
me?.she told me later)I was taking special care of her at our flat. I
was trying 2 be more physical with her, for which my Mom got angry
some times. While shopping I took the clothes of her choice for me &
also my sis. did the same, as she also loved her very much. After two
days they went back. Shobha went by giving me a naughty smile,
which I liked alott. Then came the marriage(in summers vacations of
my 11th std.)in which v chatted allot. Again her friends teased me the
same way, but now I was accompanied with my friend who is smart in
such dealings.
And v enjoyed the whole duration of marriage ceremony - 2 days. Me
& my friend Shrikant tried 2 get more physical 2 those lovely girls & v
got good response, but not with Shobha.. All this was quietly noticed
by Shobha --- she told later. Slowly I got emotionally attached with
Shobha & her family. I was very much respected in her family being a
boy from Bombay, talented & having cool nature. After coming 2 our
native(marriage was at Shobhas village) I was busy in taking care of
the new couple & the 2 friends of Shobha & her aunty who
accompanied her (to her sasural). Now it was my turn 2 tease the new
couple, because now I was aware of all the things(honeymoon, sex,
etc..) Myself & my other cousins teased them allot. For next 2 days
this went on but Shobha couldnt reply much instead her friends were
taking care of it(who had came along with her). Myself & Shrikant
were enjoying touching those 2 sexy girls quite often. All these days
we were in heaven enjoying with those girls. After few days all went 2
their respective homes & I came back 2 Bombay. Days went on. Due 2
my HSC year I was not allowed 2 leave Bombay. During Diwali Amit &
Shobha Bhabhi visited our home at Bombay. I could c that Bhabhi was
not looking normal. She was not talking that properly with Amit, I
could hear them quarrelling in the bedroom at night. But I was not
allowed 2 leave my studies, so didnt get time 2 talk 2 her properly. I
could c that she wants 2 talk 2 me. So somehow I managed it.
Then I asked her the problem, but she said nothing. Just said that
dont forget that v r good friends & its a duty of a friend 2 help the
other & she started weeping. I just tried to console her by putting my
hand on her head; in response she leaned over my shoulders. For next
2-3 minutes she remained in that position without talking anything.
That was a great feeling. I promised her that I will help her in any
matter, not to worry. I will b always there to support her. She said I
will ask u whenever I need it. We couldnt talk much cause my sis.
interrupted us. During their stay we went 2 various places in Bombay,
as Shobha was new 2 Bombay & very much excited about it also. Till
the last day of their stay the distance between Amit & Shobha reduced
a little, due 2 my efforts. They invited us 2 their flat at Nasik & went
back. Now I was continiously thinking that how can I go 2 Nasik ? but
it was not possible before exams. In the meantime phone conversation
went on. Next year(FY of degree college) v purchased PC & then I
came 2 know about those lovely sexy sites & then there was no end 2
it. Pics & stories became very usual for me. Meanwhile I was confused
about Shobhas frankness with me, which lead to some naughty
thoughts in my mind about her. And my mind started fantasizing
about Shobha bhabhi, like many other females in various stories. I
thought that she might be dreaming about me in a same way. Because
as I told u if physically compared then Amit was not at all suitable for
that carved & curved, silky body. Initially it was difficult for me 2 think
of her in this way?.but later I started masturbating, thinking of her
many times. Meanwhile v were meeting but along with family
members. Also she gave birth 2 a child. But still my attempts 2 touch
her smooth & silky body were the same. And she never mind my
physical play with her body. Many times I had a glimpse of those

melons while she was feeding her baby, this also she never mind. This
way v had come very close to each other. V use to share important
matters with each other. Shobha shared all her experience at her new
home(sasural). One day v all were together at our native and except
me, Bhabhi & her kid, all others had gone for marriage ceremony. I
could sense that there is some problem with Shobha Bhabhi. She was
quite depressed & looking sad. Therefore when all others went for
marriage, I went to talk to her. I tried to give a very personal &
emotional touch to my talk. Slowly she started talking but became
senti. & started weeping. Luckily her kid was sleeping, so there was no
disturbance for us. I took her face in my hand, wiped her tears.
To my surprise she kept her head on my shoulder, hugged me tightly
& started crying even more than b4. Fragrance & warmness of her
body excited me & I also tightened my grip on her and moved my
hands all over her back & her head, trying to console her. This time I
could feel her spongy-soft boobs pressing hard against my chest. This
hug brought life in my cock & it started growing in my pant. I was on
the 9th sky, had forgot her weeping. After some time she cooled down
& moved back. I thought, I missed the opportunity. She started telling
about her problems from Amit, from her mother in law, etc.. She got
very emotional & told me even very secret things of her. Importantly
she told me that she is not getting the pleasure she wants from Amit.
He behaves as if she is just a responsibility for him, no friendly talks,
no enjoyment. Day by day he is running more after money & many
more things. She even said that she is not able 2 enjoy sex with him.
She wants it regularly & for long sessions, but Amit is not ready for all
these & also not has much strength. She was becoming very frank
while telling this. She told that this is the main reason for quarrelling &
poor relation between them. That day v chatted a lot & now I was a
person most close to her. I could sense a golden opportunity, but was
afraid 2 take initiative. But had decided that soon I will take that risk,
as Shobhas intentions were also looking the same way. I was not that
lucky 2 meet Shobha bhabhi alone very soon. It took nearly 5 months
more 2 get that opportunity. Till then I had planned many things for
this prospective occasion,
When I was in S.Y. during Diwali vacations Amit invited me 2
his home & my parents also permitted me 2 go. Friends then started
my heavenly days? SEX SEX & SEX????? for 8 days continiously, with
just 1 day break.

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