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My hot and sexy girl to Ariel

Her glances at me had that look of ‘if you only knew what I was thinking’…with a little coy smile. I returned the smile when my wife was not looking or out of the room. The wife told me the only time they talked about their sex life, Ariel just said she had regular sex like any housewife. (..that was a lie, she had hidden desires she kept hidden and never told anyone.)
 My hot and sexy girl to Ariel
 My hot and sexy girl to Ariel

The wife told her we had great sex but I wanted to have sex all the time and she had to say she was tired or something to hold me back.

…Ariel’s husband was gone all the time as a long haul truck driver.

….As events changed, my wife started spending more and more time at her parents house with her four sisters. Ariel just kept coming over each evening and now we did the talking, to pass the time….at first. We slowly became attracted to each other. It was subtle. Ariel was not aggressive and it was a quiet desire for each other.

….One evening I told her this: “Ariel, men don’t talk about this, but each guy has dream girl. A girl he creates in his mind that is perfect in every way. He never tells anyone about her, but thinks about her sometimes before going to sleep. Some men think of her when they have sex with their wives. They pretend it is this girl they are having sex with, with their eyes closed. I know women do it to, but never let their mate know. Ariel I have formed such a girl in my mind.

….I described my hot and sexy girl to Ariel.

I described her.

…. Nice body, nice tits, perfect smooth skin, brown curly hair and sexy eyes...with…blue eyeliner. She began to smile and as she knew I had described her perfectly. She sat quietly and thought….I wondered what she was thinking. I found out later what she thought that night.

....finally he’s really noticing me liked I had hoped. I just know he is describing me as his dream girl…wow….that is exciting me so much I’m going to finger myself tonight real good thinking about him. I’m going to tell him… after I make him promise to keep all this top secret between us. The thought of us both thinking of each other at the same time tonight, is awesome. We’ll pick a time or a signal and let the dual fantasy’s begin.

….(”Sean.”…I whispered...”..I too have an ideal guy I’ve formed in my head. It started when you guys moved in, this guy…well… is sitting right in front of me now.

…I have a suggestion, each night I will think of you and you can think of me…and we‘ll…say….have ‘togetherness?’ all we want… mentally, no harm done…right? ”)

…”Perfect Ariel, looks like I have a date with you when the wife is gone. Her and her sisters go to their parents cabin all the time for a weekend gab fest and camp out. The guys never go, which leaves me ….alone. We can do this… the side outside porch light, we can both see each others from our houses. When it‘s ‘on‘ I‘m thinking about you, and you do the same. Later we can describe how it went. We can‘t get caught at anything because we‘re just ‘thinking‘ about each other and no one can possibly know…and of course ‘just looking’ at each other is not a crime…right?…”

….I looked in her beautiful eyes as we just sat there mentally undressing each other. I reached up like she was in front of me and ‘air’ undressed her. She started doing the same. I ‘air’ kissed her, ‘air’ felt her full tits, ‘air’ licked her pussy and ‘air’ sat her my lap and fucked her good.

….We thought we were so cleaver at having a mental affair. We got a charge the first time our porch lights went on, and quick jumped in our beds and did our ’mutual wanking’ in our beds, mentally having hot steaming sex together. This was good…for a while.

….Mother nature gets pissed when you do this. She says we are to fuck and don’t try to fool me!
She didn’t invent marriage or any rules…just fuck….. and she can play rough to make male and females do what she wants. I wanted to fuck Ariel so bad…and she wanted to fuck me . I had a constant ½ a hardon 24/7. Ariel said she had a wet pussy continuously.

….To have Ariel right in front of me talking at the kitchen table in the evening was TORTURE!, and of course she became even more hot and beautiful. Mother nature was laughing at us. We had to be so careful when the wife was around and ignore each other. More torture. I must have checked Ariel’s porch light 50 times a night to see if was lit.

…Then…Ariel did a cruel thing. She slipped me a large pill bottle. In it was a pair of her tiny panties. She smiled after I went in our bathroom and found them in the bottle.

….. The next night I returned the bottle, but the panties somehow got soaked with cum? She now had a small paper sack she handed me while the wife was in the bathroom. I quick hid it under the couch. Later that night I found one of Ariel’s tiny type bra’s in it. A few days later I slipped it back to her. She stuffed it in her panties to hide it. Later at her home she found them soaked. ’Somehow’…they got soaked with cum. This continued with her nighties, more panties, bras in small plastic bags. Our horny meters were pegged at the ’Let’s fuck Now’ reading.

…Now our mom (mother nature) had us touching each other when we got the chance. If the wife left us alone for 5 seconds, we touched. That look in her eyes was so sexy….as if to say: “I want to fuck you so bad.”…and I’m sure my return look was the same to her.

…. Her husband came home for a week. Her porch light and mine stayed on 24/7, as we were always on our minds. Later she said ‘he’ got all the benefits from our ’mental affair’. She fucked him like crazy she said….but she was mentally cheating on him. She said he could have been too, as he meets a lot of girls at truck stops. She once found girl panties in his truck and they were not hers. They were both happy with their lives, and Ariel and I knew….she was really happy with some in-between ’mental’ action…but things were happening.

…. Her husband went back on the road, and my wife went to the cabin with her sisters for the weekend…leaving….Ariel and I alone for the weekend.

….Friday night and Ariel and I were playing cards…kind of….our minds were not on cards, but on each other. She had worn a long house dress thing. A bra and a thong. Ma nature must have just smiled at us and sat back and watched the show. Ariel’s leg danced and she tried humming. Nothing could take her mind off us. My eyes checked her dress out over and over. I couldn’t hold down my erection.

…..It got darker and darker outside. I didn’t turn on any lights. Moon light was all there was. She smelled wonderful with some perfume very sexy on. We put the cards down, by now we couldn’t hardly see them anyway. Finally I stood up. She stood up and we walked away from the kitchen table window. I drew the window blinds and turned on the tiny stove light. I held out my hand and pulled her to me. Her hand was cool, damp and a little nervous. I began to slow dance with her. The feel of her head as she softly placed it on my chest, sent an all out alarm to my dick. I had on shorts and something was trying to rip open the front of them. She moved the lump right between her legs. It felt wonderful and so warm. She pushed her pussy harder into me as we swayed back and forth.

….We talked softly as we held each other. Ariel told of how at night would put a pillow on her and pretend it was me. She would feel her own tits and finger herself. She would open her legs wide and lift her hips up like I was fucking her slowly. She then added fingers inside her pussy while she massaged her wet clit. She said it didn’t take long and she was orgasming to a new feeling she had never had before. She was remembering that night, when I whispered what I was going to do to her that night.

…. I told her she pulled her legs back and rubbed her clit like I had said I was going to do. Her finger became my tongue as I said I was going to lick her clit until she orgasmed. Next she put in three fingers in her pussy like it was my erection all wet. In and out they went like we were fucking hot. She reach in and massaged her G spot and began to buck and squirm as she felt a squirt building. She moaned out as her juice came squirting out on her hand. She shook the bed as she knew I was cuming in her mentally at my house at the same time.

….I told of putting the wife’s legs up and licking her pussy like it was her pussy. I did all the same things until the wife grabbed me and stuffed my erection in her pussy and started fucking and moaning. She could take no more foreplay and had to fuck me, not knowing I was fucking Ariel mentally. I shot hard as she climaxed and moaned. I filled her pussy with my hot cum as we fucked and held us tight. She was enjoying my new energy and foreplay. I had to remember ’not’ to call her ‘Ariel’ no matter what I felt. It was not easy…..we fucked two more times that night…. Ariel said she fell asleep with her fingers in her pussy that night…..

….I told Ariel what I was going to do to her tonight mentally, while we held each other, feeling our bodies . She got real quiet and stood still. She squeezed my erection tight between her legs and then slowly began to move her hips to stroke it.

…. As I described in vivid detail what my actions were going to be that night…. She started to tremble. She whispered between breaths:
She held my face and kissed me, then she pulled back and moaned. Out the door she went running back across the street and into her house.

…I smiled as I saw her porch light go on. I turned mine on and headed for bed.

….I couldn’t sleep or anything else, as she was on my mind. I got up and walked around. I stood in the kitchen window and stared across the street. I wondered what she was doing and thinking……
….I sat on the couch thinking about him. My tits tingled and my pussy was wet and felt oh so good. I wanted him so bad I trembled inside. I see his kitchen light go on…

I jumped up to look out. Oh God…there he was. Standing in his robe looking right at me. I stood back a little and started taking off my long dress. He opened his robe. I could see his erection. It was late and no one was around who could see unless a car drove by. I didn’t care as I fingered my self and felt my own tits. I saw his hand hold his erection and start stroking it. I spread my legs and my eyes locked on his erection. I moved my hips back and forth for him to see my fingers going in and out of my pussy. This was so hot I felt dizzy. We weren’t really breaking any rules, just watching. I took a chance. I walked up close to the window. He moved right up to his window. He blew me a kiss and started using both hands to stroke his erection. I blew him a kiss back and started in to have myself a great orgasm. I used both hands and squirmed as my eyes were a dead stare at his erection. I felt it coming as I moaned. My hips worked back and forth along with my fingers. I couldn’t keep my head still as the ecstasy climbed to it’s peak. I saw his knees buckle I held my breath as my pussy began to squirt and my hips went crazy. I saw it. Huge splatters of cum appear on the inside of his window as he shot over and over again.
I lost it.
…I grabbed for the wall to steady myself. My legs began to shake as I felt them get weak as I sank to the floor. He blew me a long soft kiss as I managed to return it……

….I woke up to someone kissing me. I opened my eyes and a smiling Ariel was over me…..but she had on a wig. She had on different very sexy makeup. Something had changed about her. She acted aggressive and was almost like a different person…She said: “Hi, I’m Ariel’s twin sister Angie. Your Sean’s twin brother Sam, right?….well…I just wanted you to know that Ariel won’t be home tonight, and I’m house sitting for her. Why don’t you ’SAM’ come over for dinner tonight, and after words…we could...well…we’ll ’find’ something to do…ok?” I began to smile big and then chuckle.

…I quickly joined in this little ploy of Ariel’s. She had become this imaginary twin sister of hers and I was to be my twin brother. Now we had two different people after each other…and the fun began…..

….I said: “Why I’d love to, ’ANGIE’….as long as you’re here….maybe I should check you out.” She said: “Why Sam, I’m not…‘that’ kind of a girl, as she kissed my neck. Ariel already warned me she saw a lusty sexy guy out her kitchen window last night….and…well…I can’t say what he did.” I said: “Oh yeah, I had one of those nude, dancing, sexy show-off girls out my window too.

…“Is 9pm ok?” She looked at the big tent under the sheet. She smiled and said: “You can tell your twin brother ’Sean‘, that my twin sister ‘Ariel’ doesn’t mess around with married guys, so he doesn’t even need think about it.” I said: “That’s great, ’Sean’ doesn’t mess with married women either…except just a dance or something socially acceptable.”

….I looked at his tenting sheet, knowing his erection was just inches away from me. I wanted to attack him and dive in and suck him crazy. He smiled while looking at my tits and licking his lips. It was the most temptation I had ever had in my life. One little move and bad girl ‘Angie, and bad boy ‘Sam’ would be like two caged animals getting ready to mate. I wanted to wait till tonight and now that I was ‘Angie’, I could take my time and let all my desires explode in my own bed.

….I liked being ‘Angie’, she doesn’t have to hold back anything she wants to do…. or ‘act’ like a good little wife and just please the husband. Angie is into releasing her own inner desires. I had plenty of them I had hidden for a long time, and tonight I was going to release them on ‘Sam’.

……My cell phone rang. “Hi honey” I said. I shushed Sean. “Oh just washing some clothes”…. I walked away talking to my husband as Sean grinned at me and blew me kisses. I went home all hot and excited and changed my wet panties.

….I fixed ’Sam’ a nice dinner and wore just my robe late that night. I had a bad case of the jitters in my tummy. I kept seeing that tent of Sean’s…I mean ’Sam’s and I wanted it so bad. So… bad girl ’Angie’ was going to have it, and tonight…..

Sean...aka…‘Sam‘ thought…

….I put on a dark blue robe I had and snuck across the street in a flash. I went in the unlocked door to find ‘Angie’ waiting. I whispered: (“…you should lock your door Angie and your side porch light is on.”) She flipped the lights off and we stood there. She walked over to me and grabbed me firm. In went her tongue as she held me tightly. Angie was a hot little tiger, compared to Ariel. We started slow dancing. She whispered breathlessly: (“…we better go eat, your gonna need all the energy you’ve got Sam..”)

….Two candles were all we needed to see by. Her bare foot rubbed my leg and explored my legs and crotch. I returned the ‘footsies’ and felt the inside of her warm and damp legs. Feeling her bush with my foot made her close her eyes and open her legs wide. She got up and pulled me up and led me to her big bed. She slowly pealed off my robe and laid me on her bed. She gave me a sexy strip show as she sexily took her robe off. I reached out to touch her body, but she teased and did a ‘look but no touch’ teasing game. She got down and started crawling to me, starting at my feet. She felt her own big tits and rubbed them on my legs. Naturally I had a huge erection for her viewing pleasure. She crawled around and view it from all sides. One finger touched it and went all around it.

…Damn, this ‘Angie’ knew how to tease a man. She blew her warm breath on it and started with quick little kisses on my erection. She slowly turned and worked her hips closer and closer to my face. I could smell the warm smell of perfume and pussy. She slowly lowered her pussy down on my face.

At the same time her tongue began to lick my erection. I let my tongue lick everything on her pussy. Her hips rocked slightly she rubbed her clit against my tongue. I held her hips and moved them with her. I felt my erection go completely in her warm mouth and her tongue encircled it inside her wet mouth. I added fingers to her pussy and let them feel her insides. I loved the feeling of her spasms as I massaged her pussy. She moaned in a low voice…but as it got louder her voice became aggressive sounding.

Angie’s thoughts….
…how long have I wanted to do this? It doesn’t matter I’m doing it now. I had dreams about taking his erection in my mouth, but knowing it would never happen…it was just a hot dream. Thank goodness hubby was a sound sleeper and never woke up as I fingered myself and squirmed an orgasm. Now for the good part. I felt his balls as I started in jacking and sucking Sam. He has my pussy so hot right now, I’m gonna squirt for sure. I didn’t know I had so many places to feel good in my pussy.

….Now I’m holding nothing back and letting every desire I’ve had about ‘Sam’ out and I can now make his erection erupt in my mouth…here goes….

…Her mouth felt like a pussy that had a tongue in it to rub the best parts. She worked my erection like she was hungry for it. She got hyper and started humping my fingers and tongue as she began to moan loud. Her chest went up and down gasping for air as she knew I was about to cum big. Her voice began to moan steady …up and up as I had to cum or else. Her pussy clamped on my fingers as she began to shake….I felt a big load of hot cum come blasting out of my erection…..

Her whole body shook hard as her juices flooded my fingers. Cum came shooting out the sides of her mouth as she tried to get it all. She gave out a long and content moan and took a big swallow….but kept sucking for more. Her clit was hot and when my tongue touched it she jumped and moaned more. We just indulged for a long time, licking and enjoying our best cum ever….

….I don’t remember us stopping…my mind was in a fog of euphoria….ahhh…sweet sleep

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