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My sexual records

Anyway, she broke up with my best friend. During my junior year, her and I got closer. We ended up dating during the spring semester and her dad surprisingly acted cool with it the first couple months. He had me over to their house and was welcoming and nice and all. But after a couple months, he had forbidden us to see each other. I wish I could remember why he changed his mind. Probably something I did that was stupid and he found out. I know he was aware of my driving record and had told her she can't ride in a car with me. Maybe he found out that she was doing so. Idk. Maybe he was just acting cool with it because he knew she would want it more if he didn't and he could only act okay with it for a couple months before he couldn't take it anymore.
Anyway, this girl was a true nympho. She wanted to fuck all the time. She had a rep of being a real good girl and she had never done anything wrong. Anything... Until I came along. She had her frustrations with her father's standards always being pushed on her to do well at school, athletics, etc and to ultimately be perfect. I think maybe her overwhelming desire to fuck all the time was driven by that in a weird way. Like she had to get her frustrations out or get back at him or maybe something a little less comforting. Who knows? So we fucked at any opportunity. We were doing it 7-8 times in a day. I don't know what it's like for everyone else, but after 3-4 times in one day, I could barely feel anything down there. I would get hard but barely feel it. Then the next day, we're at it again. We were fucking like rabbits and then suddenly, we were forbidden to see each other. But of course, we were together anyway. We were crazy about each other. We stuck around a bit when we could but never anything too intense.
Then one night, she called me when her dad went to bed and I couldn't take it anymore. I had to see her. So around midnight, I stuck out of my house. My car was too close to my house and would wake my parents if I started it. So I had to put it in neutral, push it down a hill and run around and jump in the car and hit the brakes before it crashed at the bottom of the hill. I'm amazed I was able to pull this off without wrecking my car. But I did, and off I went. She lived 25 miles from me. I made it to her house in record time, doing 4x the speed limit in some places. I couldn't get to her fast enough. I parked at the bottom of her parents' property, behind an old abandoned house near the road. She lived up a long driveway. Her room was in the basement and the rest of her family conveniently slept in the upstairs. She had a glass door on the basement and she was standing in the open doorway naked, waiting for me. I was running up the hill... and to this day, this is still the only time in my life I have ever been running and got a boner. Her naked body facing the dark night was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. We fucked several times that night and fell asleep together for the first time in what felt like forever. I set an alarm to get up at 430 and get back to my house before my dad woke up at 530. I remember waking up and seeing the clock said 537. I said, "oh shit, what happened?" I raced back home and luckily got my car parked back in its' place while my dad was in the shower and before he had looked outside that day. What a stroke of luck. My girl had said I couldn't tell anyone about our sneaky new night-time adventures. That very morning at school, her best friend came up to me and made a joke or something that let me know that my girl had told her already. haBut we kept this up. Our relationship became a night-time sex party every night. Of course, we both got caught eventually and there was all kinds of drama. I still have never had more sex in a day with any other girl than I did with her on several occasions. I loved being able to tell me friends how I was fucking the principal's daughter in his house against his wishes and he hated me but had no idea at the time. We fucked in his bed. We fucked in his chair. Every inch of that house was our sexual playground at some time. We haven't spoken since the summer before senior year of high school. But she will always be the first girl I was really crazy about. And she still holds plenty of my sexual records.

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