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Our Girlfriends enjoy a new "toy store" at the shopping mall. part- 3

Janey, however, was, and Sondra had a front row seat. Janey's back arched and suddenly her hand was again between her legs, frigging herself furiously while both of her bottom orifices were being pistoned. "Nnnnnnh! Ohhhh!" With a mighty thrust, her hips bucked upward once, twice, three times.

Our Girlfriends enjoy a new "toy store" at the shopping mall. part- 3
Our Girlfriends enjoy a new "toy store" at the shopping mall. part- 3

Sondra had never seen a woman orgasm before. It was interesting to see how strong the reaction was, as Janey bucked and rocked her hips. The machines didn't care and kept up their rhythm, and suddenly it was over. Janey was fighting the overstimulation as the machines continued to do their thing, and she tried to pull away, but had no chance. "Too much!" she said to no one in particular, through gritted teeth. "Too much!"

She fought and kicked, but Sondra noted that she never hit the kill switch. Whether she'd forgotten about it or not, Sondra didn't know. But she had her suspicions. It was sexy to watch Janey thrash in pleasure, to watch the concentration and mix of emotions on her face.

Sondra's anal dildo stopped, remaining lodged inside her, and now the tubes on her nipples began vibrating. It was new and it was wonderful. Sondra whimpered, wishing she could touch herself. She glanced at the clock. Only twelve minutes had gone by.

It took a few minutes, but Janey worked through her overstimulation and was now in pleasure again. She lay back silently in her sling, legs wide, being serviced in both holes. She had her eyes closed and a content smile on her face, and she looked beautiful.

A few minutes later, Janey's machinery stopped again, pulling out of her. She opened her eyes. "Darn," she said, "I was getting close again."

"Well, good for you," Sondra said through gritted teeth. "This thing is driving me crazy."

Janey giggled. "You like it?"

Sondra wasn't sure how to answer. "Yes," she panted tentatively. "But I'd love it if it would just speed up a little."

"Are you close?"

"Yeah. Really close."

"Tell me when you cum, okay? I want to watch."

"Um...okay." Sondra couldn't believe they were having this conversation.

Janey was on her one-minute rest period now, and she watched Sondra squirm with increased interest. "What's it doing to you?"

"It keeps switching up."

"What's it doing now?"

"There's something small and light on my clitoris. It's just barely vibrating. And these things on my nipples are sucking them somehow, and I feel little teeth on them. They were vibrating a few minutes ago and it almost put me over the edge."

"Is anything inside you?"

"Not right now."


"I can feel things right up against me. Both front and back. Sometimes they thrust, sometimes they vibrate, sometimes they just go in and stop. The worst is when they just barely touch me and vibrate."

Janey giggled. "We're learning some things. Oh god, look at my two things."

Sondra's eyes widened. Janey's two dildos had inflated to the next size up.

"Can you really take those things?"

Janey grinned uncertainly. "I've got one that size at home, so I know I can take it in front. The one for my backside is a little more scary."

"Stop it if you need to. Don't hurt yourself."

The machines whirred to life, faster this time than last. They pressed in on Janey's two openings and suddenly she was filled up again. She was definitely stretched this time, but she seemed to like it.

The next half hour was a combination of ecstasy and agony. Janey kept taking larger and faster dildos, her tiny stretched pussy and ass taking her to orgasm at least twice more. By the end of the fourth round she was shaking with exhaustion, her legs quivering with each thrust of the large thick intruders. Her dark hair was damp and tucked behind her ears. Her breasts, small as they were, were bouncing and undulating as she tried to hold and support them against ever more vigorous thrusting. For the fourth time she arched her back, letting out a long, low guttural moan. "I'm coming again!" she gasped. "I can't believe it!" The poor girl was a wreck, a pleasant wreck.

Sondra was also a wreck, but for a far different reason. Her coppery hair was matted against her forehead and cheeks, her body glistening in a sheen of sweat. Janey was having multiple orgasms, but Sondra was dying for just one. Every time she felt herself growing close, something would change. Thrusting would stop or start, caressing softness would stop or start, or those devilish devices on her nipples would try something new. She squirmed and gasped, pushing herself against the rigid frame and tie-downs that kept her from moving. Her hips undulated in tiny constrained circles as she fruitlessly exerted herself, trying constantly for that little bit of extra stimulation that she needed. She was so close, rising almost to the edge a half-dozen times, but nothing worked.

A chime sounded, and Janey's devices stopped moving. As she looked quizzically down through bleary eyes, the two large dildos inside her pulled out, causing her to spasm one last time as they pulled out and shut down. She groaned in relief, sagging down into the sling.

It occurred to Sondra that 45 minutes was up, meaning that she had another fifteen minutes in which to come. With the little movement she had available, she desperately tried to thrust her hips back against the dildo that currently filled her up. It was buzzing softly against her inner walls, but was located in such a manner that it wouldn't pull her over the edge.

Janey exhaled long and loud, her petite body slumping in exhaustion. "Oh, my god," she breathed. "That was fantastic. That last pair was so thick." Her hand slid down to her reddened pussy, stroking gently as if to confirm that it was still intact.

Sondra watched the fingers move from her perfect vantage point. She needed to come so badly. She was envious watching Janey's fingers stroking and sliding. All that she needed was a little touch like that and she would be in heaven.

For a long few minutes Janey lay still, relaxing and coming down from her high. Her hands slowly caressed her body. Meanwhile, Sondra's devilish devices once again took her to the precipice and left her hanging. The flicking across her clit stopped abruptly, and both the anal probe and vaginal dildo pushed into her. "Aaaaaugh," she grunted. Her nipple devices were pulling hard, stretching her cruelly.

Janey's eyes opened, her face in a blissful state. "How you doing over there, Sparkles?"

With labored breath, Sondra tried to concentrate on the devices inside her and their excruciatingly slow movements. "Not ... very ... good."

"You don't like it?"

"I ... love ... it," Sondra gasped. "But it's driving me crazy."

"Have you cum yet? You promised to tell me."

Sondra jerked against her leather straps in frustration. Her nipples were being pulled and stretched mercilessly. "No. And I have to really bad. It's killing me."

Luxuriantly stretching her back, Janey slowly pulled her legs out of the sling, easing them to the floor. Sondra hadn't noticed before how well shaped her legs were, and how the sexy curve of her narrow hips perfectly framed her bare vulva. Janey's lips were still swollen and distended from their exertions. Sondra tried yet again to move her hips backwards. The vaginal dildo was in so deep now, so deep, but so slow. Her increasing frantic movements helped a little, but not enough, and all it did was increase her frustration.

Janey stood on shaky and unsure legs, then slowly duck-walked forward. "I'm going to be sore for a week," she said. Sondra felt a soft hand on her shoulder, which sent a warmth through her body. "Concentrate, baby, you can do it."

Sondra tried to concentrate. She'd been trying for almost an hour now. Her rectum was filled with a slowly pumping invader, and her vagina as well, moving slightly faster. The suction on her nipples was now letting up, even though she wanted it to stay.

"I can't. I've been trying." Her fingers beat a pattern of frustration against the platform.

"Keep trying. You can do it." Janey pulled back Sondra's damp, sweaty hair, her fingers lightly massaging against Sondra's scalp. "You're almost there."

Sondra glanced at the clock. 51 minutes gone by. She redoubled her concentration as Janey lightly stroked her back and encouraged her, but a few minutes later gave up. "It's no use," she lamented. "This thing is not going to let me come. It's like it knows when I'm getting close and changes what it's doing. It's so frustrating! And there are only a few minutes left."

Janey looked at the clock, her mouth twisted in thought. At last she spoke. "You want me to help you?"

Sondra's heart skipped a beat. At this point she wanted anyone to help her, but Janey? Gorgeous, sexy Janey? "Oh, yes. Please. Anything."

Janey padded to the back side of the frame. "Wow," she heard. "This is amazing. It's got all sorts of stuff back here."

A soft hand grasped her left butt cheek and spread it slightly. "This thing is huge," Janey said. "It's really inside you."

"I know," Sondra gasped. The light touch of fingers on her ass were even more of a tease than the dildo that was flexing into her anus.

The fingers explored around a bit, touching her ass, caressing her trapped inner thighs, then up from underneath to twirl her pubic hair."

"I can tell you're really excited," Janey breathed. "What do you want me to do?"

"Rub me. Rub me please." Sondra looked at the clock. Fifty-eight minutes.

"Your clitty?" Janey giggled nervously.

"I can't stand this any more. Please."

"I can't really get to it. It's got a little flat paddle thing that's pushing against you. Oh, hey, it feels like it's vibrating."

"I know. But it's not enough."

"Let me turn that part off. Then I can get to you."

"Hurry!" Sondra's hips were straining up and back. "There's not much time left! Please!"

Janey hustled around to the front, standing directly in front of Sondra. Sondra looked directly into the smaller girl's breasts and erect nipples, so close that she could almost kiss them.

"It looks like this button turns off the clitoris stimulator." There was a slightly audible click, and the stimulation on Sondra's clitoris stopped. Janey padded back around.

"Are you sure you want this?"

"Nnnnnh!" Sondra groaned in frustration, wanting her clit to rub against anything, anyone.

A finger lightly rubbed over it. "Like this?"

"OH! OH, YES!"

The finger rubbed faster, and Sondra heard nervous laughter behind her. But she didn't care. At last she was moving steadily toward her long-awaited orgasm.

And then the door opened.

Janey leapt back from the frame, and Sondra spewed out a curse word in frustration. "Dammit!" She was so close that she was about to explode.

Gabrielle chuckled as the door closed behind her. "Looks like we're having a little fun in here."

"I was just checking on her," Janey said defensively. "We weren't doing anything."

Gabrielle chuckled again. "Don't worry, it's allowed. You can touch each other all you want."

Sondra's face flushed red with frustration and embarrassment as the attendant came around to face her. She bent at the waist and looked directly into Sondra's eyes. "How'd you do, honey? Did you come? You look exhausted."

Before Sondra could answer, Janey jumped in. "She just needs another couple of minutes. Can you give her a little more time?"

"I'm afraid that the room is booked." The foot pedals clicked and the twin dildos withdrew from Sondra as she moaned and cried out in frustration.

Gabrielle locked friendly eyes with Sondra and softened to her pleading. She reached underneath and Sondra felt fingers fiddling with the devices on her nipples, then moving up secretly to fondle her breast flesh. Gabrielle smiled conspiratorially. "It'll take me a couple of minutes to get her loose, though. I'm not allowed to touch, but you can. And sometimes I've been known to make mistakes, too."

"Really?" Janey's voice trembled with hesitation.

"Work her hard and fast." Gabrielle leaned in close to Sondra, her dark eyes and jet-black hair filling Sondra's field of vision. Soft hands began kneading her breasts. "Cum for me, honey."

Sondra heard and felt Janey climb up on the platform behind her. Fingers began diddling her clitoris and pushing into her vagina. Gabrielle worked the nipple hoses loose, then began a full breast massage. Leaning in close, she nibbled Sondra's earlobe, then whispered softly, so softly that Janey couldn't even hear.

"You're beautiful, sweetie. I want to take you home and fuck you." A tongue pushed into Sondra's ear, causing her to squeal in delight.

Her clit was getting Janey's full attention now, and her friend's fingers expertly pushed into her G spot.

The whispering continued. "I want to tie you to my bed and eat you, and then make you 69 your girlfriend. Do you want me to eat you?" Gabrielle nibbled Sondra's sensitive earlobe.

Sondra bucked and thrust against her bonds. A deep pleasure was rising in her hips, spreading outward. Gabrielle's hands kneading her breasts added to it and she began to spike.

Gabrielle kissed Sondra's neck, trapped in place by the rod and chin cup. Her breasts were squeezed, her clit rolled, her G spot rubbed.

"I want you to eat me out, too. Will you eat me out?" Gabrielle leaned in close and offered a long, sensuous kiss.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmh!" Having an orgasm when she couldn't move was an entirely different experience for Sondra. Her synapses exploded in pleasure and she stiffened and fought her bondage, unable to wrench her mouth away from Gabrielle's invading tongue. Wave after wave washed over her, amplified by the continuing attention she was receiving from her two suitors. Unable to help, unable to resist, she pleaded wordlessly for more, then more, then more, then suddenly was pleading for it to stop. When Gabrielle and Janey finally showed her mercy she collapsed into the framework, sagging into its support.

By the time she caught her breath, her arms and legs were being unbuckled. Barely able to communicate, she nonetheless had to do so. "Thank you so much," she panted. "That was the best orgasm I've had in my entire life."

Gabrielle had her left arm released now, and was moving to the right. "I hope we'll see you again."

"Oh, you will," Janey piped cheerily.

The mall was a busy place. People walked with shopping bags, pushed strollers, and window-shopped. At a table at the Cinnabon store, two exhausted young women sat drinking sodas and sharing a treat. They both carried a glow of satisfaction and exertion.

Sondra glanced over at Janey, and her friend smiled shyly back.

"You were wonderful in there. Thanks for helping me."

Janey smiled a Mona Lisa smile. "It was fun."

"Do you really want to go back again?"

"Are you kidding? I'm going to live in there."

"Me, too," Sondra laughed, and the two women retreated to their own thoughts for a moment. It was Janey who spoke next.

"You know, we don't have to always go there, either."

Sondra's eyes flicked up and they made brief eye contact. "You mean -?"

Janey shrugged, and Sondra noticed her nipples poking through her top. "I had fun helping you out. Would you consider returning the favor to me? Maybe tonight?"

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