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Our Girlfriends enjoy a new "toy store" at the shopping mall. part- 2

"Sure!"One woman on each side, they pulled Sondra's arms to shoulder width, still resting on her elbows. Then the leather sheaves were pulled up and over them, pinning her forearms to the table from wrist to elbow. Sondra got a good look at Janey's breasts, which were more or less at eye level in this position. The nipples were slightly thicker than she would expect, the areolae almost a dark brown in contrast to Sondra's own very pale pink. The areolae were small like the rest of her friend, only slightly larger than a bottle cap. Sondra preferred her own large ones, but was nonetheless fascinated by this close-up view.

"You have nice long hair," Gabrielle mentioned, running a hand through Sondra's coppery locks. "Some women like to have their head tied up by their hair, and some like to rest in a chin cup. You don't want to leave your head free because it'll get hard on your neck. Which would you prefer?"Sondra was aware of Gabrielle's hand resting in the small of her back, and of Janey's bare breasts perched oh so close. She tested her bonds, and was more or less completely held motionless. "What's the chin cup?" she asked."Let me show you," Gabrielle said. "I think it's the best way to go if this is your first time." She reached under the table and pulled out a foot-long metal rod, atop which was a curved and u-shaped pad. She slipped the rod vertically into a small hole on the platform beneath Sondra's head, then positioned so that Sondra's chin fit into the u. It propped her head up so that she faced directly ahead, but allowed her to rest her neck. The ends of the u hugged her cheeks, keeping her in place."Oh, yeah. This is really comfortable," she said."Good! Now let's get you hooked up. We'll start with your nipples.""My nipples?" Other than her fingers, toes, and ankles, Sondra could not move at all now. She tried to squirm to little effect."We put these small vacuum suction devices on them," Gabrielle explained. Stepping to the front where Sondra could see her, she held up two hoses that had small concave cups on the end. "They'll vary in suction and pressure over the course of a session. Do you have naturally erect nipples?"

Suddenly Gabrielle's fingers were reaching under Sondra, fingers gripping and tweaking her nipples. Sondra squeaked in surprise and protest while Janey laughed nervously. She saw her best friend tilt her head slightly down to peep. "Um, nope," Gabrielle diagnosed. "Naturally soft. Let me work them for a minute or two." Sondra loved breast play, and her nipples were sensitive. Pleasure flowed from her nubs toward her pussy and her brain as the attractive attendant played with her nipples, pinching and twisting and squeezing. Rolling her eyes to the right, Sondra saw Janey watching intently, her eyes bright with interest.

Gabrielle was relentless, kneading and squeezing as Sondra gasped, unable to resist or evade at all. "Okay," the attendant said at last. "I think you're ready." Squeezing lubricant from a tube, she rubbed it onto Sondra's now-hard nipples. "Would you like to put them on?" she asked, looking toward Janey.Sondra realized that Gabrielle assumed that they were lovers, but before she could explain, Janey already had the hoses in her hand. "Just reach under here and grip her nipple," Gabrielle said, and then I press this foot pedal to start the suction. I'll start it out light, just strong enough to stay affixed." Sondra couldn't help but moan as four soft hands began exploring her dangling breasts. She didn't mind Janey helping out, not at all.With a slight hiss, she suddenly felt pressure on her right nipple, and a slight but persistent suction pulled it away from her flesh. She tried to shake it away, but it only made her breasts sway, which amplified the pleasantly uncomfortable situation. It felt as if a man's lips were sucking on them. A moment later, the same situation hit her left breast."Nice?" Gabrielle asked. Leaning down, she looked Sondra in the eyes, her warm hands stroking and cradling Sondra's hanging breasts. "Oh, god. It's fantastic." Sondra couldn't believe this was happening. A stranger was touching her breasts, hooking up this fantastic machine to them, and Janey was standing right there naked, her bald pussy clearly visible within Sondra's peripheral vision. She couldn't help but notice that Janey had mild outer lips and prominent, front-facing inner ones, offering more of a view than one normally expected from this angle.

"Now we'll set up the back," Gabrielle said. She and Janey moved back, out of Sondra's limited range of vision. Her chin resting on the stand, she could only look straight ahead, and her eyes darted left and right as the milking devices hung down, stretching her breasts slightly with pleasant pressure.

Suddenly a hand was directly on her labia, fingers stroking them and spreading them. Sondra yelped and bucked, but was unable to move. Was Gabrielle supposed to be touching her there? The law required only contact by machines, right?

"You're pretty well lubricated naturally," Gabrielle explained matter of factly. "I'll give you a little more, but you don't need much. I'll still lube up the dildo just to be safe, and of course, we'll have to lubricate your anus."

Her anus? Sondra gulped.

Her voice lower, Gabrielle spoke to Janey. "Do you want to spread her for me, or would you like me to spread and you can apply the lubricant?"

Sondra's eyes widened, and she listened for an answer but missed it. Instead, two soft hands grasped her butt cheeks and pulled them gently apart, exposing her anus. Suddenly something cold hit touched right upon her opening.

"Oh, god!" she gasped. Her muscles flexed and fought against her bonds, but she had no chance of escape or even movement. "Oh! Oh!" Fingers swirled around her opening, then pushed inside her most personal chamber. Were they Janey's or Gabrielle's? The framework practically shook with her struggles. It was just like being a slave girl on forced display.

Slicked fingers twisted and massaged her rectum, softly but firmly. Slippery fingers stroked her labia, then her clit, before pushing inside her pussy as well. Sondra struggled mightily, more from instinct than a desire to escape. She felt almost like she could cum quickly, and was turned on beyond anything she expected.

Something hard pressed gently against the rim of her vagina, then something else did the same with her anal bud, just close enough to touch without applying pressure. Were they dildos? She couldn't quite tell.

Fingers ran up through her trimmed rectangle of pubic hair. "This is short enough that we don't need to do any trimming." Sondra groaned in pleasured protest and tried to press herself back against the devices, but to no avail. Her situation was cruelly teasing.

Gabrielle and Janey stepped back into Sondra's field of vision, and Gabrielle explained a number of foot pedals to Janey that were below Sondra's field of vision. "These are quick releases if she gets into trouble. Press this one to turn off the breast stimulator, this one for the clitoris, this one for the vagina, and this one for the anus. They're all labeled. All you have to do is press it and it'll shut down. Got it?"

"Got it," Janey said. At this height Sondra could only stare into the bustlines of the two women, one clothed, one bare. She felt her anus flexing involuntarily at the unfamiliar contact still pressing lightly up against her.

"Now let's get you set up," Gabrielle said to Janey. "Your situation will be easier, and you have a 45 minute session. Let me help you climb up into the sling."

From her vantage point, Sondra was staring straight into the sling, which was positioned about three feet away. After some laughing and maneuvering, not unlike climbing into a hammock, Gabrielle got Janey up and into it, her lower back supported by a canvas sling and her legs pulled wide into two canvas stirrups. Her rump hung almost free. She lay back against a mesh of straps and was able to grab a bar over her head and behind her to complete the position.

"Let me go get the Double Down device," Gabrielle said, and stepped away.

From her higher position, Janey smiled down at Sondra. She was spread completely open, legs apart, bald pussy at eye height to Sondra and in direct sight. It was beautiful, small and tight with inner lips that blossomed delicately from a slit of an opening. Her outer lips were almost non-existent, just a mild bulge of softness framing her opening, and her clit was prominent. Sondra had seen Janey naked many times, but never anywhere close to this brazen display.

A machine rolled up from behind Sondra, guided by Gabrielle. It was about three feet tall and looked heavy. Pointed out and slightly up, extending from thick metal rods, were two dildos, black and menacing and oddly shiny. The first was roughly six inches long and more than an inch thick, and the second was smaller, perhaps four inches and relatively slender. The device was low enough that it didn't block Sondra's view as Gabrielle positioned it between Janey's outspread legs.

Gabrielle motioned to the dildos. "These are high tech and inflatable," she explained. "You'll go six minutes with the base vaginal dildo alone, then get a minute to rest. It'll then inflate to the next larger size, and then you'll get seven minutes of both it and the base anal dildo. Another minute to rest and then they'll both inflate up. Then you get eight minutes, another one minute of rest and inflation, and so on. You'll end with about eleven minutes at the top size. Once I turn it on, they'll start thrusting and vibrating - faster for the vagina and a slow pace for the anal probe, and then each cycle will give you a little increase in speed and power."

Janey was gazing at the two dildos with a mixture of excitement and fright. Sondra could see why; even at its current size the dildo looked large compared to her small openings. "How big is it at the end?"

"At the end you'll be taking almost 9 inches vaginally and 7.5 inches anally. The vaginal dildo will be 2.5 inches wide and the anal dildo will be 1.5 inches. That's the standard, but I can adjust it up or down if you want."

Janey swallowed hard. "No, that's fine."

Gabrielle knelt down, looking straight into Janey's exposed pussy and anus. "It looks like you're naturally lubricating too," she said, "but I'll add some just in case. As Sondra watched, she took a tube of lubricant from the pocket of her smock, squeezed it onto her fingers, and then began a slow massage of Janey's pussy.

Even though Janey could see it coming, Sondra could tell that she was shocked by the intimate contact, letting out a gasp and a short squeal of surprise. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes bulged as the attendant languorously ran her fingers up and down Janey's inner lips, occasionally forking to stroke her outer lips as well. Sondra could see Janey's toes curling, the muscles in her slender thighs flexing, as she absorbed the attention, staring down at her crotch and the fingers that massaged it. Janey's eyebrows creased with wonder and worry as the fingers slid inside her.

Sondra tried to rub against the unknown devices that touched her own personal regions. It was so arousing to see Janey like this. But she couldn't move.

"And now down a little further," Gabrielle said. She smiled knowingly as she put another glob of lubricant on her fingertips, this time moving down to Janey's tiny pink rosebud.

"Oh! Oh, gosh! Oh!"

"We have to be sure that you're all nice and lubed."

Janey practically levitated out of the sling as a finger slipped inside her rectum. There was a full minute of squirming as Gabrielle invaded Janey's anus, twisting and probing with her finger. Given the look on her face, Sondra wondered if perhaps Janey was having second thoughts about selecting the anal option.

Finally Gabrielle sat back, assessing Janey's once-private areas. She ran a hand across the girl's fulcrum, anus to vulva and up to her small, bare pubic mound. "I think you're ready," she declared. The next few minutes involved some maneuvering of the device and the dildos, but eventually Gabrielle got it all lined up. She hung a small cord in the sling where Janey could easily reach it. "If you have to stop, just push this button. Are you ready to go?"

Janey nodded, staring with excited trepidation down at the double-headed device positioned at the edge of her openings.

"And we're off!" Gabrielle hit a switch and the machine came to life. The top dildo, the larger one, pushed into Janey slowly but inexorably, then began building a rhythm. Janey squealed with delight as it began a rhythmic pounding of her pussy. It was large enough that Janey's soft outer lips were stretched a bit, gripping the device as it thrust in and out. The petite brunette threw her head back in immediate pleasure.

"And now you." Gabrielle stepped back over the Sondra and pressed down on the foot pedals. Sondra gasped as several pieces of machinery came to life. The cups on her nipples began a slow sucking, but her attention was particularly drawn between her legs, where some unseen dildo slowly, very slowly, entered her vagina.

"Oh!" she breathed. "That's amazing."

Gabrielle laughed and cocked her head toward a clock on the wall. "Let's hear what you have to say 59 minutes from now," she said. "The four devices will alternate and turning off and on, and they'll randomly vary in intensity," she said. "There are temperature and fluid sensors that will make adjustments to keep you on the edge for the next hour." She walked toward the door, giving Sondra a playful slap on the ass. "I'll be back. Enjoy your visit!"


And with that, she was gone. Sondra was enjoying the feeling of being filled, and the devices on her nipples were oddly pleasurable.

"Nnnnh!" Janey moaned. Making eye contact with Sondra, she smiled even through her veil of concentration as the dildo smoothly thrust in and out. "This is fantastic. How are you doing?"

"I'm okay," Sondra tried to move slightly, to slide back further, but it was hopeless. Unlike Janey's deep and fast device, Sondra's was excruciatingly slow, moving into her very slowly and barely vibrating. It was heating Sondra up, but not nearly enough to put her over the edge any time soon.

She distracted herself by concentrating on Janey. The small brunette now had both hands on her breasts, lightly caressing them and kneading her nipples. Her hips were small and smoothly curved, her skin a gorgeous natural tan. The dildo was pumping in a smooth rhythm, producing small shudders in her friend's body as it hit its maximum depth each round.

For several minutes each woman withdrew into her own world, Janey being relentlessly machine-pumped and Sondra receiving a slow vibrating penetration. Her nipples were being sucked harder now, almost hard enough to blur the distinction between pleasure and pain.

Suddenly the dildo in Sondra's vagina stopped. She frowned as it neither pushed forward nor vibrated. Then suddenly she felt a light touch on her clit, barely more than a tickle. Unable to move, she pondered the implications as something danced lightly over her most sensitive spot. Her pussy was still pleasantly stretched by the motionless dildo. "Hmm," she grunted thoughtfully.

Janey's eyes popped open. She was still playing with her nipples. She looked at Sondra. "What is it?"

Sondra tried to push downward, but couldn't. "Nothing," she said. "Just a different sensation starting."


"How are you feeling?" Sondra could look straight into Janey's pussy. It was slick and wet, and being invaded in a nice rhythm.

"It's really good," Janey said breathily.

For another two minutes the room was silent other than faint moans and gasps and the quiet movement of high-tech machinery.

Then Janey's machine stopped. She moaned in frustration as the dildo withdrew. "Oh, damn," she muttered. "I was getting close." Her fingers slipped down between her legs.

Mesmerized, Sondra watched her friend fondle and flick her clit. She didn't think Janey should be doing it, not with so much time left, but she wasn't going to say anything, not with this view. With the device playing with her own clit, she too moaned in frustration.

"I - oh!" Suddenly the device against her anus had sprung to life, beginning to vibrate and very slowly advance against the resistance of her sphincter.

"What's happening?" Janey asked, unashamedly masturbating herself. "You look like you're weirded out."

Her mouth gaping, Sondra could only nod. "Something's going in me," she gasped. "In the back."

"In the back?" Janey's mouth curled up into a grin.

Sondra girded her courage. "Yeah." Whatever it was, it felt like it was inside her now, shallow but still inside, stretching her anal ring pleasurably. She pulled fruitlessly against the leather sheaves holding her down. "It's pushing into me."

"Good or bad?"

"Kinda good."

Janey's dildo caught Sondra's eye. Still caught up in her own experience, she stared unbelievably at it. It was still slick and shiny with Janey's fluids, but it was expanding. The slick material was pushing outward as the chamber inside it inflated, growing both longer and thicker.

"Uh, Janey, are you seeing that?"

"Yeah." Janey sounded a little hesitant. "What's that coming out of the top?"

"It looks like little fins. Or brushes or something."

Both women knew what it meant. Small soft spikes were growing out the top of the dildo. On every stroke they were going to rub across Janey's clit. Sondra, growing more aroused by the minute, was a bit envious.

The machine pushed into her friend. Janey mewed with pleasure as the feathery fins flowed across her surprisingly large and slick clit. "That's fantastic," she breathed.

And then the second dildo moved, the one that was underneath.

It hadn't yet done anything, but now it too moved forward. Sondra watched in amazement as its tip pressed against Janey's anus. The small woman froze. "Oh, god. What's it doing?"

Sondra involuntarily smiled, a wicked and voyeuristic smile.

"I don't know if I can do this. I don't - oh! Aaaah!" Suddenly the tip of the smaller dildo disappeared inside Janey. Her toes curled and flexed, and she instinctively positioned her legs higher to allow an easier entry.

Sondra's clit tickling stopped, and the pressure on her nipples let up. Now, without warning, the device inside her vagina was moving again, slowly rubbing in and out, up and down. Her anal dildo was doing the same thing, and suddenly she could empathize with Janey.

For the next several minutes, both women grunted and gasped as they were dually penetrated, Janey's machines running more vigorously and Sondra's more leisurely. Janey lasted only a short time before her petite hips began undulating. She shivered, and Sondra saw the tendons in her thighs tighten up. Janey's breathing was getting faster and shallower, her nipples long and hard.

"I think this is it," she breathed. "This is fantastic."

Sondra tried to enhance her own stimulation, but was hopelessly stuck. The devices felt fantastic, but they were so slow, so deliberate! She was highly aroused and ascending intensity, but not to the point of orgasm.

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