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sex with black men

Catherine after what had happened was having a hard time doing her job, her thoughts kept drifting back to a week ago. Her and her best friend Kate had been abused and raped by a group of black men all with incredibly large cocks!. Well at least she had been raped!. Kate on the other hand went there willingly with the intention of getting fucked by black men and for her, the extra added bonus of being brutally raped and gang banged turned out to be exactly what she wanted. Catherine wasn't quite sure just how many men had fucked her, as she quickly lost count?... In her lifetime she had never experienced that many intense orgasms nor had she ever been fucked so many times. The thought was perverse as she realized that she had been fucked more in one night than she had been,.. during her entire married life even including the pregnancy of her two children!

sex with black men
sex with black men

Even more shocking was, what her and Kate had done to each other. She had never given much thought of being with another woman especially her friend, or the possibility of enjoying it so much. A soft shiver swept throughout her body as she thought about Kate straddling her head and dangling the delicious wet pussy lips and clit of hers, into her mouth. Her best friend, this straight laced soccer mom had really shocked her!. Just as shocking and exciting was all the things Kate had confessed to her the following day in detail about what had indeed happened between them that night!...

It had been almost a week and her body was starting to heal, her bruised clitoris and the swelling of her pubes and love tunnel from sadistic abuse had gone down, almost returning to normal. But was still quite sensitive to the touch or having anything next to it, this made it impossible for her to wear panties or panty hose . The tattoo that she thought was real had started to fade.. Thank goodness she thought, wondering what her straight ass vanilla husband would do if he had seen it?. She had taken an extended weekend after the abuse and rape, and had spent time with Kate and I, this had helped. Her children were old enough to take care of themselves and were becoming quite independent. Her work had from time to time required her to be gone several days at a time and occasionally up to a week! She had lied telling her husband she was sick with the flu, and he usually so busy with his work anyway easily avoided her.

She was at work and had only been back a few days, it was 4:30 in the afternoon almost time to go home when her phone beeped, alerting her to an incoming text. She gasped as she opened the picture window! It was a photo of her naked and bound in the bondage hammock where she had been raped and brutalized,.. with a huge black cock in her mouth and one stuck in her pink little pussy really stretching it! . Her heart pounded rapidly as her body reacted, to the perverse sight! She could feel her nipples start to harden as she remembered the pleasurable brutality of these two huge black cocks fucking her, one in her mouth and the other really doing a number on her pink tender pussy!.
Scrolling down she read the message " It's time for more black cock” or your boss, and maybe even your husbands boss! Will get this message,.. with the words to call this number when you leave work. Her heart and stomach traded places, they were keeping their promise to blackmail her. She of course had no idea that it was only a threat as they had no intention of actually doing so. They using this threat to scare her into doing something that she subconsciously wanted to do anyway,.. and this, like many of the women they had abducted abused raped and threatened, allowed her like them to easily do these nasty and perverted sexual things with strange black men, and without the added guilt of willingly doing so!

Hurrying out to the parking lot just after five, Catherine sat in her car for several minutes trying to calm herself, as most everyone else had already left. Her hands were shaking as she dialed the number. The man who answered told her he was watching, and that she had better do exactly what he said, or her boss and maybe even her husband might get the text pictures!.

Catherine at 37 was still a hot little piece! About ten years younger than my wife Kate. She has this incredible body, and at only 5'3" tall is a petite little thing, her hair was similar to Kate's, but mostly blond with some light brown highlights, was shoulder length and naturally curly. She pulls it straight back most of the time, and tries to make her image at work look more mature and business like, however it has been a loosing battle. She is a unpretentious cute blond, and from a distance looks just like a teenager that no one would suspect has two, almost grown children. Her eyes are a beautiful blue/green. But her lips and the way she purse's and puckers them, a most appealing girlish habit of hers, is one of the most endearing and incredible qualities about her. These lips of hers ...just beg to be kissed, or wrapped around someone's cock especially when she wears bright red lip gloss,..which is something she does a lot!

She has 32”C cup perky, perfect shaped tits with dark brown nipples, much like my wife Kate! They really contrast vividly with the virgin like white skin of her breasts. The nipples are big for the size of her breasts, and difficult to hide, almost the size of a man's thumb. Her ass from behind is like her,.. so cute soft and milky white, I know now, as I have now had the pleasure of seeing her naked!. It makes one just want to pick her up and stick that little bottom or pink pussy of hers right on the end of your dick and hard hump her! Just think of a football player punting, but change it to, his foot your dick and her ass the football!

She and my wife Kate go to the gym a lot trying to keep in shape. Her pussy is shaved smooth all the time, and according to Kate is the sweetest pinkest little thing you could ever imagine, especially after good work out, and always seems to leave her clit ready for attention! Blond's especially ones like Catherine have the fairest white skin and the pinkest of genitals! This, is the vivid picture I have of Catherine! The woman now leaving the office to meet several strange black men, ones that only want her for one thing, submissive abusive and perverted sex?.

She was setting in her red Volvo convertible thank god she had left the top up this morning. Looking around the parking lot nervously,.. she noticed an old up pick up with two black men in it. They were parked at the very end of the now almost empty parking lot! One was on the phone talking as they watched. There was a car parked on her passenger side in the middle of the lot and another one still left,..when the one next to her pulled out, the truck pulled into the same spot.. She was frightened as she looked around....
There was only one car left in the lot, and it was her bosses shiny new black Cadillac Escalade ?.
She did as the man on the phone had instructed. Unbuttoning her blouse, wiggling her hands around behind, and undoing her bra, something that amazes me a woman can easily do then slipping it out,.. without taking her blouse off. She left it open an unbuttoned as she adjusted the front of the thin white top leaving a lot of her bare breasts exposed along with a tantalizing amount of cleavage, and with just the very edge of her large brown nipples showing. Then she bunched her skirt and slip together and pulled it up above her thighs and tried to show him, the one in the truck, that she was not wearing any panties or pantyhose. This pantiless thing was something she had never done at work before. It made her feel like a very young slutty whore, who's pimp was just fucking with her!.

The black guy in the drivers seat was a big mean looking man. She was scared to death, after their eyes had met for the first time, she just could not bring herself to look directly at him again? This was his job, and he was good at it, mostly to intimidate, and it was certainly working. The passenger had gotten out and had walked around to her side of the car. This guy was a pleasant looking black male, probably in his early 30s,.. and somehow looked familiar?

With a knowing smile he looked her over, .. and after doing so nodded to the other, that she was indeed not wearing any panties, then asked for her bra!. Taking it, he had told her to meet them both behind the BP station several miles down the road at the busy intersection and to put the top down on her convertible. There is just something about a pretty shapely blond with her goodies showing driving a red convertible that makes almost anyone take notice!

Catherine somewhat relieved now that at least, she wasn't going to the black supposedly ghetto section of the projects or to an adult motel out in east Columbus? Something that she was unaware of now, but was going to happen with Kate later this evening! They had threatened earlier, to do the very same with her, the thought for Catherine of doing so half naked, and to meet some sort of deranged sexual predator was both,.. terrifying and stimulating!.

About the same time Cathrine had received the text of her naked,.. Kate had taken a call from someone in the same group of black men that had used these pictures to intimidate Catherine! Kate was told to take a cab to an adult motel in the same all black area of Columbus, close to where she had been only a week ago. This place is where she was to meet an oversexed well endowed horny black male, one that would be waiting for her. His specialty was supposedly to sexually service older white women! She was told that the same women who routinely use these services were ones that belonged to the Naughty Ohio Wives Club, and not to worry as they knew, that she was one of the new members!

An address was given along with a room number, then was told to wear as little as possible and to leave her purse and cell phone at home... The man said she would not need anything and would be taken care of! He had emphasized the words “ Well Taken Care Of”!....

Kate my wife had always been adventurous when it came to kinky sex, and had no problem doing what the man had said, actually enjoying the thought of wearing one of my favorite's,.. something that made me hard with only the thought of her in it, and then out of it!. This was a thin little summer dress with flowers, that buttons all the way down the front and could easily leave her naked in only minutes. This way she could show as much of her cleavage and legs as she wanted. I love when she wears it, especially with only a few of them buttoned, and then leaving them unbuttoned up to just below her snatch! The only other thing she was going to wear, was her black knee hi boots, the ones with 4” spiked heels!

The cabbie that dropped her off on this evening said, lady I hope you know what in the hell you are doing especially dressed like that, as he had been admiring her and not paying much attention to his driving ever since she had gotten in his cab! Kate in a confident voice reassured him by saying , “I Know Exactly What I Am Doing”! It was almost dark as she got out of the cab in the motel parking lot, she noticed several rough unpleasant looking black men loitering outside, ..that were hanging around one of the motel rooms, on the opposite side of the lot! Her heart was going a mile a minute with her pussy wetter than ever, and her clit starting to swell with the anticipation of some rough animal like sex!

She after looking for the room number discovered it was on the second floor at the very end of the open walk way. As she started up the stairs a young black man met her half way! He would not let her pass as she tried to get around him, he had grabbed both of her bra less tits through the thin flowered material, and had pulled her to him! Already scared to death, this treatment had only made her even more sinfully aroused, scared shitless, and hornier than hell! Her heart was now pounding wildly, at the thought of what was about to happen!.....

The young man said I know why you are here, and then to Kate,. you shouldn't go up there? Followed by,.. you should come with me,... I and my friends would be happy to see that every fantasy a horny white bitch like you have,..... we can easily fulfill, his tone and speech was that of a man who was quite confident, and matter of fact in his ability to do so! Kate hesitated for a moment,.. weighing a sure thing as opposed to the excitement and uncertainty of what might be waiting for her in the adult motel room on second floor!

The young man still squeezing and twisting her very mature 34”breasts harshly through the thin fabric, had popped off several of few of buttons that had kept her dress together! He pulled her to him again, and this time kissed her roughly on the lips with incredible young lust an passion! The kiss was smoken hot, and had taken Kate's breath away something that had not happened to her in years, especially with me! Then she said trembling, I....can't , I have to... go he is expecting me,.. now almost apologizing? He relaxed his firm grip allowing her to pull free. This left her pussy and the white skin of her tummy along with her slightly bruised bare breasts sinfully exposed from most all of the missing buttons! With her dress mostly open she proceed up the stairs still trembling and shivering from the thought, of his rough aggressive and very forceful treatment!

As she got to the top of the stairs heard the young man say, you will be sorry,... he is a monster! Wow! ..The thought of what he said,.. and the fact that her dress had only a few buttons left, and those only hanging by a thread, and were barely holding her dress together! This along with the perverse and delicious thought of some incredible hard sex with a well endowed black sexual pervert,!.. The thought was so overpowering she actually hurried with her spiked heels nosily hitting the walk in lustful anticipation to the very end of the second floor walk!...

Kate, now hornier than ever still with trembling shivers of excitement, knocked on the motel door, .then.tried turning the knob several times The door after what seemed like an eternity of waiting finally opened as she clutched the thin fabric around her now bare breasts in a feeble attempt to cover and protect them, the door had opened just enough for a big black hand to snake out and grab her by the soft white skin of her throat! The hand squeezed tighter as the door slammed open and she was helplessly and firmly dragged into the dark motel room.

She could see only a shadowy figure, but it was one of a very big man, her hands had come up and had grabbed his, frightfully trying to loosen his grip on her throat! As she did so, felt her dress being ripped and torn away in shreds,...and with the last of several buttons that had been barely holding it together easily went flying in all directions along with the remnants of her dress!

Now totally naked and being held firmly by her neck, he slapped her several times so hard she saw stars and the most unbelievable bright blue lightning flashes of pain! This was followed by throwing her on the bed so hard that both, had stunned her leaving her unable to move as he rolled her over. Kate felt her arms being pulled up against her back as the man held her wrists together so tight it hurt. Then heard the sound of duct tape being ripped off and tightly taped, leaving her hands helplessly bound behind her back now she knew that it was useless for her to struggle!

Except for the stinging brutal slaps she was loving the treatment, no one certainly not me her husband had ever done anything quite like this, and the rough treatment from a total stranger had Kate more than ready for what ever he was about to do?

We had done some mild bondage during our kinky sex play, but I,.. her husband had never slapped her around so hard or treated her so rough? I was always afraid I might hurt her? Her thoughts of brutal sex were almost to the point of begging for what she thought was going to happen? The Brute now satisfied her hands were useless had rolled her over onto her back, and had pulled off her black spike heeled boots tossing them aside! She heard a noise, as he had apparently ripped the pole out of the open closet where one would hang their clothes of this old rundown motel and was now using it to hold and tape her ankles apart!

Kate with one of her legs held up could hear more tape being ripped and pulled as she felt the wooden pole placed behind the heel of her foot and tightly taped, she was wondering OMG! What was he was going to do? Now with duct tape clinched between his teeth and one of her ankles securely taped he had lifted her other up, and used both hands to spread her so wide she thought he might break some of the bones in her pelvis! Thank god she had spent so much time in the gym, and as a 47 yr old woman was in really good shape!

He had used the entire length of the big wooden dowel and had now spread and taped her ankles almost 4' apart leaving her naked helpless an incredibly vulnerable! All Kate could think of was to say, please,... at first only in a whisper, and then a bit louder please,.... don't hurt me? Knowing, and actually relishing the fact that he could do what ever he dam well pleased!

Now naked and helpless with her vision and senses starting to return she could make out this man, no not a man he was like the young man had said,... a Brute of a monster! OMG! Kate thought to herself what have I gotten myself into? The man was about 6' 4” was totally naked and the "Blackest Negro" she had ever seen! This alone sent more perverted chilling shivers up her spine, but this was nothing, he was a well built muscle man, probably close to 300 lbs!

The really terrifying part was the look of contorted smiling hatred in his eyes that showed several gold, and what looked like some very sharp ones! His features were that of a trapped sex crazed animal and one that could not be stopped,.... one that was going to have his brutal way with my lovely mature wife. This over sexed soccer mom, the one that was now in real trouble! But as her eyes became clear, even more terrifying was the fact that she could see an enormous chunk of meat hanging limply between his thick well toned muscled thighs,...My God! It looked like a fat black rat!

The thing,... this male organ was uncut and at least 10” long just hanging limp! OMG! Kate thinking fuck,...for a moment in a detached way what must it be like when it was hard? And then OMG!...... Realizing he is going to use it on me! This was not its only attribute as it was also almost 4” thick, and how could any woman ever take such a cock and still have a normal sex life, the woman would have to be crazy to willingly have sex with someone so incredibly well equipped! The woman would be stretched and maybe even her vaginal slit ripped open? Kate, my wife this beautiful 5' 7” tall in her late 40s woman was about to find out what brutal and sadistic sex was all about,...and find out first hand!

What she and Catherine had experienced only a week ago would pale in comparison as to what was going to happen to her this very evening! What had happened to Kate then had readied her in the way of harsh sex and abuse and was going to make this brutalized intercourse she was about to receive a bit more easier for my now very slutty over sexed soccer mom to endure!

This man the Brute had been an orphan, and had been abandon as a baby! He had spent time in several foster homes and this was the reason he disliked older women and wanted so, to use and horribly abuse them! Apparently an older sexually repressed and religious fanatic of a woman had caught him masturbating as a young boy and was so incensed to find him playing with himself that she had tried to cut off his penis with a butcher knife! He had barely escaped, but his penis was cut up quite badly and severely mutilated to the point the doctors at the local emergency room had barely been able to save and repair it!.

This had left him with a mistrust and a hatred especially for older white women! It also left his enormous penis so grotesque and horribly scared, that it was quite intimidating to any women especially when it was fully erect!
The Brute was a man of two personalities as a motherless infant it the hospital where he had been taken, there was another young white woman who had just suffered a devastating miscarriage and was very distraught, the nurses feeling so sorry for her had brought Brutus “(His Real Name)” this orphaned baby in to her hospital room so that she could breast feed him. Her breasts were so full and painful from unused milk, and loss of her child, would with no baby would have to be milked, and this solved two problems at once! The young woman became attached and wanted to adopt Brutus, but her husband would not allow her to do so with someone else's black baby! This was also why he had subconscious and mixed emotions about older and younger white women!

This hulk of a man, this big gar boon Brutus had just been released from the mental health ward of a local high security facility!.. One that dealt with deranged sexual predictors. He had convinced one of the new social workers a young woman just out of college that he had from her wonderful help and assistance been fully rehabilitated. She was a true idealist that believed that every one could be rehabilitated and should be counciled and not be incarcerated. She while in college had passed every part of the requirements for being a clinical psychologist with flying colors, even her doctorate, and was convinced that she, and she alone, could determine when a patient was ready to return to society and would pose no further threat or problem to anyone in the community!

She over the objections of her more learned colleagues who were more than aware of his past history, and in digressions, of brutally abusing over a dozen women especially some older ones, that were coincidentally about Kate's age! But she took it upon herself to have him released early anyway, and into her personal custody!....

He was so charming and she so smitten by him, plus being so naive had even agreed to go with him only several days after his release to the Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubhouse. He was a member of this club and would introduce her to some of the other members, he had told her that she could be of tremendous help with her ability,.. by counciling several of the members and rehabilitating them just like she had done with him! Never mind that they were hardcore drug users and sexual sadists of the worst kind! Something that few professionals before or ever for that matter, had been able to impart any kind of moral change in direction to their sadistic behavior!

She was a fairly plain looking girl about 24 yrs old just out of college and on her first job. What one might call homely in many respects and for her, do to her dedication to higher learning had few contacts with other men. This had left her starved and ripe for male attention, and the perfect woman for Brutus!.
He unlike many sexual predators was a self educated and well spoken man, and just because he was black and a sexual predator of the worst kind, this had not impaired his ability to charm, and one that was obviously quite good at sweet talking this young woman into what ever he wanted.

She never having anyone take an interest in her was blind to his real motive's, and so trusting along with the feeling that she had the power to control such a big intimidating hulk of a man one that in the past had been unable to be controlled by anyone! The thought of her having complete control of such a big powerful black man had left her giddy and his attention to her had removed any thought that he was only leading her on, shall we say to sexual slaughter!

She was so sure she could do the same for the other club members! So sure, in fact that she had willingly agreed to meet him at their club house. Anyone could have seen what was coming, but she was so blind and righteous in her ideal convictions,.. and after all she had a degree in physiology and was taught by well respected tenured professors that knew everything! So how could she not be in control, and having this degree on paper made her more than qualified to easily rehabilitate the worst of these drug heads and perverts, these dregs of society,.. right?.

I will not go into the finer details as to what happened but she went and met a dozen or so of the club members and was introduced to them by the Brute at their club house. She willingly and trying to be friendly had a few drinks probably to many, and some casual conversation followed by listening to several of their drug and sexual perversion problems and just knew,.. she could help fix them. After all she had a degree and was more convinced than ever she could help! They including the Brute played along indulging and inviting her to a friendly game of pool in the back room.

This is where they came on to her a little harder and harder first fondling her and then pulling at her clothes and finally ripping them all off!
She dressed, was a homely full figured young woman, but naked was quite appealing and although she did not realize it was more than ready for some normal loving sex, unfortunately the sex she was about to receive would be far from normal or loving! Once she was naked they had bent her over the end of the pool table and with members holding her arms helplessly had used her bare white full figured bottom as a dart board, just imagine her tight little asshole or pussy being used as the bulls eye with her screaming and begging for them to stop!

She then was pulled up onto, turned over and spread eagled on the green felt of the pool table. This left her head dangling down over one end. Then with club members holding her arms and legs tight, and wide apart used pool cue's on her pussy first, in an attempt to get her ready for what was about to follow, numerous gigantic black cocks!. With her head and face hanging down helplessly it presented the perfect target to forcefully rape her mouth, and these horny perverts did just that!

Then with loads of cum in her mouth and dripping off the bottom of her breasts she was pulled down to the other end and her bare bottom placed on the edge of the pool table. Where she was brutally raped again and again as the club members one after the other took turn after turn with their hard black cocks!

The next perverted thing that happened, was the members, started taking bets as to just how many pool balls could be crammed up into her well used horribly stretched and cum filled pussy! They had gotten almost ten of the colored ivory's in and the last was quite fitting for the occasion, it was the black eight ball, she finally passed out from all of the sadistic abuse! After this they had dumped her, still naked and with many of the pool balls tight in her pussy, close to the “University Hospital in East Columbus”! This was where someone had found her whimpering and had ended up taking her to the emergency room!

So bad and so harsh was the treatment at the bikers club she was for a time unable to explain and could not remember what had happened, and used this for an excuse. But was so embarrassed as numerous pool balls were removed and that she had made such a stupid mistake, not being able to tell anyone the real reason she had done this!

She was then sent for a time to a mental ward where she was really in need of a good therapist that could now council and rehabilitate her, someone who had been so naive and stupid! This big guy, this gar boon and his equally perverted friends were the ones that had ruined her young pussy for any kind of normal sex and had left her with the same cravings that other white women have, and that was for abusive sex with big black men!

This Brute, this well hung monster was the one that was about to do the very same thing to my lovely wife Kate! He had pulled her bare bottom to the edge, and corner of the bed and had secured her ankles with wooden spreader bar holding them up in the air and wide apart to several light fixtures that were mounted to the wall at either side of the room. Then with Kate's hands behind her back and helplessly watching had taken his belt and started to whip her pubic mound a half dozen times or more very hard, until my wife Kate was screaming incoherency from the painful abuse of this brutal treatment on her naked genitals!

Apparently he wanted the bare skin a certain color and with just the right amount of hurtful stimulated abuse before he did his thing! The swelling of the firm meat an muscle on either side of Kate's fleshy labia lips had turned red and was puffed up accenting her cunt lips along with her now more than ready eager clit for attention! This attention would be some of the most brutal and sadistic kind a sexual pervert like him was capable of.!...

Now down on his knees,.. the Brute had first started biting the inside of her soft white tender thighs fairly hard, and then buried his face in her wet juicy still stinging and abused folds, sucking and biting the flesh softly at first the incredible sensations after being whipped along with her sexual nerve endings at their peak from his attention was so stimulating that it had quickly produced an orgasm like no other!... OMG! OMG!....O..M...fucking G! Leaving her slit and cunt lips puckered up with wanton sexual pleasure and wanting even more attention! She even tried to hump her pussy up still shuddering and screaming, only this time her screams were of incredible erotic pleasure!

As Kate laid there in helplessly abused pleasure, and these wonderful sensations of only moments ago starting to fade, she felt the biting of her genitals become more harsh and aggressive! The wonderful fading pleasure was now quickly replaced with painful biting, and the thought of his sharp gold teeth! Now even harder than ever, and he using his teeth this time to abuse as he became more and more brutal and sadistic!

Kate was screaming again at the top of her lungs even more painfully than before and begging, for him to stop! All this begging had done was to incite him to even harsher sadistic abuse! The painful biting was getting closer and closer to her clit and she could do absolutely nothing to slow him down,.. much less to make him stop! She was now pleading ,please, OMG! Please not my clit! Oh! Ooooooooo! As she wailed on helplessly, pleeeeese not my clit!......................Nooooo!

This of course was exactly where he was headed,.. and he had no intention what so ever of stopping! Kate's worst fears and nightmare were realized as his big mouth and lips had taken a rather large mouthful of the entire area surrounding her most tender treasure! Visions of her clitoris being mutilated or god forbid bitten clear off! Had not only tempered her lust for kinky and abusive sex it had terrified her with possibility of losing this most precious sexually stimulating genital orb!

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