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“Oh, don’t go there!” my friend, Bhupen told me. “It is a terrible place.”“How do you know?” I asked.“My father served there for five years,” he told me. “And he came back after resigning his job. No civilized person can survive there.”

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I had applied for the post of Medical Officer when I found an advertisement by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh in North-east India. I applied just for the heck of it, as I had no plan after freshly passing out from Jorhat Medical College in Assam. I appeared for the interview in Guwahati as I was already going there to meet my girlfriend, Moushmi. We had been together for five years in the medical college and had just gone separate ways after passing out.

Moushmi is a girl anybody can desire to have – witty, intelligent and beautiful. We were deeply in love with each other from the time we were in the third year of the college. We were together lots of time in the college as well as in the hostel, holding hands and hugging each other whenever we had time to ourselves. We were never tired of kissing each other. That was as far as we went.

We were too much in love with each other to proceed further. Yes, I did fantasize pressing her round boobs and playing with her pussies. I wanted her to hold my cock and suck it. We never let our desire overpower us. Those activities could come after our marriage. After the interview, Moushmi came to meet me in the small hotel I was staying. “So, you got a job already?” she said.“Yes, but should I go?” I asked.

“Why not?” she said. “You will get lots of experience in places like Arunachal.“You are right,” I said, pulling her toward me. We sat down on the bed holding each other. My arms instinctively encircles her and she followed suit. We kissed each other – first a light peck and then more deeply. We sat there kissing each other, with no idea of what future has in store for us. We bade goodbye and I came back to my small village of Morabat where I was discussing my trip to Arunachal with my friend Bhupen.

“So, what should I expect there?” I asked.“People there have nothing to eat,” he informed. “They eat roots and fruits from the jungle. “Do you think you can survive?”“I am not sure,” I told him. “But I am going to take a chance.”Early next day, I booked a bus ticket to Itanagar. It is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. The bus was scheduled to leave at 4.30 PM in the evening. I reached there in time.

Exactly in time, the bus started but there were many empty seats. But as we started moving from town to town, more passengers started getting in. We had food at around 10.00 PM in a small town. I was hungry and had a good meal though the sanitary condition of the hotel was much to be desired.

The bus started moving again. I dozed off. Suddenly, I was woken up by something striking my shoulder. I opened my eyes and found a lady dozing off and swaying from side to side with the moving bus. She had unconsciously bumped into my shoulder. “When did she get up here?” I wondered, because the seat beside me was empty when I had dozed off.

I looked at the lady. She was middle aged, but dressed fashionably in jeans and T-shirt. My curiosity drew me towards her breasts. They were huge.“She must be nursing a baby,” I guessed. Even so, I could not ignore her. I kept stealing glances at her beautiful face and huge breasts while she was blissfully sleeping.

I looked around. Everybody were sleeping. It was 2.00 AM. My cock stirred at the sight of the woman’s breasts. My temptation got better of me. I slowly put my fingers on the side of her breast. She kept sleeping. I felt her breast for a long time with my fingers. Then, I put my hand over her right breast. She was still sleeping. I started pressing her boobs. Still sleeping. I got emboldened and put my hand under her T-shirt and slowly brought it up her breasts. It was better to feet a naked breast than feet it over the cloth. I was surprised she did not wake up. With a rock-hard cock, I kept messaging her boobs under her T-shirt.

Then I slowly brought my hand down towards her jeans. She had a flat abdomen. I unbuttoned her jean. I then slowly brought my hand towards her crotch. Oh, it was so hairy! The feeling of hair over her pussy made me so horny that I came and wet my pants. Somewhat embarrassed, I withdrew my hands and got my handkerchief to dry clean myself up. Now I was scared she might wake up. But she did not.

I felt sleepy again and dozed off. It was 6.00 AM in the morning. The bus had reached Itanagar. I looked at the lady. She was wake too but gave no indication of my mischief at night. She had buttoned up her jeans. I wondered whether she was really sleeping or awake while I was playing with her.

When the bus stopped, I got down and looked for an autorickshaw to take me to a hotel. I looked at the lady. She looked at me too. I thought she smiled, but I am not sure. Did she smile at me? Or laugh at me? I will never find out. But my adventure in Arunachal Pradesh had begun.

Anyway, I got into an autorickshaw and it took me to Tosum Hotel. I checked in and lay down on the bed to sleep for sometime before I go to the office to get my posting order. I got up again at 9.00 AM, washed up and ordered breakfast. After taking my breakfast, I got dressed and went to the office of the Director of Health Services. Very few people had arrived at the office. However, as the people started trickling in, I could meet the Director at 11.00 AM.

“I am Dr. Sain, sir,” I introduced myself and showed him my appointment letter.

“So, you decided to join?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. You have been posted at Mechuka,” he told me.

“Strange name!” was my first reaction but I said, “Thank you, sir.”

I got the appointment letter and came back to the hotel. I had a mixed feeling. I was apprehensive as well as excited. This was my first job, first step into the real world. After lunch, I went to the market and made enquiries about how I can reach Mechuka. I planned to call my girlfriend and my parent in the evening. I will be going to Mechuka as soon as I can, not knowing what adventure awaits me there.

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