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Who fucked me first?

I shared my wife with another man she was hooked. She loved it and wanted more of it, as did I. There is nothing sexier to me watching my wife be bad and let her inner sexual desires become a reality. We both agreed, however, that we did not want this to be an overly frequent thing… it needed to continue to feel taboo and exciting. We also agreed that if it felt “routine” or “too frequent” that it could lose part of the edge that made our first experience so amazing.
Who fucked me first?
Who fucked me first?

About 4 months passed by and I could tell she was finally getting the itch. Pillow talk since our first experience had given me a few ideas and I was ready to act. It just so happened we were taking a trip in a few weeks which gave me a little time to try to find her next man. After screening, speaking to and getting to know several guys I picked one. His name was Brad. He was tall, lean, dark hair and good looking. He was the definition of what my wife enjoyed… however his looks wasn’t so much of a concern but more of his attitude. I needed to ensure that he was respectful and treat her like the amazing woman she was.
Our trip date arrived and plans were made. It’s almost tradition that my wife and I have a special time when we travel and stay in a hotel. She tends to surprise with a new kind of lingerie, toys and has even let me be her camera man, taking photos and videos of whatever I requested. However, this time I had something different in mind. We arrived on a Friday evening to our destination and had plans with old college friends for all day on Saturday. It was pretty safe to guess, and I was thankfully right, that her usual sexy side would come out late Saturday evening after we returned to our hotel room. Shortly after we got back, she ducked into the bathroom to shower. I texted the man that I had previously interview and told him to start on his way. He knew the plan and promised that he would follow instructions. I quickly muted my phone and awaited my wife to emerge from the bathroom.
When she did, I wasn’t disappointed. She was wearing a sheer, red and black teddy. It was tight around her breasts and loosely flowed down like a cocktail dress to barely cover her ass. Her black thigh highs were neatly attached to a black lacy garter and she even wore heels. My mouth was watering and I wanted nothing more than to completely ravage her. However, I needed to buy a bit more time for her surprise arrival.
As I laid on the bed watching her, she cocked her hips and threw one leg out to the side and looked at me. She motioned me with one finger to her. I smiled, rose and approached my incredibly sexy wife. I began to kiss her and run my hands about her body. After kissing her for a few minutes I gently pushed her back onto the bed and said, “I just so happen to have a surprise for you tonight too…” She looked at me and I could tell the gears in her head were turning.
“What is it,” she asked, “Are you going to keep me waiting?” She looked so seductive with her sexy smirk and amazing teddy that complimented her C-Cups and very shapely ass. I shook my head and went to my suitcase where I removed a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs that we had used pretty regularly. She loved to be cuffed then taken from behind.
“Give me your hands,” I said as I approached her. She resisted playfully but relented quickly, I could tell she was very excited. I handcuffed her to the headboard of the bed while she was laying on her back, looking at me and waiting to be taken. I then took the blindfold and gently placed it around her head, cover her in complete darkness. “Can you see anything? Anything at all? I don’t want you to know where I’m going to touch you.”
“No,” she replied. She began squirming a little. “Baby… I want you.”
I began to work on her to buy more time. I kissed her deep and gently rubbed all the sensual areas of her body. As expected, my phone vibrated a few moments later. He was here. I whispered in her ear, “I’ll be right back baby, I just have to get something from the suit case.”
“Okay,” she spoke softly and seductively. Breathing heavy and her body was writing. She wanted, no she needed, to be touched. She needed the proverbial “itch” to be scratched. Everything was working perfectly. I approached the door on the far side of the hotel room and opened it quietly, stepped out and whispered to him, “Remember the rules? I want you to cum on her, not in her.” He nodded and I motioned him inside the room. As we quietly walked across the hotel room he stopped and gazed down at my wife. I motioned him on.
He approached her and gently began to kiss her neck. As he placed one hand on the back of her neck, she arched her back pressing her body into someone that I’m sure she though was me. As he kissed her neck more and more his hand wandered slowly downwards, lingering at all that places you would expect. First, on her covered breast, then hips, then inner thigh. Finally he slowly slid his hand up my wife’s thigh and made contact with her covered pussy. He began to rub slowly, then more quickly. Soon, he slid the panties aside and began to kiss down her neck and into her cleavage. His face was buried in her breasts, his left hand rubbing my wife’s bare pussy and his right hand was grasping at a still covered breast.
She moaned and moaned. I could tell that he was making her feel good but I don’t believe that he was getting her close to orgasm. Slowly and gently he pulled the teddy below her breasts, exposing them fully. He took one nipple in his mouth and the other he played with between his thumb and pointer finger. I know that she loves her nipples to be sucked on.
Soon she spoke, “I want your cock,” she said somewhere between a moan and a whisper. He leaned up and removed his shirt, pants and stood there in his boxers. He glanced at me and I nodded. He removed his cock and leaned forward onto the bed and straddled her. He laid his cock between her perky breasts first and rocked his hips back and forth. The expression on her face was pure desire and it was incredibly sexy. He eventually moved up and I’m sure that even through the blindfold she could sense it, dangling in front of her mouth. He placed a hand on the top of her head and guided her mouth to his cock.
I purposefully picked another man close to my size. I didn’t want her to know from feeling alone. I wanted it to be a surprise. I’m not a small man, and neither was he. Probably between 7” and 7.5”. She showed nothing that would lead me to believe that she thought it could have possibly been another man. As she was sucking his cock, he reached around and began to play with her pussy. She moaned on his cock as she sucked him. This went on for a while as he fingered and played with her clit.
He didn’t bring her to orgasm but he was certainly making sure she needed to be fucked. He brought her close a few times and left her there to suck on him for quite some time. I had undressed by now and was sitting in the corner slowly stroking myself, enjoying watching my wife be dirty… even though she didn’t know.
After a fair amount of time had passed stood and walked to the edge of the bed where my wife was sucking Brad’s cock. I motioned him off and he nodded. I then climbed onto her and got between her legs and rubbed my cock against her pussy. She moaned and said, “Please fuck me… I, I need it!” She knew I loved it when she said that she needed me inside her, even if she didn’t actually need it. I slowly slid my cock inside of her and grabbed her breasts. Shortly, I leaned back and was on my knees. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her to me. One of her legs were draped over my shoulder and the other was pushed to the side, lying flat on the bed. I continue to fuck my wife slowly and rhythmically. She loved it slow.
Our friend stood and watched, basically foaming at the mouth waiting for my signal to engage with her again. As I was fucking her, I reached over and grabbed one of his hands. He looked at me for a moment but I gave him the, “don’t worry” look and placed his hand on her breast. She was caught up enough to not realize that when I returned my free hand to her thigh, that she had three hands on her body. She just laid there and continued to enjoy the fucking that I was giving her.
Soon, I motioned our friend away and from her and he obliged, I removed one wrist from her handcuffs and rolled her over onto her stomach, quickly handcuffing her again but this time without attaching the handcuffs to the head board. I positioned her so that her face was toward the side of the bed as our friend. I motioned him to go after her. He then walked around the edge of the approached her from behind. She had her ass high, her face down into the covers and her arms fully extended so that she her hands were hanging off of the bed. He reached down and played with her pussy for a few minutes before rubbing his cock against her, teasing her. She moaned every time he slid his cock back and forth.
Soon, he pressed his cock into her and grabbed each of grabbed her on each side of her hips and started slow but it escalated quickly. I could tell she was approaching orgasm, I’ve seen it so many times. She began to moan loudly and I could tell now was the time.
Just as she said, “Baby, keep fucking me… I’m cumming!” I reached down and slid my hands between her breasts and the comforter of the bed. She gasped and continued moaning for a few moments and as her orgasms ceased she said, “What’s going on?”
Brads stopped almost instantly and looked at me for guidance. I believed that he was afraid she was angry. I slowly released my grasp on my wife as she clearly felt four hands on her and leaned down to her ear and whispered, “Just trust me, baby… enjoy it.”
She have a half moan, half chuckle and began to move her hips on his cock. Brad slowly thrust a few more times but I motioned him to stop. He obeyed and climbed off the bed. I believe he thought I wanted a turn but that really wasn’t the case. I wanted to keep her guessing. I grabbed her hands and gently stood her. I moved her to the front of the bed and asked her to kneel down onto the floor. She did. I removed one of the hands from her handcuffed and told her to place her hands behind her back. She did, and I cuffed her again.
“From this point on, you know there is two of us, but we’re going to be silent. You’re not going to know which cock you’re fucking and which cock you’re sucking. You’re not going to know which man’s hands are touching your body. Do you want to stop or continue?” While basically writing on the floor she said, “Keep going, please… keep going!”
I nodded to my friend and we shuffled about a bit, grabbing at her, basically mauling her body. He was touching her ass and tits, I instantly shoved my cock into her mouth and grabbed a fistful of hair and forcibly moved her head. She moaned on my cock and I kept her going until it started to feel a little too good for me. I pulled her off my cock by her hair, turned her head and pushed her mouth onto Brad’s cock. I released her hair and kneeled beside her and began to rub her pussy. Her lingerie was basically falling off at this point and she looked so hot with her half on garter and half on teddy.
After a few more minutes of sucking his cock I grabbed her and pulled her off of his again and played my balls near her. She began to suck and lick them. I pulled away and stood her up. I removed her handcuffs and tossed them aside this time. I grabbed the skirt-like portion of her teddy and pulled it off over her head. I then sat behind her, she was at the foot of the bed facing away and grabbed her ass and spun her around. I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed down, she clued in and kneeled before me. I grabbed another fist full of hair and guided her willing mouth onto my cock. She stuck her ass out almost begging to be fucked.
Brad, instead, kneeled behind her and began to lick her pussy. She moaned and moaned on my cock until she eventually came. She ripped my cock out of her mouth as she began to orgasm and rested her check on my cock and moaned until she was finished then went back to sucking on me. After a few minutes Brad got behind her and pushed his cock deep into her. She moaned again and again and again until she came with my cock in her mouth this time. After Brad got a second chance at my wife’s amazing pussy, I pulled her head from my cock and shuffled to the side. I pointed at the bed to Brad and he nodded. I went behind my wife and pushed my cock into her. She moaned. Soon, her moans became muffled as she took Brad into her mouth again. As I fucked her, my hands explored her body. First holding her thighs or hips, pulling her back into me with each thrust. Then grabbing her breasts and rubbing her clit.
Eventually I got a spur-of-the moment idea. As Brad held the back of her head I reached forward and gentle brushed his hands to the side almost like saying, “Let go.” He did just that, and I grabbed another fist full of hair and began to pull her hair back, almost away from his cock. To my surprise she fought against it. She fought to keep his cock in her mouth. Soon Brad was ready to cum. I could tell, and I was too.
I removed myself from my wife and motioned Brad to join me as to not break the illusion of who was wear, she remain kneeled on the floor, hands on the bed, wondering what was going on. Only her hearing and sense of touch was functioning.
“How do you want to cum? Don’t say, just point.” He smiled and pointed to my wife’s pussy, gleaming pink and wet as she remained on all fours ready to be fucked. I nodded and off he went. I sat on the front of the bed again and guided my wife’s mouth to my cock. Brad, kneeled behind her again and began fucking her with new vigor as he knew it was his turn. I forcefully helped my wife move her head more quickly and face fucked her as she began to cum.
As she began to orgasm again for Brad, it appeared to push him over the edge too. Soon he began to grunt and pulled out of my wife and came across her back. He was a pretty heavy shooter and it looked nice sprayed all over her. She squirmed and moaned and pushed her ass back into his thighs and he finished on her. I soon stood and went behind her, pushed my cock into her and thrusted until I was ready to cum.
She was so incredibly wet and freshly fucked that it took a little bit of time to get enough stimulation to orgasm. As it built I felt her squirming and moaning. As I was pushed over the edge, I pulled my cock from her pussy and added to Brad’s previously made mess on my wife’s lower back and ass.
I pulled out from my wife and walked away. I looked any my wife and said, “Please trust me, don’t take off the blindfold and stay there.” She nodded and squirmed but obeyed. I turned to Brad and asked him to go. He nodded, thanked me and that, “Sexy brunette on the floor.”
She giggled playfully and I watched as she reached back and played with her pussy. She still had cum all over her back and ass and it seemed like she wanted more. After Brad used the restroom, he dressed and left the room. This was all part of the original conversation, I wanted her to continue not knowing who he was or what he looked like. After he shut the door, I approached my wife and removed her blindfold.
After I removed the blindfold she blinked a few times from the light and asked, “How long was he there?” I didn’t reply. “Who fucked me first?” Again, no reply. “Who came first?” she asked a bit more sternly.
“I’m not telling… where’s the fun in that?”
She looked at me devilish grin and said, “Oh, that’s not even fair… Can we do it again someday?”
To this day it was one of the sexiest moments of my life.

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