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A girl was getting herself fucked

There was silence in the room. A girl was getting herself fucked,for the first time in her life. I slowly started back / front motion simultaneuosly pressing her chutaad. I shifted my body weight from my knees onto Pushpa’s naked body.I asked her ” Aacha lag raha hai” She said ” haa, maat ruko, mera chut chodo, mera nikalne wala hai” She reached climex first and after some time I exploded.
Day 5 – I woke up and found Pushpa gotup much earlier than me and had finished her bath. Our eyes met. We didn’t talk. She was normal as if nothing sweet happened between us last night. Now we were unmarried wife & husband. She gave me a cup of tea. After getting ready & nasta, I took out my scooter to go to office. Pushpa called me by signalling with her eyes.

She walked towards the bedroom and said ” Nirodh khatam ho gaya hai, office se aane ke samay le aiyega.” I said “yes” and pressed her chuchi tenderly, kissed her and left for office.

In the office I was not able to concentrate on my job and Pushpa’s, words before leaving home was continuously ringing in my ears. Finally at 10.30am I requested my boss to give full day leave as I was not feeling well and left office.On the way, went to market to buy one white bra and white panty, anne french and two packets of condom.I reached home at 11.45am.

Pushpa was in kitchen doing something on gas.I switched off the gas hold her hand and pulled her to the bed room. I told her ” tumhara chut ka baal nikal dunga, aab tumhara chut choti bachhi ke chut jaisa lagega” She agreed & liedown on the bed. I lifted her skirt and pulled her jangia down.I applied anne french to remove hairs, but could not manage.

Hence I wiped out anne french and thought of traditional method of shaving.I put a towel under her chutaad. Applied shaving cream with my shaving brush and started shaving with maximum care as the skin in this part is very tender. I finished with much difficulty and cleaned the extra soap with a wet towel.I took some ice cubes in my hankerchief and kept ready.

To avoid any infection, I poured some after shave lotion in my hand and applied on the shaved chut. Pushpa reacted sharply. I pressed the cold hankerchief with ice cubes, to reduce iching, bend down and kissed her.I removed her blouse & also shaved her armpit.

I asked Pushpa to get up and see her chut in mirror. She was surprised to see her own chut now and became very happy. Then I took Pushpa to bathroom made her naked. I saw her naked first time in day light. I took out all my clothes. I gave her a good bath after putting shampoo on her hair and applying soap on every part of her body.

I dried her with towel and asked her to wait outside the bathroom.I quickly finished my bath. We both walked to the bedroom naked.I sprayed powder on Pushpa,s body.Took out the bra and put on her. The size was perfect. Pushpa wore bra first time in her life.I put the panty also on her. She was looking beautiful and was a bit shy.I asked her to comb her hair.

A girl was getting herself fucked
A girl was getting herself fucked

I prefered to remain naked.While serving lunch I asked Pushpa to serve on one plate. I sat on a chair keeping the plate in front of me on the table.I made Pushpa naked & I took her on my lap.I started feeding her with my right hand while my left hand was busy with her chuchi. In between I also ate from the same plate.Now it was time to go for a afternoon fuck and nap.

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