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Farmer babe Pushpa fucked regularly

When my wife delivered our first child, she was very weak and we were looking for some baby sitter ( not maid servent ) for help.By requesting to our friends and relatives, we were approached, one day, by a person, who happened to be our farmer in our village. He and his family was our old aquantance since my grandfather’s days. He said that his younger daughter was studing in village school, but now a class 10 dropout.

Farmer babe Pushpa fucked regularly

Farmer babe Pushpa fucked regularly

She knows all the household jobs, farming job and at marriageable age of 20, but do not want to marry. His elder daughter is married happily with a boy next village, who successfully runs a small grocery shop. If we agree he can bring her younger daughter to us, to look after the baby and also help in house hold jobs.

We readily agreed and after few days our farmer came with his younger daughter -Pushpa (Name not CHANGED). Though from village she was intellegent and very efficient. Our days started passing off peacefully.

After about six months my Father-in-law, a doctor, suddenly had a stroke in his chamber and before he could be taken to Hospital he experied. On knowing the fact we (me, my wife and baby) rushed to my in-laws place, leaving Pushpa in our house.We were confident that she can manage without us for few days.
After the funaral,next day, I planned to come back as I had not taken leave, but promised to my inlaws that I shall be present on the 13th day ceremony. I came back to my home leaving my wife and baby at inlaws house.

Till that time I did not know that what was stored in my life. I envy my friends in this blog who see a girl / aunty / teacher etc. and in five minutes they are naked and in bed- fucking. My experience is full of tension, insulting, frustrating, time taking but, at the end gave immense pleasure to both of us. I never thought or had any intention to have a relation with Pushpa.

Her regular dress was a skirt upto her knee and a blouse with collar upto her waist. She is well build due to her regular job at field with her father. Her skin is not fair but she is also not dark.Pushpa is whitish. Her face is plasant compared to village standard.she always stays neat and clean, long hair nicely combed. She used to sleep on the floor by the side of dinning table in the hall.

Day 1- First night while I was going to toilet, past mid night, I had to cross Pushpa who was sleeping on her back. The light from bedroom fell on her and she was fast asleep. I saw her skirt gone upto her waist and her green colored jangia ( not panty ) was visible. I paused for a second, looked at her smooth thighs and hurriedly went to the toilet.

On my way back to bedroom I again looked at her jangia and smooth thighs. I switched off the lights but could not sleep and wanted to see Pushpa’s smooth thighs again. I got up, went to the hall switched on the light in the hall and now Pushpa’s jangia and thighs were better seen. But due to my foolishness, the light fell on Pushpa’s eyes and she woke up.

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