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She was naked and half exposed in the bed after finally make her pregnant

The situation in the house was unbearable. I was sitting in the sofa when she finished her job. I called her and told her that two days back her skirt was up and her smooth thighs and hairless legs aroused me.Last night I only wanted to see her smooth thighs with lights on. She said slowly that all these things will finally make her pregnant and then neither your family nor my family, you nor my father will be in peace.

Then you will have to marry me as Villagers will not spare you. I appreciated her thinking, but was not willing to stop conversation. We were much normal & free now.I told Pushpa that without getting pregnent you can have pleasure and enjoy.She said her elder sister is married and already a mother. Didi has told everything. I asked ” about what?”

She was naked and half exposed in the bed after finally make her pregnant
She was naked and half exposed in the bed after finally make her pregnant
Pushpa said “How she became a mother” There was silence in the room for some time. Suddenly Pushpa said ” Aap meri janghe dekhna chahete ho ? Mai aap ko apni jaangh ak bar dekha dungi” ( You want to see my thighs, I shall show you once) I got up to close the windows, so that no one from outside can see by chance.Pushpa seemed comfortable. The main door was already closed. I put on the fan and sat on the sofa again.

Pushpa came near me, lifted her skirt upto her waist,said “dhek lo” (see) I said Light jalakar dhekhu? (can I put on the light) Pushpa said “Haa” (Yes). In light I saw she was putting on a Marun coloured jangia (not panty). I asked her about her green jangia to which she said she has washed it.Oh what a beautiful hairless legs and thighs she was showing me !

Then she turned and was about to leave.Then I requested her to show it once again by sitting on the sofa. She reluctantly agreed, lifted her skirt and sat on the sofa. I immidiately sat on the floor close to her and said ek bar aapni janghe chune dogi ? ( will you allow me to touch you thighs once) She said haa chu lo ( Yes touch) I softly touched her thighs with my both hands, said kitna naram aur sunder hai ( how soft and beautiful).

Then I said yeha chuum lu (can I kiss). Pushpa said bas karo (stop) and tried to get up from the sofa, her skirt till lifted position. Pushpa could not getup from the sofa as I was sitting on the floor close to the sofa. I told her to wait for a minute and said tumhe bina chodwa ke bhi aaram mil sakta hai. ( Without getting fucked you can have pleasure). Pushpa said how?

I told her to please listen to me and give me some time, agar mai tumhe chodne ka koshis kia to chilla ke sabko bula lena” ( if I try to fuck, you shout and call everybody) She relaxed in the sofa. I started kissing on her thighs and slipped my hands below her chutaad ( buttock) and started pressing the soft chutaad still jangia on.I found she is not stopping me, as she was having a new feeling.
I felt her jhat ka baal & chut ( cunt ) and took my mouth there. She immidiately kept her one hand on my head. I said mujhe aapna chut dhekhne dogi? Phuspa said “Dhek lo par mujhe chodna maat” I pulled the nada ( robe) of her jangia tried to takeout the Jangia. As she was sitting on the sofa, the jangia was not moving out.

She coperated by lifting her chutaad a littleup & I took the jangia out through her hair less legs. Aab woh kamar ke neche nanga ho gaye.( now she was naked below her waist) Next mai uski dono tango ko apne kandhe par lia aur chut ko chatne laga ( I put her legs on my shoulder & started licking her pussy). She wanted to bring her legs closer but my head was not allowing her to do so.

There was silence in the room. Both of us were not making any noise. She was now ready to take my tongue inside her chut, which I did. She put her both hands on the back of my head & pulled towards her, a clear indication that she is loving my actions. I started sucking her chut.and was continuously pressing her chutaad with my both hands.

After a while I stopped sucking her chut, took out my right hand from under her chutaad and started fingring her chut. She said in a very low voice mera chut chooso, aacha lag raha tha.I immidiately obeyed.After about 5 minutes she reached climex and asked me to stop and rolled her head on the backrest of the sofa.I asked her aacha laga? she said “haa”.
After sometime she asked me to get up from the floor so that she can get up from the sofa. By this time my situation was bad as my lund (prick) had become hard, but I had a promise not to fuck her.However I requested Puhspa Mujhe aapna lund tumhare chutaad per ragardne do. she said “agar lund bahut mota ho gaya to mere chutaad par rakh kar dabao.

Mal nikal jayega aur tumhe aaram milega”.I took out my pyjama and placed my lund on her chutaad. She was standing by lifting her skirt. In no time I ejaculated on her chutaad. some semen fell on the floor also which Pushpa said not to worry as she will clean it with her jangia. I went to my bedroom and had a nice afternoon sleep.

After Pushpa gave me a cup of tea, I went out and purchased a packet of condom (3 in one packet) from medical shop hoping it may be required in night. On my return Pushpa asked where I had gone & I told her the truth that I purchased condom. On seeing the contains in the packet she said this is not condom, this is Nirodh, my didi is using this to avoid becoming mother second time. Jijaji aapne lund pe nirodh lagakar didi ko chodta hai.

I took her to the bed room, kissed her on her forehead for the first time. She did not object. My prick was hard, I took a condom & put on my lund.Mai aapna lund dikhakar pushpa ko bola ise pakar aur age peeche kar.(requested her to hold my prick & move to& fro) She started doing it. After some time I ejaculated. The semen stayed inside the condom. I showed Pushpa that why she will not become pregnent if she get fucked with condom on prick.She was convinenced.

At 7.15 pm Pushpa asked that dinner is ready and if would like to take it now. I understood that as both of us want to go to the next step, thus she wants early dinner.After dinner,at 7.45 pm, she was as usual preparing her bed on the floor.I hold her hand I pulled her to the bedroom. She came without any resistance.I put off the light kissed her on her check.& said Tumhara chuchi dabane doge?

She said “haa”.I made her sit on the bed facing away from me, put my hand from her back & hold her chuchi over her blouse.I started pressing both her chuchi with both my hands with very little pressure. I asked her ” pehle kisise aapna chuchi dabyaye?” She said “Nahi, yeh pehli bar” I again asked “Kaisa lag raha hai ?” She said “Ajeeb sa” I asked “jor se dabau?”

She said ” jaisa aapko accha lage” I increased the pressure and then tried to unbotton her blouse. Pushpa said ” blouse maat kholo” I said ” Blouse ke uper se Chuchi dabane se tumhe pura maja nahi ayega” She said”Mujhe Sharm ata hai, aap neche se blouse utha kar chuchi dabao” I said “Aapna chut muje dikha di, Chusne bhi dia, chuchi dekhane se kya hoga? She kept quite.

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