All Golpo Are Fake And Dream Of Writer, Do Not Try It In Your Life

Thinking about had sex with Pushpa

I pretended to go to toilet and while comming back Pushpa had put her skirt down and changed her side.I came back to bed, thinking about Pushpa, musterbate and went to sleep. Day 2- Next day I went to office and came back in the evening.Previous night’s incedence was fresh in my mind. Pushpa was cooking in the kitchen. I went near her to touch her but did not dare to do so.
I took 2 pegs of whisky, sitting in my bed room, but still I did not had the courage to touch her. After dinner I simply went to bed. Day 3 – After I came back from office Pushpa informed that some vegetables and groceries are required. I asked her to come with me in my car and buy whatever she wanted. She sat at the back seat and I whilie driving the car thought how to touch her.

While getting down she was not able to unlock the door so to help her I tried to unlock the rear door and intensionally touched her hand. While walking in the crowded market I touched her chutad ( buttock ) number of times. In vegetable market I touched her various parts of the body, as if accidentally. Since she did not tell any thing, I got encouraged.

We went to grocery shop and took some items and came back to my car.Pushpa sat on the back seat and in the process of keeping the bags on back seat I, lightly touched her Chuchi ( boobs).Back at home, Pushpa cooked dinner, we ate and went to sleep at respective beds. My Intension by this time had become bad. After the lights of hall was put off I went to the hall, sat on the floor where Pushpa was sleeping, hold her hand and softly called her name.

Pushpa got up on her bed and in a very firm voice told me that she is watching everything for the last two days and espcially what I did to her in the market. She asked me to leave her and go to my bed room, else she will shout and call the neighbours. Some cold thing passed through my spinal cord, I felt my ears have become red, I started sweating and I had no strength in my legs.

I was trembling. somehow I got up, walked to my bed room and dumped myself in bed. Insulted, frusted I could not sleep and thought how to face her next morning.May be I slept during early hours.I was woken up 9.30am by Pushpa and told that I am already late for office. Day 4- I got up. Brushed. I was not feeling well.Pushpa gave me a cup of tea.

After taking tea I decided not to go to office. So I took my scooter & went to near by PCO ( in early nineties I had no land line or mobile) to inform my Boss. After I came back Pushpa gave me nasta. She was behaving, as if nothing happned last night. I was a bit relaxed, went to bed & slept. Pushpa woke me up for lunch. I quitely took my lunch without looking at Pushpa.

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