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I want to feel your lips on my boobs on my pussy and on my all body

Hi My name is sexy and I am from Rajasthan. This is my 1st story. I am publishing it because my boyfriend wants me to share this to you all as he learn (and also tought me) many things from stories posted here! I study in a college in Bangalore. The duration of our course is long. So, rarely you can find anybody, who is single in our class, I am no exeption, in fact I've steady boyfriend from first year.
I want to feel your lips on my boobs on my pussy and on my all body
I want to feel your lips on my boobs on my pussy and on my all body

He is from Haryana. His name is Akash. We loved each other from very begining and looking forward for marriage also. From starting he is having an opinion that I've to get trained in order to fulfil his wishes as I am looking forward to be his wife! I had no issues with that. I was always ready for experiments.

My boyfriend had a bad habit of visiting dance bars and drinking also, which I never liked. I used to ask him always that why he needs to go there when he is getting everything from me. He always answered non satisfactorily. Then I thought a plan, but I never knew it'll open an unknown horizon for me!

It was our anniversary. We went out from morning itself, saw movie and all, He started from theatre itself and asked me to undo my bra in theatre. For entire three hours he ruthlessly pressed my boobs to their limit. Here I think I should give my discription. I am a Rajasthani girl with amazing complexion (I am winning miss college from last three years), with figure 34-28-36. My BF always liked my ass and boobs whenever gets chance he spank me hard on my ass with his hands. He is also a great guy. His 5' 11" matches my 5' 7". I love his 8" dick as well!

My boobs were already sore by the time we came out from cinema hall. I smiled naughtily at him and told I want something as anniversary gift! He agreed instantly! I took him to my room! We are two room partners and my room mate was staying at his BF's place that night, so there wasn't any interfierances. I asked him to leave his habit to leave his habit to visit dance bars and to reduce drinking. He stared in my eyes, then kissed me gentally and promissed me to fulfil my wish and then he asked for one gift and told it's my turn to fulfil his wish! I told him, 'Ok I am ready!" He told, "As you know, I always liked your ass, and today I wanna take it!" I replyed, "You can take my anal virginity!" He smiled cunningly and told he wanted to filming it fully and wanted to keep it with him! I was never been a big fan of filming but I agreed as I had no option, afterall we both loved each other.

He started the handycam and asked me to undress. I obliged. I slowly removed my cloths. He asked mw to say what we're going to do in cam! I say in cam, "Today I am going to loose my anal virginity to my boy!" He put the camara aiming me and rode the bed! He said, "That's not the only thing wanted to do." I asked him, "Then what else you want" He said," See u can fulfil all ur fantasies with those paid prostitutes so, you've to please me upto that level if u don't want me to go there again!" I was in too much heat to resist at that time. I said, Ok As You Wish. He smiled and said, "Good bitch, then open your mouth and suck my dick till it explodes in ur mouth! He never cumed before in my mouth I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it slowly. He grabed my hairs and pashed entire leanth of 8" in my mouth, I was gagging and tried to push him!

He slaped me and told, "Don't forget, you are just a bitch tonight so, behave urself."There was no air in my lungs. My saliva was driping, I tried to please him my sticking my tongue below his cock. He slowly released my head and again pushed inside. There were tears all over on my face. Then he released my head and grab my hands and tied it behind my back with my bedsheet, tightly! And told me, See bitch I'll fuck your face till I cum in your mouth I told, dear, but you can cum in my ass no! Please leave me darling. He laughed, "Fuckface, u take my load in your mouth and going to make my boner erect again so that I can last longer in your ass. I don't want to escape you that easily! And anyway you'll need some lubrication for ass fuck.
And I am not going to use any. So, lubricate my dick with ur saliva nicely to make your 1st ass fuck more easy I was about to cry by that time but I was tied and promised him which I couldn't break. I said: As You Wish He laughed cruely and started to fuck my face ruthlessly! I went into trancelike state then suddenly felt pressure in my throat. Akash was moaning. Slaped me and said, "Take my Hands r tied" He said your tongue is not tied clean it from floor and bed and 1st from his dick. I licked every single drop! He was happy. He asks me to come forward and to lick his armpits. His armpits were full of hairs and smelling of sweat because of great orgasom he had just a minute ago. I stayed unmovingly. He slaped my ass

He said, "I think you want me to take your ass completely dry, don't you? I was frightened. I said, No my dear sweetheart. I'll do whatever u say." He told, "that's good go ahead then dumbfuck" I want to feel your lips on my boobs on my pussy and on my all body  I started to lick his armpits. He was enjoying it like anything. He was moaning. It was salty in taste and I was preventing myself from vomiting, I was trying hard to finish this as early as possible. But the taste and the mental effect of it were to much and I regurgitate a bit of his cum from my mouth. He was furious. He slaps hard on my ass and started to beat me I was screming but he was very angry. Then he stoped and asked me to lick it clean from the floor. I had no other option than to obey him. Then he told you'll be punished for this crime" Tell me what should be your punishment. I was silent. He told he has two options.
He'll distribute this clip to everybody in the college. I started to cry. I was literaly sobbing and told this is our anniversary damn it! He told, "Don't worry, I'll edit our faces and voice out from the clip. But the fucking scene'll be distributed! I put my head to his feet and ask for the mercy. He thought deeply then said, "Ok, then u've to follow another option as punishment is inevitable for such crime"

You have to lick my ass, lick it clean from inside as well, and would let me fuck your ass dry till I cum even if it ruptures (as it'll likely) and let me cum in your mouth and will clean my dick after that! I had no other options, my hands r tied behind, my body was aching, my face smelled of his armpits. I was about to tell yes. Then he told he had not finished yet. I eagerly listened to him. He said, "And u'll let me do it everyday! I was shocked. I told, "No way. I can't take it everyday. He told ok then I am going home with cd. I was trembling. I said, "Sorry, sorry, my love, do whatever as you wish. He laughed. He made me lied down on back. My hands were still tied. It was so uncomfortable. He sat on my face putting his butthole on my mouth. I slowly opened my mouth. And started to lick him! It was horrible. I was mechanically doing it. He spread his asschiks a little and ask me to put my tongue inside the asshole. I silently obeyed and tried not to swallow my saliva.

After some time my mouth was full of saliva. He saw my face and told you cunning bitch. Swallow it if now anything comes out, I'll let u eat my shit. I swallowed it at once and opened my mouth to show it to him. He was pleased and pat me gentally. He told, "It's this easy you just obey me, fulfil my wish and I am no longer harrase u! I love u dear! I liked what he told. After these much I wasn't expecting that but my pussy started to get wet! He put his two fingers my pussy and said," See you are already ready to get fucked. Now turn over bitch. Time for second punishment but I was a bit relieved by now and started to enjoying it. I was getting into my role!

I turned over and held my ass high for his disply. He took few photos of mine and videoshoot it and then he climb me with entirely no lubrication on his dick. He spat on my ass and told, this'll be enough for my dick for not to get hurt your ass anyway'll get torn! I'll try my best to distroy it! I told, "As You Wish master! It's ur property. He laughed and slaped hard on my ass and said,'That's my bitch. Get ready for the action' He started to push it inside. It was so much painful first I tried to constrict my hole. But he pressed his cock so much and my hole gave away the way inside. I was screaming and crying because of pain. He kissed me on my cheek and told me, "Hey relax you are going to be my wife in few years you've to learn all these to keep me away from those professionals, don't you?"
I relaxed a bit and suddenly he pushed his entire leanth inside my ass, the base of his dick is so thick. My ass was on fire! It was spasming. He laughed and told, "More you try to constict urself, more my ejeculation be delayed. So, stay calm you my fucktoy from now onwards! Strangly his words encouraged me and I started pusing my hips backward forward. He was continuously spanking my ass with his hand and my ass (and Ass hole) became tomato red by that time. I thought It must be bleeding from my hole. He took me like this for entire half an hour. It seemed to me like years! Then his breath picked up, I was relieved to see him cumming.

He widrow from my ass and thrust his dick in my mouth, started furiously fucking my throat. But I was accustomed to that by then and after licking his ass I was not at all feeling uneasy to taste my own ass. I think I started to like all these. Then he released his loads after loads in my mouth. I managed to kept it in my mouth. Sucked his dick clean glistning with my saliva, I opened my my mouth to show him his cum. He asked me to keep it wide open and gargle it. I did so then suddenly he spat into my mouth and asked me to swallow it now. I smiled and swallow it in one gulp. He untied my hands. And fucked me entire night in my pussy and my super sore ass. I had to skip college for entire one week after that, as I was unable to walk or to even to pass stools.
My life changed entirely after that! I prefer to be called as his private cum dump after that because from that day on wards he dumps his cum in my mouth only. Even sometimes in college he makes me to open my mouth and spits inside. I fondly lick it! I love his armpits now. He always fucks my ass without lubricant.

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