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I was physically involved with bamon

It was indeed a very long interval I am writing a story, All details enclosed. I was very excited writing this mail. Hope you people will also like this sex story of mine. This is a real incident no fantasy involved. As you know, I was physically involved with bamon for quite some time.
I was physically involved with bamon
I was physically involved with bamon

This incident was a shocking experience to me as I thought bamon was also physically and mentally involved with me but after this incident, I realized he was only sexually attached to me and even I have to do the same as there was no meaning in love. There was only lust.

I was physically involved with bamon
I was physically involved with bamon
I was physically involved with bamon

On my birthday, bamon invited me for a surprise lunch as I was not able to join him for dinner I had to be with my hubby. I agreed. I came out saying that I have to go to the office and I will join him for dinner. As we were having lunch, suddenly a voice called bamon by his name.

We turned around to see a person in his late twenties. Even bamon reciprocated, it was Bharath. bamon’s very old buddy.Both of them greeted each other and hugged and then bamon introduced me to him. We shook hands and we were chatting. bamon asked Bharath to join us. I did not like the idea

I had come out leaving my family just to be with bamon and he is inviting one of his friends to join my birthday lunch.Then after the lunch was over we did not know what to do as we had no place to go.

bamon’s roommate was down with fever and he was in the apartment and my home my hubby was there. We didn’t want to hire a room for just a few hours as it didn’t look good. Suddenly bamon whispered in my ear, Bharath stays alone shall we go to his place. I said ok as I wanted to spend some time with bamon.

bamon asked Bharath. Can we come to your house for some time?Bharath looked at us and said oh sure you guys are welcome. And we headed towards Bharath’s house which was 30 min drive from the hotel.

We reached his apartment, it was a studio. I felt little awkward, but I didn’t show it out as it was my birthday and I didn’t want to spoil the atmosphere. I sat on the sofa. bamon sat next to me and Bharath sat opposite to us.

bamon had put his hand around my shoulder and he was pulling me towards him. And I was just sitting with my one hand on his lap.We were just chatting and cracking jokes.

I was just waiting for this fat so to go out of the house so that I could have some good action with my boyfriend. I was already horny and wet when we entered the house. But this guy was not at all leaving. Seeing me restless, Bharath understood that I needed privacy.

He got up and said, guys, you people take some rest I have to go to buy some books. I will be back in an hour or so.bamon looked at Bharath and said, bro do you have anything to drink. Bharath said ya sure and brought a bottle of whiskey and two glasses.

bamon insisted Bharath to join us for a drink. bamon went inside and poured the drink in three glasses and served us. We drank and while chatting they went for another round. I was little restless. Now I was getting pissed off with bamon.

Now bamon was little drunk and he started to behave very childishly. He was blabbering and he was making me sit with Bharath and asking him to hug him as he was drunk and making us do all sort of stupid things. Bharath apologized and said, Yamini I am sorry for all these things.

Suddenly bamon came near me and pulled me towards him and started to kiss me. I felt very awkward doing in front of a stranger. But I had to do it as he was completely out of his senses.

Then the gradual smooch became a hardcore smooching and his hand working on my boobs. I was also getting little horny as there was a stranger looking at us. I was trying to move away from him but he was forcefully doing it to me.

I was physically involved with bamon

And now he started to kiss my neck and pulling out my saree pallu. The pallu fell on the floor and seeing this Bharath got up and started to go out. bamon stopped him and said, my friend take her. He looked at me and said, babe, he is a very good friend of mine. Please accept him as you have accepted me.

I looked at him in surprise. I thought he loved me but how can he share his girlfriend with another man. Only then I realized he was with me for only sex nothing else and even I was with him for only sex nothing else.

He caught my hand and placed it over Bharath’s shoulder and said let me see the way you guys make love. I looked into Bharath’s eyes he was trembling with hesitance and shame. I gave him a smile and kissed his lips. I said when I don’t have a problem what’s yours, honey?

As I spoke these words his grip on me increased and we started to smooch. Wet smooch and plenty of saliva were exchanged during the process. And slowly I started to move my hands on his penis. And this encouraged him to touch my vital parts.

Like a greedy boy, he unhooked my blouse hooks and then I took off my bra. As he saw my boobs he immediately started to suck my boobs violently. bamon was watching all these things silently on the sofa. I whispered into Bharath’s ears. Take me to your bed, darling and as we were about to proceed towards the bed, bamon insisted us to stay in the living room. Helplessly I unzipped Bharath’s pant and started to stroke his manhood with my hands.

Bharath was already horny to the core his precum were all over my hands. He pushed my head towards his tool. I understood what he wanted. I went on my knees and took the penis and took it in my mouth. I started to lick the head and then I sucked it as hard as possible. He was moaning very loudly and I was sucking it at a very high pace.

At last, he held my hair with both of his hands and started to stroke his dick in my mouth with more vigor. I felt as if he is going to cum. He withdrew his cock from my mouth. I was gasping for breath and suddenly there was a break in the whole session.

Suddenly bamon got up pulled me from the floor and turned me around and he came down on his knees and with both, his hands separated my ass cheeks and with a wild moan licked from the bottom most part of my cunt to the top part of my ass.

Immediately I climaxed with a loud noise. Then immediately he started to lick my ass hole as fast as possible. I was screaming with pleasure. Seeing us in such erotic state, Bharath came close to me and started to kiss me and squeeze my boobs with his hand. I was much involved in this. Suddenly I could feel bamon’s dick entering my ass hole. I was in tremendous pain and pleasure.

As he was inserting his dick inside my ass hole I was also moving my ass towards his dick so that he could do it without any hindrance. He was little gentle in the beginning but as time went he gained pace and was banging me with power and vigor. Wild sex was going on.

Meanwhile, Bharath was kissing me and sucking my boobs every now and then. After few mins of non-stop anal, bamon took out his dick and asked Bharath to take me. Bharath sat on the sofa and asked me to sit on him and ride. I took a break. Drank some water and came back. Meanwhile, Bharath’s erection had gone.

bamon asked me to suck his dick and bring it to erection. I looked at Bharath smiled and said baby do you need a blow.Immediately his cock took off. I laughed and said that’s like a good boy. I went near him and sat on his lap. My pussy was already wet. Bharath’s 6 ” monster went inside without making much fuss.

And I started to jump up and down taking the whole thing inside me. Bharath was moaning with pleasure and now he caught my back with his hands and started to shove his penis hard into my pussy. I was into tears with such hard banging. Never in my life, I had such fucking experience.

Then after few mins, I got up and looked at bamon asking him what else. He looked at me and asked me to go to bed.Meanwhile, Bharath said I have never tried anal. Can I do once?

I looked at him and thought in my mind these guys are having gala time with me. They are fulfilling all their longing desires and fantasies. bamon said ok and went to the bed and laid down and asked me to sit on him.

I obeyed and he started to fuck me. And suddenly I felt a hand on my ass. bamon stopped rocking. I turned around to see Bharath applying lubricant on his tool as well on my ass. I understood what their plan was.

With the help of my hand, I separated my ass cheeks so that he could apply the gel properly.

And after applying the gel he inserted his dick inside my ass and I was torn into pieces. My ass was paining like anything. Bharath had a fat dick compared to bamon’s.Both the guys were going on at a good pace. I didn’t want to spoil their mood by complaining about the. It went on for few mins suddenly Bharath said ohh babe am cumming. Shall pull out.

bamon responded immediately no no bro fill it in the hole and he completely ejaculated inside my ass.

He got up immediately and now it was bamon’s turn. I was on bamon and he was hugging me and I had lifted my abdomen a little he was pumping it hard.

I was physically involved with bamon
I was physically involved with bamon
I was physically involved with bamon

And suddenly with a loud noise, he came inside my pussy. The moment I felt his warm sperms in my pussy I came very loudly. All three of us were unmoved for almost fifteen mins. I got up went to the restroom.Had a hot water shower and got myself dressed.

bamon came from the restroom kissed me and said, baby, this is a birthday present. Then I went home. Evening my hubby had invited all my staff for the birthday party. Even bamon was there. Then I had no chance to meet Bharath.Once I saw him in a multiplex. He was there with his girlfriend.

We wished each other and he managed to get my number. Next day he called me. I said bamon has asked not to meet you... I was physically involved with bamon

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