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Sex partner

I checked into my hotel and opened my emails. It isn’t always easy to find what you need when you need it, so a few months back I had created a website called ‘Little Secret’. People go on line and leave their little secret, their wants and desires. Some want a threesome some want to be with a same sex partner. Whatever it is, my website lets you get it off your chest and it is really becoming popular.
Sex partner
Sex partner

I scanned the new fantasies and found one from a lady calling herself May. She wanted to be fucked by two guys and trained in the art of man pleasing – to serve and cater to their every desire. Sex partner

This sounded very appealing so I emailed her to thank her for her fantasy and tell her she was going to have the spotlighted story for the week.  I needed her address to send her the free sex toys that came with it.

To my surprise I received an email straight back. It was from May saying she was on line posting another fantasy as we spoke. Even more impressed with this girl I wanted to know more about her. I asked where she was from.

I was totally taken aback when she said Australia living in the southern suchutb of Sydney, Sutherland. I explained that I would love to catch up sometime and maybe help her with some of her womanly cravings.

Sex partner
Sex partner
Sex partner

Her reply came fast ‘Yes please’.

I thought I would take a shot, my cock still humming from my time with Lily. I told her that if she could get herself to my hotel we just might make something happen. Leaving the address I fell on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

There was a call from reception about 2 hours later. Struggling to open my eyes I reached over and picked up the receiver. Oliver my concierge friend from last night said

‘I’m sorry sir but I was about to leave, my shift being over and a young lady walked in and has insisted she is here to meet you.’

At first, not understanding the reality, I asked who it was.

Oliver replied

‘She said her name is May, Sir.’

It was now 11am this girl knew what she wanted. I asked Oliver to bring her to my room and if he didn’t have to leave, was welcome to join us.

I opened the curtains to let in some light when the there was a knock at the door. Putting on one of the hotels gowns I opened it and there stood Oliver and May. Oliver was a Spanish boy, tall and very well defined, he was destined for better and while studying he was working at the hotel to pay his way.

His eyes shouldered - his confident and assured manner would put the most concerned person at ease. I had seen in the hotel reception women of all ages ogling him imagining what they could do with him or for him.

May was a small Asian girl with long black hair; her eyes were green and amazing as if you were looking into a crystal pool. Although small her beasts were perfectly dimensional, her lips were made for kissing and sucking and before too long that’s exactly what they would be doing.    

I invited them both in.

The nervousness was now showing on Mays face. I’m sure she thought it was a horny idea but now she was here in a room with too men I knew her heart was racing.

I eased the tension by asking if anyone wanted something to eat I hadn’t eaten and after my last journey I was quite hungry and needed a shower to freshen up as I still had lily’s pussy juice all over me.

I asked Oliver to order some fresh fruit and a nice brewed pot of English breakfast tea, I told him he cold do it from my phone in my room and to take his time. He understood and headed straight in.

I looked at May who was now sitting on the edge of a chair overlooking the beach, which was now teaming with people. I thanked her for coming. She smiled and said that she couldn’t wait to get here and was worried that it was a joke all the while was totally on edge and actually cumming more then once while sitting at the traffic lights on the way doing her pelvic floor muscle exercises.

I asked what she though of Oliver. Her smile was enough of a reply. So that’s it, that’s the fantasy we will for fill for you today. Is that what you want. Her reply was filled with fear and excitement all at once.

 ‘Yes please’ she said.

I asked her to wait and walked into my room and spoke to Oliver, he already had worked out why I wanted him there and was more then interested. He was just a tad worried, as there was the rule about having sex with the clientele.

I reassured him – after all ‘she isn’t staying here is she?’

I grabbed my laptop and showed him her threesome fantasy. There was another knock at the door which May attended to - our refreshments had arrived.

Oliver and I entered back into the lounge area as May was putting the plates on the table she was leaning over just enough that her short dress rode up showing us that she had no pants on and her arse was as shapely as the rest of her.

I told her Oliver will be coming on the journey with us and she just smiled. Then leaving them to it, I jumped in the shower. Taking my time I enjoyed the hot water splashing over my body. The soap lathered my body washing away the remnants of last night. v Sex partner

Washing my hair with invigorating shampoo and self massage for my scalp, then grabbing the conditioner spilling some over my chest as I fill my palm and rub it together before applying it and softening my short blond hair then scraping up the spill now running down my chest into my belly button and using it to condition my manicured man hair.

Enjoying the feeling my hand now moved from cleaning to pleasure as I used the conditioner as lube and start to pull my limp cock ever so slowly making it harder with each long stroke.

My pleasure was interrupted with squeals of pleasure coming out of the other room.

After drying myself I again put on my robe and walked into the lounge room. Oliver was standing in the middle of the room with May on her knees sucking as much of Oliver’s big cock into her mouth and he was as fat as he was big.

Seeing me come in Oliver mentioned how nice May is and that they had discussed her fantasy and couldn’t wait for me to get started. I laughed and told them it was no problems.

But told them I did want to see May naked. I wanted her to present herself to us for our taking, I wanted her to kneel in front of us and ask us to take her, to fuck her, to use her body in a way it has never been used before.

So Oliver stepped back and May got to her feet.

Oliver and I sat next to each other on sofa and May left the room to freshen up. I grabbed some rock melon and took a bite as Oliver said this was a dream he had always had but did not know how to live it.

I said do what feels right but remember this is her fantasy although she will be cum drenched when we are finished make no mistake this is for her to live out her dream and we are here to cater to that.

May walked back into the room only wearing a pair of red 6 inch high heals. The reaction was telling straight away as my cock started to stir and Oliver’s hand headed to his crutch. May walked in front of us and kneeled down. Sex partner

Looking down at first then taking a large gulp she raised her eyes to ours.

“Please” was her first word “I have dreamed of being taken by two men since I can remember”. She stopped to take a breath and find her words. Her body now visibly shaking, as the goose pimples appear on her arms.

“I want you to enjoy me, to take me and to please yourself with me on and in me. I want you to empty yourself into me”. Knowing there was now turning back after her next line she stopped, her hand sliding between her crutch as if to reassure her self with a touch of pleasure. “I am yours…”

May then crawled over and took my cock in her mouth it was already pulsing after watching this strong brave woman claim what she is about to do. She didn’t take long to make it hard.

Her hand reached for Oliver’s impressive manhood, which was standing to attention. Exchanging between the two shafts using her either her hands or mouth kept us hard and happy.

I suggested we move to the bedroom. There were with no arguments - May led the way.

I grabbed the tray of fresh fruit and poured myself a cup of tea. Placing it on a small table next to a large padded chair in the room I settled as May laid herself on the bed. There was no fear in the room just anticipation.

Oliver grabbed hold of Mays legs and pulled her to the end of the bed. Her legs opened at will and her pussy glistened in the light of the sun coming through the window. I ate a strawberry as I watched Oliver kneeling at the end of the bed start to kiss and bite up May’s right leg. Her body started squirming with the longing of each and every touch.

As I took a mouthful of tea Oliver took Mays pleasure bud in his mouth. She raised and grabbed his head his hand slowly pushing her back telling her in a stronger Spanish accent then I have ever heard before to relax.

She did.

His long tongue mirrored his manhood and he licked her pussy, which was mostly shaved with a little patch of hair died pink in the center of her mound shaped like an arrow. Showing us where to go.

His long tongue entered her and her breathing become louder.

‘Live porn, nothing better’ Sex partner I thought.

I had had my fill and wanted some action.

Moving to the side of the bed I pulled May’s head over to me – her mouth was automatically open. Her eyes were prevalent but the person May wasn’t really there, she was now meat for our taking, and taking was what we were going to do.

I held my cock in front of her face, the head just touching her lips. Oliver sunk two fingers inside her while still licking her bud.

Before she could take me in her mouth she came thrashing her hips into Oliver’s face bucking like a bull rider in a ring.

“Suck it fuck fuck suck is ohhhhhhhh” she screamed it was as if she is on replay as she came again and again until Oliver removed his fingers from inside her.

Her attention then turned back to my meat, sucking the head as she starts to cum again.

Oliver again enters his fingers into her now soaked pussy, this time I hold her head and start to fuck her face, my cock grows harder as I watch May open her mouth and legs wider to take more to take it deeper.

It’s not long before I tell Oliver to lie on the bed and get May to kneel on the edge of the bed between his legs. She was rubbing her face over his hard pulsing cock and balls as I moved behind her and slid my cock into her drenched hole. Without trying it went into her all the way to the base.

She took hold of Oliver and started to suck his cock and shine his balls. Her mouth as wet now as her cunt. Struggling to fit all of Oliver’s cock into her mouth didn’t stop her trying. Her pussy was on fire there were pleasure bombs exploding inside her as she gripped my cock with her pussy walls.

I grabbed her hips and without warning turn on full throttle fucking slamming my cock into her sweet hole with no thought of mind or reason. I fucked her hard and fast using her hips and arse to hold on to as she sucked Oliver as deep as she could.

At times she lost his cock from her mouth as she was overcome with pleasure shutting down the rest of her system except the pleasure entering into her cunt from behind.

Sweat started to drip from her body making it harder to hold her. Taking another grip and I held her tighter. She came twice more before I unleashed her from my torrent of cock.

I told her to move up on the bed and sit on Oliver’s hard cock. Without delay she was in place straddling him as the tip of his massive meat sat teetering at the edge of her.

Slowly she lowered her self down, her flaps pulling in as the head of Oliver’s cock slid into her hole. Oliver freeed her lips and she free falled onto him as far as she could go.

Her moans turned to growls and she needed to be animal to take this trunk between her legs. She wants it and in her mind will have it. But she was only able to take three quarter of his member inside her as she slid up and down.  Every pulse every movement sending her into another galaxy far far away.

I stood on the bed. Her small stature allows my cock to be at perfect face height grabbing her hair and pumping my cock into her already well-worked mouth.

She cums juice now coating Oliver’s shaft and balls.  I say to her

“How much cock can you take? Can you take him all”. She came again at the thought of it and worked her body even deeper onto Oliver’s cock.

I walked behind her and held her body up just a bit and encouraged Oliver to fuck her, to shove his cock in her as I held her tight. As he did she screamed louder than before, her hole was being pillaged and she loved every second of it.

I tell them to work they way to the end of the bed.

Oliver obliged still inside May picking her up in one go then placing her where she could be used by both of us.

I stood behind her my fingers collecting her pussy juice rubbing it on her well-shaped tight arse. She just smiled, she new what was next.

I placed the head of my cock at the rear entrance as Oliver’s cock sat waiting inside, filling Mays pussy more then ever before.

I entered her arse. May tensed slightly in shock as she felt me pertrude into her but she doesn’t stop my cock bucking with my cock now deep inside her arse.

Oliver took his chance and joined the motion we’d already created and started to pump her pussy as well. May was in heaven - she was totally full, totally fulfilling her dream and loving every second of it.

I pumped her harder and she bucked back with as much if not more force. I couldn’t hold any longer I blew deep inside her filling her arse Sex partner with whatever juice I had created since empting myself into Lily. Knowing Oliver needed more I pull out of this well fucked cummed in hole.

Oliver moved May off him and got behind her sticking his cock back into her cunt. Sex partner

He fucked her so hard and fast his whole cock now entered her to the base, as fast as a locomotive and totally relentless he pounded May. He took her on sucvh a totally wild ride of pleasure that she couldn’t even speak or move. He came yelling expletives in Spanish as he used her body to drain his cock of his international fluid... Sex partner

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